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Patch Notes [Feb. 2nd 2016]


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February 2nd 2016 Patch Notes

If you are having issues with the patcher, you may download a Manual Patch here.


  • ~ Renamed hundreds of items, for full item renaming list refer to the list below.

  • ~ Changed pet costumes into badges, they no longer show on pets, now their worth is in the stats they give.

  • Only costumes sold in the item mall were fully customized into badges, any other older items obtained through events do not give stats.
  • ~ Changed pet armor names and icons into floating element stones and the stats each type gives into a different secondary stat.

  • ~ Changed names and icons of pet potions, pet food, treats and revival.

  • ~ Added level requirements(character level) for pet HP/MP food (0, 30, 60) and third tier of pet food.

  • ~ Added third tier of pet food to cooldown group.

  • ~ Changed icons of all pet items and added a pet item indicator.

  • ~ Fixed [Red Tights Hat].

  • ~ Changed names and icons of vendor [Fairy Powder] and [Mana Water].

  • ~ Fixed general 2-h Staff icons.

  • ~ Removed time from permanent item shop only items.

  • ~ Added permanent versions for item mall Lazy Panda, Bachelor hats, sunglasses and other accessories.

  • ~ Changed icons for [Guild Wizard's Scroll], [Pukerian's Scroll], [blessed Pukerian's Scroll], [Ancient Scroll] and [Forbidden Ancient Scroll].

  • ~ Changed name and icons for Lucky Boxes. 1st: [White Lucky Box], 2nd: [Green Lucky Box], 3rd: [blue Lucky Box], 4th: [Red Lucky Box].

  • ~ Removed non-working items from 4th (Red) Lucky Box.

  • ~ Removed job specific skills from set effects, in some cases replaced them with useful stats.

  • ~ Added [shinigami Headband] missing costume head item and to the set.

  • ~ Fixed all previously added items on November 1st and their set effects.

  • ~ Return scrolls now cannot be used while in combat or moving.

  • ~ Reduced speed given by [slime Wearing Star Glasses] to balance it against other items of the same category.

  • ~ [Christmas Presents] can no longer be combined into the next tier.

  • ~ Removed pet items from [big Christmas Present].

  • ~ Increased Magical Power of 1h Maces by 20%.


  • ~ Fixed icon of Standing Shot.

  • ~ Revamped Crusader class, see Crusader 2.0 Introduction for more information.

  • ~ Removed Staff weapon requirement from Holy Earthquake.

  • ~ Reduced HP Cost of Holy Avenger

  • ~ Fixed cast delay on Holy Earthquake

  • ~ Devil's Armor now correctly shows on the character info page.

  • ~ Fixed Earthquake (Fighter) missing AoE after level 20.

  • ~ Casting Foil now correctly can only be cast on enemies.


  • ~ Added new pets.

  • ~ Removed bubbly sounds from pet actions.

  • ~ Added new social skill "Perform a trick" to use your pets special motion.

  • ~ Added missing pet skill effects.


  • ~ Changed Farm Instruction NPC model.

  • ~ Added Pet items vendor to Alker Harbor.

  • ~ Reestablished default items for Tasartia, general store in Alker Harbor.

  • ~ Added special items and materials (previously at Tasartia) vendor in Alker Harbor. Alice, right next to Tasartia, sells these items.
  • ~ Cleaned up and added more items to Serie, pet items vendor in Nera Castle.

  • ~ Added General Store and Bank to Nera Harbor.

  • ~ Added free re-skill for Crusaders only quest to Celerian.

  • ~ Added updated texture and model for Wiff.

  • ~ All General Stores were corrected to be of the level of the map. Highest level items (potions, food, etc) are sold in higher level maps.


  • ~ Changed Pet Information window.

  • ~ Unlocked 4th NPC vendor tab.


  • ~ Fixed spawn point in Moon Blind Forest.

  • ~ Fixed farm flower names.

  • ~ Fixed correct equipment reward for level 20 job change.

