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why give me warning points?


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16-June 15 Inappropriate Language 2



I gets 2 warning points from him :30:




because I say stupid to someone in forum

that guy with his own words say that "stupid" is not an offense.. but now he giving me warning pts? 


thanks alot dude!  :30:


for sure he will giving me warning pts again for creating this topic.. or ban me... 


thanks in advance!!! i really mad right now

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Don't twist my words.


Nowhere did I say that calling someone stupid is not an offense, I said that it's not really considered badmouthing.


Why? Because badmouthing doesn't require a warning. Calling someone stupid is not severe enough to ban someone without a warning, therefore, it's not really considered badmouthing because badmouthing does not require a warning. If you look under Grief Play and Harassment in the server and forum rules, you can see that insulting someone IS an offense. Calling someone stupid is an offense because you are insulting another player, but it's not severe enough to ban without a warning.


Now, on to you.


Do you really think it's appropriate to call someone stupid on the forums where 1. Everyone can see and 2. Staff Members are constantly checking every forum post to see if players are following the rules? That is just a complete lack of common sense (which is a rule by the way). I have already said that calling someone stupid isn't severe enough to ban without a warning, so why would I ban you? I gave you a warning, which is exactly what I said should be done.


I'm sorry you feel this way, but you should know that calling somebody inappropriate names is wrong.

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