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How to tutorials - Upload an Image into the forums

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This is my first tutorials for celestia luna forum, please comments :)

1. First you need to login into photobucket.com by using facebook login or register as a new user.
2. Then you click on the Upload buttons
3. Choose photo & videos
4. A new windows will pops up on your screen, so search the image that you want to uploads. and hit that "Open" buttons


Print screen usually saved on My Computer > Local Disk C > Program FilesCelestia Luna Online Alpha > ScreenShot

5. Wait the image to finish uploading. and then click on the image
6. on top right corner of the page. copy the "direct" links
7. Go to forums and create a new topics, click on the small image icons like in the picture below.
( you need to have at least 10 post/comments before you could create a new topics).
8. paste the "direct" links into the box
9. now u have uploaded the image into the forums,
good luck !  :53:


more tutorials is coming. hit the thumbs up buttons below  :49: 

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Nice guide +1 for me  :)

welcome payton :D


This is very helpful


And +1 for you

:P :P :P

glad it help you welcome :D

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well its help me to show my siggy  :D

thx nice guide  B)

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