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Item Rename Changes


High Elf's -> Elven
Bellerophon's -> Cronus'
Cronus' -> Owl's
[JP] -> S
[Evt] [Evt.] [Ev] [Event] -> [E]
Seal of the Chettah -> Seal of the Cheetah
Steel Ax -> Steel Axe
Heavy Ax -> Heavy Axe
Battle Ax -> Battle Axe
Commander Ax -> Commander Axe
Mithril Ax -> Mithril Axe
Dragon Bone Ax -> Dragon Bone Axe
Mithril Mlade -> Mithril Blade
Cutting Ax -> Cutting Axe
Double Edge Ax -> Double Edge Axe
Iron Edge Ax -> Iron Edge Axe
Steel Two Handed Ax -> Great Steel Axe
Executioner's Ax -> Executioner's Axe
Great Ax -> Great Axe
Large Battle Ax -> Large Battle Axe
Savage Ax -> Savage Axe
Ax of Despair -> Axe of Despair
Mithril Battle Ax -> Mithril Battle Axe
Giant Ax -> Giant Axe
Great Battle Ax -> Great Battle Axe
Beheaded Rabbit of the Darkness -> Dark Beheader
Rabbit of the Guardian -> Axe of the Guardian
Warrior Rabbit of the Moonlight -> Moonlight Warrior
Master Commander's Rabbit -> Master Commander's Axe
Assassin Knife -> Assassin Blade
Black Mithril Knife -> Black Mithril Dagger
Meteo Bow -> Astral Bow
Stick of the Mother Earth -> Staff of Mother Earth
Perished Ax of the Battle -> Perished Axe of the Battle
Head of the Tribe's Wand -> Wise Shaman's Staff
Battle Terminator of the Tribe's Great Leader -> Chief Beheader
Surveilant's Long Sword -> Surveillant's Long Sword
Golem's Grinder -> Golem Grinder
Magic Box's Poisoned Needle -> Magic Infused Needle
Mandrake's Root -> Mandrake Root
Kiyoma's Feathered Horn Bow -> Harpy Feather Horn Bow
Source of the Ancient Magical Power -> Spirit Caller
Military Guard's Sword -> Peacekeeper's Sword
Military Guard's Ax -> Peacekeeper's Axe
Military Guard's Mace -> Peacekeeper's Mace
Berserker's Battle Ax -> Berserker's Battle Axe
Sudden Attack Dagger -> Grinning Dagger
Mother Earth's Crystal Wand -> Earth Crystal Staff
Dispossessed Mage's Wand -> Deranged Spirit Caller
Prophet's Wand -> Prophet's Staff
Source of Kierra's Magical Power -> Source of Kierra's Magic
Corrupted Saint Knight's Sword -> Dark Crusader's Sword
Corrupted Saint Knight's Ax -> Dark Crusader's Axe
Corrupted Saint Knight's Mace -> Dark Crusader's Mace
[Event]Berserker's Battle Ax -> [Event]Berserker's Battle Axe
Source of the Cursed Kierra's Magical Power -> Kierra's Curse
Point of the Sword -> Point Sword
Zukini's Death Wand -> Zukini's Death Wish
Ancient Ax -> Ancient Axe
Mose's Wand -> Arkadia's Staff
Legend: Sun Energy -> Legend: Widowmaker
Wasting Life For 30 Years -> Steel Reinforced Pickaxe
Medusa's Staff -> Medusa's Wand
Musket L31 -> Solid Boomstick
Musket of Twilight -> Sharpshooter Rifle
Musket #03 -> Royal Musket
Musket #04 -> Hunter's Prize
Musket #05 -> Wing Clipper
Musket #06 -> Automatic Spark Gear
Musket #07 -> Demon Hunter
Musket #08 -> Double Barrel Vendetta
Musket #09 -> Devil's Flamethrower
Musket #10 -> Obsidian Glass Cannon
Bloody Scmitar -> Bloody Scimitar
Regulus's Wooden Club -> Regulus' Wooden Club
Ancient Ax -> Ancient Axe
Grand Sceptor -> Grand Scepter
Mighty Sceptor -> Mighty Scepter
Antares's Power -> Antares' Power
Deadly Bone Knife -> Sharpened Bone Piercer
Enforcers Sword -> Enforcer's Sword
Diseased Ax -> Diseased Axe
Warrior's Ax -> Great Warrior's Axe
Branch With Magical Power -> Carved Oak Staff
Drail of Torpedo -> Sharp Edged Virge
Drail of Thunder -> Weighed Lance
Autumn of Applause -> Damascus Axe
Lion Ax -> Lion Axe
Executioners Ax -> Armor Piercer
Black Widow Sniper of Darkness -> Reinforced Greatwood Bow
Dueling Wizard's Wand -> Warmaster's Staff
Captian's Article's Sword -> Captain's Article Sword
Single Blow With Full Power -> Emerald Breath
Sprial of Destruction -> Spiral of Destruction
Claw of Evil Dragon -> Jade Dragon Claw
Death Blade -> Death Reach
[JP]Starter Bamboo Fishing Pole -> Beginner's Fishing Pole
Apprentice's Robe -> Farmer's Clothes
Cotton Robe -> Blue Cotton Robe
Elven Robe -> Alkerian Clothes
Craftsman Robe -> Historian's Jacket
Magical Power Robe -> Apprentice's Garment
Protection Robe -> Spellthread Garment
Divine Robe -> Curseguarding Robes
Golden Robe -> Evergreen Robes
Dark Robe -> Dark Wizardry Gown
Mithril Robe -> Iron Reinforced Robe
Compound Mithril Robe -> Iron Padded Robe
Pure Robe -> Starlight Gown
Flamelist's Robe -> Flameweaver's Tunic
Noble's Robe -> Noble Warrior's Robe
Ornamental Philosopher's Robe -> Philosopher's Robes
Tunic of the Colchis -> Jade Wing Armor
Cross Crown Tunic -> Imperial Phoenix Robes
Power of the Blue Dragon - Justice -> Royal Adviser's Uniform
Lucky Adventurer's White Robe -> Royal Councillor's Uniform
Little Star's Royal Robe -> Fairythread Tunic
Cloth - Armor #21 -> Blue Libra Gown
Cloth - Armor #22 -> Astral Aura Robes
Cloth - Armor #23 -> Moonlight Lotus Gown
Cloth - Armor #24 -> Gold Plated Frost Robe
Cloth - Armor #25 -> Dark Minister's Robes
Cloth - Armor #26 -> New World Explorer's Tunic
Cloth - Armor #27 -> Armored Alchemist's Robe
Cloth - Armor #28 -> Grand Scholar's Robes
Cloth - Armor #29 -> Royal Grandmaster's Gown
Cloth - Armor #30 -> Chaotic Flame Robes
Cloth - Armor #31 -> Celestial Cloth Robe
Old Leather Armor -> Boar Leather Vest
Traveler's Leather Armor -> Traveler's Leather Vest
Philosopher's Leather Armor -> Traveler's Leather Jacket
Light Leather Armor -> Reinforced Leather Vest
Hard Leather Armor -> Scout's Leather Armor
Elven Leather Armor -> Thief's Weather Vest
High Quality Hard Leather Armor -> Double Padded Thief's Armor
Aesthetic Leather Armor -> Sunbathed Leather Armor
Magic Leather Armor -> Spellguard Leather Armor
Mithril Leather Armor -> Iron Spur Leather Armor
Strengthened Mithril Leather Armor -> Iron Padded Leather Armor
Shadow Leather Armor -> Shadow Stalker's Armor
Cross Belt Suit -> Curseguarding Leather Armor
Moonlight Suit -> Silver Moonlight Vest
Elemental Suit -> Gold Padded Leather Vest
Lapis Wyvern Suit -> Lapis Scale Leather Vest
Zephyr's Leather Armor -> Harpy Hunter's Armor
Flame Wolf Suit -> Flame Wolfskin Armor
Veteran Explorer's Leather Armor -> Explorer's Armored Vest
Red Dragon's Metal Scales Armor -> Bloody Dragonscale Armor
