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[Videos] Complete Game Guide by Demonslayerzking

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The following is my first video and I hope you like it. There will be more video that I will create in the future so please bare with me :)

Latest upload  :39:



Guide list

1. How to create your first character on Celestia Luna 

2. How to reach level 20 in 5 minutes

3. Celestia Luna - How to make purified aquamarine 

4. Celestia Luna - How to farm $100m gold in 10 minutes

5. How to upload image to forum

6. the Ultimate guide for newbie (who have no golds, no friend, no help)

7. Celestia Luna Dungeon Date (DD Level 75)

8 Celestia Luna Magnus Road to Level 105

9. Paladin Level 115 | Buff

10. Awesome game tips that will BLOW Your Mind! NEW!

11. more video coming soons. stay tuned  B)


If you need guide for something please let me know and I will post it here thanks  ;)

Don't forget to upvote this, thanks :)



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New video released, please check it out thanks

and sorry for late upload.... i busy with work

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