Leather - Armor #21 -> Shadowstalker's Leather Vest
Leather - Armor #22 -> Royal Dragonguard's Armor
Leather - Armor #23 -> Padded Gold Spur Armor
Leather - Armor #24 -> Cloud Sailor's Vest
Leather - Armor #25 -> Jade Scale Leather Armor
Leather - Armor #26 -> Legion Hunter's Vest
Leather - Armor #27 -> Reinforced Heirloom Armor
Leather - Armor #28 -> Prized Beast Leather Jacket
Leather - Armor #29 -> Royal Shadow Hunter's Armor
Leather - Armor #30 -> Corrupted Shadow Hunter's Jacket
Leather - Armor #31 -> Armor of the Swift Winds
Bone Armor -> Brittle Bone Armor
Copper Armor -> Polished Copper Armor
Brigandine -> Padded Brigandine
Chainmail -> Iron Tower Hauberk
Composite Armor -> Armored Tower Hauberk
Red Bronze Armor -> Bloodforged Iron Breastplate
Plate Armor -> Scout's Reinforced Cuirass
Steel Plate Armor -> Engraved Steel Brigandine
Magical Bronze Armor -> Ornamental Azure Brigandine
Mithril Armor -> Dark Mithril Breastplate
Silver Mithril Armor -> Cavalier's Mithril Breastplate
Combat Armor -> Starlight Brigandine
Royal Guard Plate -> Defender's Heavy Armor
Soul Guard Plate -> Curseguarding Armor
Kadesh Armor -> Kadesh Breastplate
Pheonix Plate -> Royal Phoenix Breastplate
Black Knight Plate -> Hellsteel Hauberk
Saint Warrior's Plate -> Heavenguard Armor
Brown Bear Plate -> Royal Beast Hauberk
Ghost Power Plate -> Soul-seeing Brigandine
Metal - Armor #21 -> Reinforced Dragonscale Hauberk
Metal - Armor #22 -> Abyss Knight's Armor
Metal - Armor #23 -> Queenguard's Reinforced Armor
Metal - Armor #24 -> Holy Emissary's Breastplate
Metal - Armor #25 -> Moonforged Cobalt Armor
Metal - Armor #26 -> Thick Silvercoat Armor
Metal - Armor #27 -> Dark Legionary's Heavy Armor
Metal - Armor #28 -> Polished Cobalt Armor
Metal - Armor #29 -> Rift Keeper's Breastplate
Metal - Armor #30 -> Lord Knight's Heavy Armor
Metal - Armor #31 -> Mastercraft Obsidian Armor
Apprentice's Gloves -> Farmer's Gloves
Cotton Gloves -> Blue Cotton Gloves
Elven Gloves -> Common Gloves
Craftsman Gloves -> Historian's Sigil Gloves
Magical Power Gloves -> Worn Apprentice's Gloves
Protection Gloves -> Armored Spellthread Gloves
Divine Gloves -> Curseguarding Gloves
Golden Gloves -> Evergreen Armlet
Dark Gloves -> Dark Wizardry Wristguards
Mithril Gloves -> Iron Reinforced Gloves
Compound Mithril Gloves -> Iron Padded Gloves
Pure Gloves -> Starlight Wristguards
Flamelist's Gloves -> Flameweaver's Cuffs
Noble's Gloves -> Noble Warrior's Gloves
Ornamental Philosopher's Gloves -> Philosopher's Cuffs
Colchis Gloves -> Jade Wing Gloves
Cross Crown Gloves -> Imperial Phoenix Gloves
Power of the Blue Dragon - General -> Royal Adviser's Gloves
Lucky Adventurer's Gloves -> Royal Councillor's Gloves
Little Star's Noble Gloves -> Fairythread Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #21 -> Blue Libra Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #22 -> Amethyst Eye Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #23 -> Moonlight Lotus Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #24 -> Gold Plated Frost Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #25 -> Dark Minister's Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #26 -> New World Explorer's Cuffs
Cloth - Gloves #27 -> Alchemist's Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #28 -> Grand Scholar's Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #29 -> Royal Grandmaster's Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #30 -> Chaotic Flame Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #31 -> Celestial Priest's Gloves
Old Leather Gloves -> Boar Leather Gloves
Philosopher's Leather Gloves -> Hard Leather Gloves
Light Leather Gloves -> Double Leather Gloves
Hard Leather Gloves -> Scout's Leather Gloves
Elven Leather Gloves -> Thief's Leather Gloves
High Quality Hard Leather Gloves -> Double Leather Vambraces
Aesthetic Leather Gloves -> Sunbathed Leather Vambraces
Magic Leather Gloves -> Spellguard Leather Armlet
Mithril Leather Gloves -> Iron Spur Vambraces
Strengthened Mithril Leather Gloves -> Iron Padded Vambraces
Shadow Leather Gloves -> Shadow Stalker's Gloves
Cross Belt Leather Gloves -> Curseguarding Leather Gloves
Moonlight Leather Gloves -> Silver Moonlight Gloves
Elemental Leather Gloves -> Gold Padded Gloves
Lapis Wyvern Leather Gloves -> Lapis Armored Gloves
Zephyr's Leather Gloves -> Harpy Hunter's Gloves
Flame Wolf Leather Gloves -> Flame Wolfskin Gloves
Veteran Explorer's Leather Gloves -> Explorer's Armored Gloves
Red Dragon's Metal Scales Gloves -> Bloody Dragonscale Gloves
Leather - Gloves #21 -> Shadowstalker's Leather Gloves
Leather - Gloves #22 -> Royal Dragonguard's Gloves
Leather - Gloves #23 -> Padded Gold Spur Gloves
Leather - Gloves #24 -> Cloud Sailor's Gloves
Leather - Gloves #25 -> Jade Scale Leather Gloves
Leather - Gloves #26 -> Legion Hunter's Gloves
Leather - Gloves #27 -> Worn Heirloom Gloves
Leather - Gloves #28 -> Prized Beast Leather Mitts
Leather - Gloves #29 -> Royal Shadow Hunter's Gloves
Leather - Gloves #30 -> Corrupted Shadow Hunter's Gloves
Leather - Gloves #31 -> Gauntelets of the Swift Winds
Bone Gauntlets -> Brittle Bone Gloves
Copper Gauntlets -> Polished Copper Guards
Brigandine Gauntlets -> Padded Iron Gauntlets
Chain Gauntlets -> Iron Mail Guards
Composite Gauntlets -> Armored Iron Guards
Red Bronze Gauntlets -> Bloodforged Iron Gloves
Plate Gauntlets -> Scout's Reinforced Vambraces
Steel Gauntlets -> Engraved Steel Vambraces
Magical Bronze Gauntlets -> Ornamental Azure Gloves
Mithril Gauntlets -> Dark Mithril Wristguards
Silver Mithril Gauntlets -> Cavalier's Mithril Wristguards
Combat Gauntlets -> Starlight Gauntlets
Royal Guard Gauntlets -> Defender's Heavy Gloves
Soul Guard Gauntlets -> Curseguarding Armlets
Kadesh Gauntlets -> Kadesh Guards
Pheonix Gauntlets -> Royal Phoenix Gauntlets
Black Knight Gauntlets -> Hellsteel Gauntlets
Saint Warrior's Gauntlets -> Heavenguard Gauntlets
Brown Bear Gauntlets -> Royal Beast Gauntlets
Ghost Power Gauntlets -> Soul-seeing Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #21 -> Reinforced Dragonscale Gloves
Metal - Gloves #22 -> Abyss Knight's Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #23 -> Queenguard's Reinforced Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #24 -> Holy Emissary's Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #25 -> Moonforged Cobalt Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #26 -> Thick Silvercoat Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #27 -> Dark Legionary's Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #28 -> Polished Cobalt Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #29 -> Rift Keeper's Claws
Metal - Gloves #30 -> Lord Knight's Heavy Guards
Metal - Gloves #31 -> Mastercraft Obsidian Gauntlets
Apprentice's Sandals -> Farmer's Booties
Cotton Boots -> Blue Cotton Boots
Elven Boots -> Common Boots
Craftsman Boots -> Historian's Sigil Boots
Magical Power Boots -> Worn Apprentice's Boots
Protection Boots -> Armored Spellthread Boots
Divine Boots -> Curseguarding Boots
Golden Boots -> Evergreen Boots
Dark Boots -> Dark Wizardry Warmers
Mithril Boots -> Reinforced Booties
Compound Mithril Boots -> Padded Booties
Pure Boots -> Starlight Warmers
Flamelist's Boots -> Flameweaver's Greaves
Noble's Boots -> Noble Warrior's Boots
Ornamental Philosopher's Shoes -> Philosopher's Shoes
Colchis Boots -> Jade Wing Boots
Cross Crown Boots -> Imperial Phoenix Boots
Power of the Blue Dragon - Engraving -> Royal Adviser's Boots
Lucky Adventurer's Shoes -> Royal Councillor's Boots
Little Star's Position -> Fairythread Boots
Cloth - Shoes #21 -> Blue Libra Sandals
Cloth - Shoes #22 -> Astral Aura Boots
Cloth - Shoes #23 -> Moonlight Lotus Shoes
Cloth - Shoes #24 -> Gold Plated Frost Boots
Cloth - Shoes #25 -> Dark Minister's Sandals
Cloth - Shoes #26 -> New World Explorer's Boots
Cloth - Shoes #27 -> Alchemist's Sandals
Cloth - Shoes #28 -> Grand Scholar's Boots
Cloth - Shoes #29 -> Royal Grandmaster's Sandals
Cloth - Shoes #30 -> Chaotic Flame Boots
Cloth - Shoes #31 -> Celestial Priest's Boots
Old Leather Long Boots -> Boar Leather Boots
Traveler's Leather Long Boots -> Traveler's Long Boots
Philosopher's Leather Long Boots -> Hard Leather Long Boots
Light Leather Boots -> Double Leather Boots
Hard Leather Boots -> Scout's Leather Boots
Elven Leather Boots -> Thief's Long Boots
High Quality Hard Leather Boots -> Double Leather Long Boots
Aesthetic Leather Long Boots -> Sunbathed Leather Boots
Magic Leather Long Boots -> Spellguard Leather Boots
Mithril Leather Boots -> Iron Spur Boots
Strengthened Mithril Leather Boots -> Iron Padded Boots
Shadow Leather Long Boots -> Shadow Stalker's Boots
Cross Belt Leather Boots -> Curseguarding Leather Boots
Moonlight Leather Boots -> Silver Moonlight Boots
Elemental Leather Boots -> Gold Padded Boots
Lapis Wyvern Leather Boots -> Lapis Armored Boots
Zephyr's Leather Long Boots -> Harpy Hunter's Boots
Flame Wolf Leather Boots -> Flame Wolfskin Boots
Veteran Explorer's Leather Long Boots -> Explorer's Long Boots
Red Dragon's Metal Scales Boots -> Bloody Dragonscale Boots
Leather - Shoes #21 -> Shadowstalker's Leather Boots
Leather - Shoes #22 -> Royal Dragonguard's Boots
Leather - Shoes #23 -> Padded Gold Spur Boots
Leather - Shoes #24 -> Cloud Sailor's Booties
Leather - Shoes #25 -> Jade Scale Leather Boots
Leather - Shoes #26 -> Legion Hunter's Boots
Leather - Shoes #27 -> Iron Cap Heirloom Boots
Leather - Shoes #28 -> Prized Beast Leather Boots
Leather - Shoes #29 -> Royal Shadow Hunter's Booties
Leather - Shoes #30 -> Corrupted Shadow Hunter's Boots
Leather - Shoes #31 -> Greaves of the Swift Winds
Bone Boots -> Brittle Bone Greaves
Copper Plate Boots -> Polished Copper Greaves
Brigandine Boots -> Padded Iron Greaves
Chain Boots -> Iron Mail Greaves
Composite Boots -> Armored Iron Greaves
Red Bronze Boots -> Bloodforged Boots
Plate Boots -> Scout's Reinforced Greaves
Steel Boots -> Engraved Steel Greaves
Magical Bronze Boots -> Ornamental Azure Greaves
Mithril Plate Boots -> Dark Mithril WristGreaves
Silver Mithril Boots -> Cavalier's Mithril Greaves
Combat Boots -> Starlight Greaves
Royal Guard Boots -> Defender's Heavy Greaves
Soul Guard Boots -> Curseguarding Sabatons
Kadesh Boots -> Kadesh Chausses
Pheonix Boots -> Royal Phoenix Greaves
Black Knight Boots -> Hellsteel Greaves
Saint Warrior's Boots -> Heavenguard Sabatons
Brown Bear Boots -> Royal Beast Chausses
Ghost Power Boots -> Soul-seeing Sabatons
Metal - Shoes #21 -> Reinforced Dragonscale Boots
Metal - Shoes #22 -> Abyss Knight's Greaves
Metal - Shoes #23 -> Queenguard's Reinforced Greaves
Metal - Shoes #24 -> Holy Emissary's Greaves
Metal - Shoes #25 -> Moonforged Cobalt Sabatons
Metal - Shoes #26 -> Thick Silvercoat Sabatons
Metal - Shoes #27 -> Dark Legionary's Sabatons
Metal - Shoes #28 -> Polished Cobalt Boots
Metal - Shoes #29 -> Rift Keeper's Chausses
Metal - Shoes #30 -> Lord Knight's Heavy Boots
Metal - Shoes #31 -> Mastercraft Obsidian Greaves
Plate Helmet -> Iron Great Helm
Magic Bronze Helmet -> Polished Iron Helm
Mithril Helmet -> Horned Steel Helm
Strengthened Mithril Helmet -> Padded Steel Helmet
Helmet #12 -> Black Mithril Helmet
Helmet #13 -> Goldcoated Helmet
Helmet #14 -> Minotaur Horn Helm
Full Helm -> Silver Coronet
Great Helm -> Golden Coronet
Strengthened Round Shield -> Reinforced Buckler
Plate Shield -> Engraved Guard
Cross Shield -> Cloud Cross Shield
Demon Skull Shield -> Demon Skull Heater
Shining Pearl Shield -> Crusader's Kite
Glory of the Knight -> Royal Guard's Kite
Shield of the Knights of Glory -> Embossed Lunar Shield
Mask of Evil -> Witch Doctor's Guard
Brown Bear Shield -> Royal Beast Guard
Ghost Power Shield -> Jade Spell Guard
Shield #21 -> Dragon Bone Reflector
Shield #22 -> Soul-seeing Eye
Shield #23 -> Crow's Salvation
Shield #24 -> Grand Gear
Shield #25 -> Reinforced Gate Keeper
Shield #26 -> Mana Stealing Targe
Shield #27 -> Magnum Guard
Shield #28 -> Grand Protector's Shield
Shield #29 -> Double Edged Targe
Shield #30 -> Ancestral Spirit Guard
Shield #31 -> Celestial Guard
Ancient Magical Power Robe -> Magic Thread Robe
Troll Hero's Armor -> Troll Slayer's Armor
Leather Armor Stained With Blood -> Bloodstained Leather Armor
Ancient Magical Power Gloves -> Magic Thread Gloves
Ogre Hero's Gauntlets -> Ogre Slayer's Gauntlets
Leather Gloves Stained With Blood -> Bloodstained Leather Gloves
Ancient Magical Power Shoes -> Magic Thread Shoes
Cyclops Hero's Boots -> Cyclops Slayer's Boots
Leather Shoes Stained With Blood -> Bloodstained Leather Boots
Ancient Magical Power Circlet -> Ancient Power Circlet
Mask Stained With Blood -> Bloodstained Mask
Skeleton Knight's Strong Shield -> Skeleton Knight's Shield
Turtle Mail Shield -> Sparring Shield
Dark Knight's Leather Gloves -> Forgotten Hero's Gloves
Bearleather Gloves -> Bear Hide Boots
Hard Stone Wing Armor -> Stone Wing Armor
Charming Flame's Robe -> Charming Flames Robe
Berserker's Chest Protector -> Berserker's Armor
Transcendent's Leather Armor -> Transcended Leather Armor
Transcendent's Leather Gloves -> Transcended Leather Gloves
Transcendent's Leather Long Boots -> Transcended Leather Long Boots
Patient One's Helmet -> Gift of Patience
Helmet of Desire -> Bane of Desire
Hephaistos' Last Work -> Hephaestus' Masterwork
Poseidon's Helmet (7days) -> Poseidon's Crown (7days)
Poseidon's Helmet -> Poseidon's Crown
Death Mask -> Ancient Death Mask
Aias's Shield -> Aias
Arkas's Wooden Shield -> Arkassa
Aeneas's Tower Shield -> Aenea
[P]Cubic Headband -> Elemental Water
[P]Metal Band -> Elemental Water
[P]Circlet -> Elemental Water
[P]Field Generators -> Elemental Water
[P]Moon Circlet -> Elemental Water
[P]Cubic Shall -> Elemental Earth
[P]Metal Scope -> Elemental Earth
[P]Magic Spirited Stone Coated -> Elemental Earth
[P]Field Amplifier -> Elemental Earth
[P]Crystal Scope -> Elemental Earth
[P]Cubic Bracelet -> Elemental Air
[P]Metal Bracelet -> Elemental Air
[P]Guardian Ring -> Elemental Air
[P]Field Generator -> Elemental Air
[P]Jewelled Bracelet -> Elemental Air
Artifact: Fragments Of^The Hidden Blade -> Artifact: Hidden Power Gloves
Artifact: Masked Face of the Artist -> Artifact: Sealed Darkness Gloves
Artifact: the Ancient Mysteries of Magic -> Artifact: Ancient Inscription Gloves
Artifact: the King's Seal -> Artifact: Royal Heirloom Gloves
Artifact: Dark Knight Markers -> Artifact: Sunken Knight's Gloves
Artifact: Wind Worn Symbol -> Artifact: Wind Walker's Gloves
Mountaineers Breastplate -> Mountaineer's Breastplate
Mountaineers Gauntlets -> Mountaineer's Gauntlets
Mountianeers Boots -> Mountaineer's Boots
Accessory - Ring #17 -> Charming Ruby Ring
Accessory - Ring #18 -> Carved Golden Seal
Accessory - Ring #19 -> Encrusted Topaz Ring
Accessory - Ring #20 -> White Accordion Ring
Accessory - Ring #21 -> Darkened Gold Ring
Accessory - Ring #22 -> Giant Amethyst Ring
Accessory - Ring #23 -> Golden Treble Clef Ring
Accessory - Ring #24 -> Embossed Platinum Ring
Accessory - Necklace #17 -> Charming Ruby Necklace
Accessory - Necklace #18 -> Turquoise Fang Pendant
Accessory - Necklace #19 -> Topaz Leaf Pendant
Accessory - Necklace #20 -> White Accordion Chain
Accessory - Necklace #21 -> Darkened Gold Pendant
Accessory - Necklace #22 -> Giant Amethyst Pendant
Accessory - Necklace #23 -> Bloodstone Pendant
Accessory - Necklace #24 -> Decorated Beryl Pendant
Accessory - Earring #17 -> Golden Feather Earring
Accessory - Earring #18 -> Turquoise Fang Earring
Accessory - Earring #19 -> Topaz Leaf Earring
Accessory - Earring #20 -> White Accordion Earring
Accessory - Earring #21 -> Darkened Gold Earring
Accessory - Earring #22 -> Giant Amethyst Earring
Accessory - Earring #23 -> Bloodstone Earring
Accessory - Earring #24 -> Beryl Crystal Earring
Untuned Slippers -> White Slippers
[Ninja]Headband(7days) -> Ninja Headband
[Ninja]Coat(7days) -> Ninja Coat
[Ninja]Gloves(7days) -> Ninja Gloves
[Ninja]Shoes(7days) -> Ninja Shoes
Vampire's Circlet(365days) -> Vampire's Circlet
Vampire Suit(365days) -> Vampire Suit
Vampire Gloves(365days) -> Vampire Gloves
Vampire Boots(365days) -> Vampire Boots
Honeybee Hat(365days) -> Honeybee Hat
Honeybee Costume(365days) -> Honeybee Costume
Honeybee Gloves(365days) -> Honeybee Gloves
Honeybee Shoes(365days) -> Honeybee Shoes
Magician's Hat(365days) -> Magician's Hat
Magician's Robe(365days) -> Magician's Robe
Magician's Gloves(365days) -> Magician's Gloves
Magician's Shoes(365days) -> Magician's Shoes
Bunny Bunny Rabbit Ears(365days) -> Bunny Bunny Rabbit Ears
Bunny Bunny Sexy Costume(365days) -> Bunny Bunny Sexy Costume
Bunny Bunny Gloves(365days) -> Bunny Bunny Gloves
Bunny Bunny Shoes(365days) -> Bunny Bunny Shoes
Dragon Slayer - Weapon Master -> Fierce Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer - Armor Master -> Valiant Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer - Log Master -> Swift Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer - Spell Master -> Empowered Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer - Divine Master -> Radiant Dragon Slayer
Flower Child Wig(365days) -> Flower Child Wig
Disco Dancer Wig(365days) -> Disco Dancer Wig
Cute Hair Style(365days) -> Cute Hair Style
Bruce Lee Wig(365days) -> Bruce Lee Wig
Native Headdress(365days) -> Native Headdress
Wolf Tail Wig(365days) -> Wolf Tail Wig
Bear Ear Cap(365days) -> Bear Ear Cap
Regal Tycoon Wig(365days) -> Regal Tycoon Wig
Icraus' Wings -> Icarus Wings
Powerful Worm(365days) -> Powerful Worm
Smart Worm(365days) -> Smart Worm
Healthy Worm(365days) -> Healthy Worm
Fast Worm(365days) -> Fast Worm
Strong Worm(365days) -> Strong Worm
Drunken's Glasses(30days) -> Drunk's Glasses(30days)
Legend: Chivalry of the Church's Symbol -> Legend: Symbol of Chivalry
Legend: Horde's Stroke -> Legend: Horde Cry
Sleepy Pink Panda Mask(365days) -> Sleepy Pink Panda Mask
Masquerade Mask(365days) -> Masquerade Mask
Beaver Mask(365days) -> Beaver Mask
Black Widow Sniper's Turban(365days) -> Black Widow Sniper's Turban
Black Widow Sniper's Suit(365days) -> Black Widow Sniper's Suit
Black Widow Sniper's Gloves(365days) -> Black Widow Sniper's Gloves
Black Widow Sniper's Boots(365days) -> Black Widow Sniper's Boots
Black Widow Scout's Hood(365days) -> Black Widow Scout's Hood
Black Widow Scout's Suit(365days) -> Black Widow Scout's Suit
Black Widow Scout's Gloves(365days) -> Black Widow Scout's Gloves
Black Widow Scout's Boots(365days) -> Black Widow Scout's Boots
Black Widow Leader's Gray Haired(365days) -> Black Widow Leader's Gray Haired
Black Widow Leader's Suit(365days) -> Black Widow Leader's Suit
Black Widow Leader's Gloves(365days) -> Black Widow Leader's Gloves
Black Widow Leader's Boots(365days) -> Black Widow Leader's Boots
Otctopus Face(7days) -> Octopus Face(7days)
Swellfish Face(7days) -> Puffer Face(7days)
[VIP]Otctopus Face(7days) -> [VIP]Octopus Face(7days)
[VIP]Swellfish Face(7days) -> [VIP]Puffer Face(7days)
[VIP]Otctopus Face(30days) -> [VIP]Octopus Face(30days)
[VIP]Swellfish Face(30days) -> [VIP]Puffer Face(30days)
[VIP]Prince of the Ocean Marine Boy -> [VIP]Prince of the Ocean
[VIP]Captain's Uniform -> [VIP]Corsair's Uniform
[VIP]Marine Guy's Gloves -> [VIP]Corsair's Gloves
[VIP]Marine Guy's Long Boots -> [VIP]Corsair's Long Boots
[VIP]Pirate's Cloak(30days) -> [VIP]Corsair's Cloak(30days)
[VIP]Pirate's Eye Patch(30days) -> [VIP]Corsair's Eye Patch(30days)
You're A Sweetie -> You're Sweet
You're Haemaleun -> You're Gentle
[P]cute Ribbon -> Artisan Dexterity Badge
[P]fresh Ribbon -> Artisan Wisdom Badge
[P]vivacious Ribbon -> Artisan Mana Badge
[P]Black Chains -> Artisan Health Badge
[P]Red Handcuffs -> Artisan Agility Badge
[P]Yellow Shooting Star -> Artisan Knowledge Badge
[P]Pink Shooting Star -> Artisan Intuition Badge
[P]Green Shooting Star -> Artisan Elusiveness Badge
[P]Naughty Weight -> Artisan Infusion Badge
[P]decorative Dagger -> Artisan Life Badge
[P]Blue Crystal -> Artisan Balance Badge
[P]Snow Decision -> Artisan Mediation Badge
[P]Red Magician Cape -> Master Accuracy Badge
[P]purple Magician Cape -> Master Evasion Badge
[P]a Small Balloon -> Master Eagle Eye Badge
[P]Black Wings -> Master Pinpoint Badge
[P]White Wings -> Master Sprint Badge
[P]Fashion Backpack -> Master Critical Badge
[P]Explorers Backpack -> Master Headshot Badge
[P]Nice Middlesbrough -> Basic Strength Badge
[P]Blue Sunglasses -> Basic Intellect Badge
[P]Trendy Sunglasses -> Basic Vitality Badge
[P]Fashion Sunglasses -> Basic Power Badge
[P]Horn Rimmed Glasses -> Basic Amplification Badge
[P]Horn Rimmed Red Glasses -> Basic Fortitude Badge
[P]Horn Rimmed Blue Glasses -> Basic Resilience Badge
[P]Snow Goggless -> Basic Balance Badge
[P]work Goggless -> Basic Increment Badge
[P]dog Mask -> Basic Affliction Badge
[P]Bear Mask -> Basic Sprint Badge
[P]Piero Mask -> Basic Stamina Badge
[P]Red Magician Hat -> Expert Power Badge
[P]purple Magician Hat -> Expert Magic Badge
[P]Golden Headband -> Expert Defense Badge
[P]Silver Crown For Decoration -> Expert Barrier Badge
[P]decorative Brass -> Expert Harmony Badge
[P]Mandrake Flower -> Expert Fortitude Badge
[P]Native American Hat -> Expert Reflection Badge
[P]chef's Symbol -> Expert Tension Badge
[P]clown Hat -> Expert Absorption Badge
[P]Wizard Hat -> Expert Survival Badge
[P]Ballroom the Band -> Expert Training Badge
[P]gorgeous Tucker -> Expert Support Badge
[P]chick Hat -> Expert Recoil Badge
[P]Griffon Feathers -> Expert Patience Badge
[P]Pirate's Hat -> Expert Increment Badge
[P]sailor Hat -> Expert Amplification Badge
[P]Thieves Mask -> Expert Protection Badge
[P]Pinwheel Hat -> Expert Barrier Badge
[P]Fragment of Floating Stone -> Elemental Magic
[P]Piece of Floating Stone -> Elemental Magic
[P]Fragment of Refined Floating Stone -> Elemental Magic
[P]Piece of Refined Floating Stone -> Elemental Magic
[P]Core of Magical Power -> Elemental Magic
Gourment Chef's Hat(7days) -> Gourmet Chef's Hat(7days)
Gourment Chef's Apron(7days) -> Gourmet Chef's Apron(7days)
Gourment Chef's Gloves(7days) -> Gourmet Chef's Gloves(7days)
Gourment Chef's Shoes - 7day -> Gourmet Chef's Shoes - 7day
Gourment Chef's Hat(30days) -> Gourmet Chef's Hat(30days)
Gourment Chef's Arpon(30days) -> Gourmet Chef's Arpon(30days)
Gourment Chef's Gloves(30days) -> Gourmet Chef's Gloves(30days)
Gourment Chef's Shoes(30days) -> Gourmet Chef's Shoes(30days)
Gourment Chef's Hat(365days) -> Gourmet Chef's Hat(365days)
Gourment Chef's Apron(365days) -> Gourmet Chef's Apron(365days)
Gourment Chef's Gloves(365days) -> Gourmet Chef's Gloves(365days)
Gourment Chef's Shoes(365days) -> Gourmet Chef's Shoes(365days)
Gourment Chef's Hat -> Gourmet Chef's Hat
Gourment Chef's Apron -> Gourmet Chef's Apron
Gourment Chef's Gloves -> Gourmet Chef's Gloves
Gourment Chef's Shoes -> Gourmet Chef's Shoes
Legend: the Lower Ends of Goddess's Skirt -> Legend: The Skirts of Feira
[P]Moon Crystal Ring -> Elemental Magic
Shinigami Hibakama Pants(7days) -> Shinigami Hibakama(7days)
Shinigami Zouri Straw Sandals(7days) -> Shinigami Geta(7days)
Shinigami Hibakama Pants(30days) -> Shinigami Hibakama(30days)
Shinigami Zouri Straw Sandals(30days) -> Shinigami Geta(30days)
Shinigami Hibakama Pants(365days) -> Shinigami Hibakama(365days)
Shinigami Zouri Straw Sandals(365days) -> Shinigami Geta(365days)
Shinigami Hibakama Pants -> Shinigami Hibakama
Shinigami Zouri Straw Sandals -> Shinigami Geta
Shinigami Zanpakuto Sword -> Shinigami Zanpakuto
[Thailand]Mother's Day - T-Shirts -> Celebratory T-Shirt
[Thailand]Mother's Day - Shoes -> Celebratory Wristband
[Thailand]Mother's Day - Ahdae -> Celebratory Sneakers
Tourist's Vacation Braclet (7days) -> Tourist's Vacation Bracelet (7days)
Cute Beach Braclet(7days) -> Cute Beach Bracelet(7days)
Tinted Swim Goggless(7days) -> Tinted Swim Goggles(7days)
Pinapple Helm(7days) -> Pineapple Helm(7days)
Tourist's Vacation Braclet(30days) -> Tourist's Vacation Bracelet(30days)
Cute Beach Braclet(30days) -> Cute Beach Bracelet(30days)
Tinted Swim Goggless(30days) -> Tinted Swim Goggles(30days)
Pinapple Helm(30days) -> Pineapple Helm(30days)
Tourist's Vacation Braclet(365days) -> Tourist's Vacation Bracelet(365days)
Cute Beach Braclet(365days) -> Cute Beach Bracelet(365days)
Tinted Swim Goggless(365days) -> Tinted Swim Goggles(365days)
Pinapple Helm(365days) -> Pineapple Helm(365days)
Mr. Snugglywuggly Bunny -> Mr. Snugglywuggly
The Power of Unspoken Names -> Light Servant's Robes
The Blessing of Unspoken Names -> Light Servant's Gloves
The Promise of Unspoken Names -> Light Servant's Shoes
The Glory of Unspoken Names -> Light Servant's Covers
This Belt -> Curled Belt
Cynica White Rabbit Gloves(7days) -> Cynical White Rabbit Gloves(7days)
Cynica White Rabbit Gloves(30days) -> Cynical White Rabbit Gloves(30days)
Cynica White Rabbit Gloves(365days) -> Cynical White Rabbit Gloves(365days)
Cynica White Rabbit Gloves -> Cynical White Rabbit Gloves
Carrot -> Giant Carrot
Chicka Chicka Three Times A Day -> Chicka Chicka Toothbrush
Kitty of Bright Smile -> Kitty Slippers
Sweet And Sour Candy Pillow -> Candy Pillow
Artifact: the Hidden Power Mark -> Artifact: Hidden Power Pendant
Artifact: A Token of Honor Masked -> Artifact: Sealed Darkness Amulet
Artifact: the Ancient Symbol of Magic -> Artifact: Ancient Inscribed Stone
Artifact: Pledge of Faded Dream -> Artifact: Forgotten Dream
Artifact: Dark Knight Trail -> Artifact: Drowned Soul
Artifact: the Ring Worn By Wind -> Artifact: Wind Walker's Amulet
Nice Executive G. Guardian -> Earth Guardian
Nice Executive R. Blowhole -> Fire Guardian
Executive Nice B. Occult -> Water Guardian
Jack Oh Lantern -> Jack O'lantern
[Event]Pharaoh's Curse - the Helm -> [Event]Pharaoh's curse Covers
[Event]Pharaoh's Curse - Gloves -> [Event]Pharaoh's curse Drapes
[Event]Pharaoh's Curse -> [Event]Pharaoh's curse Bindings
[Event]Pharaoh's Curse - Shoes -> [Event]Pharaoh's curse Wrappings
Pharaoh's Curse - the Helm -> Pharaoh's Curse Covers
Pharaoh's Curse - Gloves -> Pharaoh's Curse Drapes
Pharaoh's Curse -> Pharaoh's Curse Bindings
Pharaoh's Curse - Shoes -> Pharaoh's Curse Wrappings
Ring, the Jewel of the Nile -> Jewel of the Nile
Lady of the Ring -> Noble Lady's Ring
Dark Elementals -> Dark Element
Coal-Black Horns -> Coal-Black Horn
Cambridge Brick -> Sunday's Paper
The Hot Queen Bracelet -> Fire Queen's Bracelet
The Cold Queen Bracelet -> Ice Queen's Bracelet
The Winning Queen's Bracelet -> Charming Queen's Bracelet
The Warm Queen's Bracelet -> Kind Queen's Bracelet
Hibicus(1days) -> Hibiscus(1days)
[Event]Tissue Papers(30days) -> [Event]Tissue Paper(30days)
[Event]Amulet(30days) -> [Event]Bangle Amulet(30days)
Arabian Knights Head -> Arabian Knights Turban
Festive Rrythm Bandola -> Festive Rhythm Bandola
Cute Slime Wearring Star-Glasses(7days) -> Watery Slime(7days)
Cute Slime Wearring Star-Glasses(30days) -> Watery Slime(30days)
Cute Slime Wearring Star-Glasses(365days) -> Watery Slime
Stylish Nosy Slime(7days) -> Joking Slime(7days)
Stylish Nosy Slime(30days) -> Joking Slime(30days)
Stylish Nosy Slime(365days) -> Joking Slime
Bizzare Slime Rolling(7days) -> Confused Slime(7days)
Bizzare Slime Rolling(30days) -> Confused Slime(30days)
Bizzare Slime Rolling(365days) -> Confused Slime
Heavenly Ring(7days) -> Heavenly Halo(7days)
Heavenly Ring(30days) -> Heavenly Halo(30days)
Heavenly Ring(365days) -> Heavenly Halo
White Angel Feather Headband(365days) -> White Angel Feather Headband
Black Angel Feather Headband(365days) -> Black Angel Feather Headband
Booty At the Red Place(7days) -> Red Sunglasses(7days)
Booty At the Red Place(30days) -> Red Sunglasses(30days)
Booty At the Red Place(365days) -> Red Sunglasses(365days)
Luvlee Stupid Glasses(7days) -> Luvlee Fool Glasses(7days)
Luvlee Stupid Glasses(30days) -> Luvlee Fool Glasses(30days)
Luvlee Stupid Glasses(365days) -> Luvlee Fool Glasses(365days)
Oakley Spectacle(7days) -> Oakley Spectacles(7days)
Oakley Spectacle(30days) -> Oakley Spectacles(30days)
Oakley Spectacle(365days) -> Oakley Spectacles(365days)
Cute Slime Wearring Star-Glasses -> Slime Wearing Star Glasses
Stylish Nosy Slime -> Nosy Slime
Bizzare Slime Rolling -> Bizarre Slime
Burning Ring of Heaven(30days) -> Burning Halo(30days)
Reforged Heavenly Ring(30days) -> Reforged Halo(30days)
Ring of Heavens Honor (30days) -> Halo of Honor(30days)
The Angel of the Midnight Sun's Headband(30days) -> Midnight Angel Headband(30days)
The Angel's Headband(30days) -> Solar Angel Headband(30days)
The Angel of Eclipse's Headband(30days) -> Eclipse Angel Headband(30days)
The Angel of the Eternity's Headband(30days) -> Eternity Angel Headband(30days)
The Angel of the Twilight's Headband(30days) -> Twilight Angel Headband(30days)
The Angel of Worship's Headband(30days) -> Worshiping Angel Headband(30days)
Dark Lady of the Bonnet(30days) -> Dark Bonnet(30days)
Bonnet of Black Witch(30days) -> Witch's Bonnet(30days)
Passion of the Red Place(30days) -> Passionate Red Sunglasses(30days)
Cold of the Red Place(30days) -> Cold Red Sunglasses(30days)
Passion of the Classic Hopi Glasses(30days) -> Passionate Classic Hopi Glasses(30days)
Hopi Classic Glasses of Cold(30days) -> Cold Hopi Classic Glasses(30days)
Blue Seagull Glasses of Passion(30days) -> Passionate Blue Seagull Glasses(30days)
Blue Seagull Glasses of Cold(30days) -> Cold Blue Seagull Glasses(30days)
Luvlee Fool of Passion Glasses(30days) -> Passionate Luvlee Fool Glasses(30days)
Luvlee Stupid Glasses of Cold(30days) -> Cold Luvlee Fool Glasses(30days)
Oakley Spectacle of Passion(30days) -> Passionate Oakley Spectacles(30days)
Oakley Spectacle of A Cold(30days) -> Cold Oakley Spectacles(30days)
Memories of the Jewelry Ring -> Ring of Memories
Ring of Phantasmal -> Phantasmal Ring
Mirror of Cosmic Dual Force -> Haunted Mirror
Mirror of Mystery -> Mysterious Mirror
Magic Mirror That Identifies Disguised Moster -> Identifying Mirror
[JP]Waterview -> Swimming Goggles
[JP]snorkel -> Snorkel
[JP]brand Sunglasses, R -> Red Beach Sunglasses
[JP]brand Sunglasses, W -> White Beach Sunglasses
[JP]fresh Feather Wig -> Fresh Feather Wig
[JP]Bubble Bobble Afrom Hair -> Bubble Bobble Afro Hair
[JP]Dazzling Hair Style -> Dazzling Hair Style
[JP]Hairstyle of 70'~80' -> 70s Hairstyle
Native American Hairstyle -> Native American Hairstyle
[JP]Gray Wolf Hairstyles -> Gray Wolf Hairstyle
[JP]Regal Tycoon Wig -> Regal Tycoon Wig
[JP]Pink Cap -> Pink Cap
[JP]Holiday Bonnet -> Holiday Bonnet
[JP]Charming Swimming Cap -> Charming Swimming Cap
[JP]Chic Rabbit's Beach Cap -> Rabbit Beach Cap
[JP]cleft Watermelon -> Watermelon Hat
[JP]4 Dimensions of the Pineapple -> Pineapple Hat
[JP]Jade Green Webfoot -> Diving Flippers
[JP]Yellow Duck Tube -> Yellow Duck Tube
[JP]Pink Bear Tube -> Pink Bear Tube
[JP]Star-Shaped Tube -> Starry Tube
[JP]striped Tube -> Candy Striped Tube
[JP]Pink Panther Mask -> Pink Bear Mask
[JP]Mask For Masquerade -> Masquerade Mask
[JP]Beaver Mask -> Beaver Mask
[JP]cats Go Bad -> Bad Cat Mask
[JP]HoneyBee Hat -> Honeybee Hat
[JP]bees Costume -> Honeybee Costume
[JP]Bee Gloves -> Honeybee Gloves
[JP]bee Shoes -> Honeybee Shoes
[JP]Dress - Head -> Wedding Hair
[JP]Dress - Tuxedo / Dress -> Wedding Tuxedo / Dress
[JP]Dress - Gloves -> Wedding Gloves
[JP]Dress - Shoes -> Wedding Shoes
[JP]Hanbok - Head -> Hanbok Head
[JP]Hanbok - Saekdongot -> Hanbok Saekdongot
[JP]Hanbok - Gloves -> Hanbok Gloves
[JP]Hanbok - Kkotsin -> Hanbok Kotsin
[JP][Ninja]Headband(7days) -> Ninja Headband
[JP][Ninja]Coat(7days) -> Ninja Coat
[JP][Ninja]Gloves(7days) -> Ninja Gloves
[JP][Ninja]Shoes(7days) -> Ninja Shoes
[JP]Made - Head -> Maid Hat
[JP]Maid - Dress -> Maid Dress
[JP]Made - Gloves -> Maid Gloves
[JP]Made - Shoes -> Maid Shoes
[General]Costume(7days) -> General's Uniform
[General]Gloves(7days) -> General's Shoes
[General]Shoes(7days) -> General's Shoes
[JP]Opera - Half-Mask -> Phantom's Half Mask
[JP]opera - Costumes -> Phantom's Costume
[JP]Opera - Gloves -> Phantom's Gloves
[JP]Opera - Shoes -> Phantom's Shoes
[JP]Pirates - Skull Cap -> Pirate's Skull Cap
[JP]Pirates - Captain's Dress -> Pirate Captain's Jacket
[JP]Pirates - Gloves -> Pirate's Gloves
[JP]Pirates - Shoes -> Pirate's Shoes
[JP]Uniform - Dress -> School Uniform
[JP]Uniform - Gloves -> School Uniform Gloves
[JP]Uniform - Shoes -> School Uniform Shoes
[JP]Santa A Hat -> Santa Hat
[JP]Santa A Suit -> Santa Suit
[JP]Santa A Gloves -> Santa Gloves
[JP]Santa A Shoes -> Santa Shoes
Magician's Hat -> Magician's Hat
Magician's Robe -> Magician's Robe
Magician's Gloves -> Magician's Gloves
Magician's Shoes -> Magician's Shoes
Bunny Bunny Rabbit Ears -> Sexy Bunny Ears (Red)
Bunny Bunny Sexy Costume -> Sexy Bunny Costume (Red)
Bunny Bunny Gloves -> Sexy Bunny Gloves (Red)
Bunny Bunny Shoes -> Sexy Bunny Shoes (Red)
[JP]Vampire's Circlet -> Vampire's Circlet
[JP]Vampire Suit -> Vampire Suit
[JP]Vampire Gloves -> Vampire Gloves
[JP]Vampire Boots -> Vampire Boots
[JP]hip-hop Style Pink Hood -> Hip-Hop Pink Hood
[JP]Hiphop Orange T-Shirt -> Hip-Hop Orange T-Shirt
[JP]punk Wrist Ahdae(Orange) -> Hip-Hop Yellow Wristband
[JP]Hiphop Yellow Shoes -> Hip-Hop Yellow Shoes
[JP]The New Yorker-Style Black Cap -> Hip-Hop Black Cap
[JP]Hiphop Black T-Shirt -> Hip-Hop Black T-Shirt
[JP]Trendy Wrist Watches -> Trendy Wristwatch
[JP]Casual Shoes(Gray) -> Hip-Hop Gray Shoes
[JP]The New Yorker-Style Green Cap -> Hip-Hop Green Cap
[JP]Hiphop Green T-Shirt -> Hip-Hop Green T-Shirt
[JP]Trendy Wrist Watches -> Trendy Wristwatch
[JP]Hiphop Yellow Shoes -> Hip-Hop Yellow Shoes
[JP]hip-hop Style Pink Hood -> Hip-Hop Pink Hood
[JP]Hiphop Brown T-Shirt -> Hip-Hop Brown T-Shirt
[JP]punk Wrist Ahdae(Orange) -> Hip-Hop Yellow Wristband
[JP]Casual Shoes(Gray) -> Hip-Hop Gray Shoes
[JP]chef Hat -> Chef Hat
[JP]chef's Apron -> Chef's Apron
[JP]chef's Gloves -> Chef's Gloves
[JP]chef's Shoes -> Chef's Shoes
[JP]Firefighter's Hat -> Firefighter's Hat
[JP]Firefighter's Jacket -> Firefighter's Jacket
[JP]Firefighter's Gloves -> Firefighter's Gloves
[JP]Firefighter's Boots -> Firefighter's Boots
[JP]Traditional Chi Pao Hat -> Traditional Chi Pao Hat
[JP]Traditional Chi Pao Robe -> Traditional Chi Pao Robe
[JP]Traditional Chi Pao Gloves -> Traditional Chi Pao Gloves
[JP]Traditional Chi Pao Boots -> Traditional Chi Pao Boots
[JP][shinigami]Hakui(Top) -> Shinigami Hakui Top
[JP][shinigami]Hibakama(Pants) -> Shinigami Hibakama
[JP][shinigami]Zouri(Straw Sandals) -> Shinigami Geta
[JP]The Power of Unspoken Names -> Priest Hair
[JP]The Blessing of Unspoken Names -> Priest Outfit
[JP]The Promise of Unspoken Names -> Priest Gloves
[JP]The Glory of Unspoken Names -> Priest Shoes
[JP]School Time Safety Braclets -> School Time Safety Bracelets
[JP]Surfer Boy Cap -> Surfer Boy Board Shorts
[JP]Surfer Boy Chain -> Surfer Boy Flip Flops
[JP]Surfer Boy Board Shorts -> Surfer Boy Chain
[JP]Surfer Boy Flip Flops -> Surfer Boy Flip Cap
[JP]Tourist's Vacation Braclet -> Tourist's Vacation Bracelet
[JP]Cute Beach Braclet -> Cute Beach Bracelet
Designer One Piece -> Designer One Piece
Designer Sandals -> Designer Sandals
Designer Summer Bracelet -> Designer Summer Bracelet
High Fashion Flower Barrette -> High Fashion Flower Barrette
Cowboy Hat [Permanent] -> Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Duster [Permanent] -> Cowboy Duster
Cowboy Gloves [Permanent] -> Cowboy Gloves
Cowboy Boots [Permanent] -> Cowboy Boots
Backpack/Shifter -> Racing Instincts Backpack
Angry Water Dragon -> Angry Blue Lizard
Belt Power -> Belt of Power
Wind Belt -> Belt of Speed
[JP]Cloak of Recluse(30days) -> Solitary Knight's Cloak(30days)
[JP]Cloak of Young Knight(30days) -> Young Knight's Cloak(30days)
Jp]Panda Costume -> Panda Costume
[JP]Chicken Costume -> Chicken Costume
Industrialist Top Hat [Permanent] -> Industrialist Top Hat
Industrialist Suit [Permanent] -> Industrialist Suit
Industrialist Gloves [Permanent] -> Industrialist Gloves
Industrial Shoes [Permanent] -> Industrial Shoes
Industrial Token [Permanent] -> Industrial Token
Paper Bag Rider Mask -> Paper Bag Hat
Hanbok(Hair) -> Hanbok Hair
[Ninja]Headband -> Ninja Headband
Lowest Fairy's Powder -> Apple
Low Fairy's Powder -> Egg Roll
Fairy's Powder -> Apple Pastry
High Fairy's Powder -> Pumpkin Pie
Highest Fairy's Powder -> Lamb Skewer
Lowest Mana's Water -> Fresh Water Flask
Low Mana's Water -> Apple Juice
Mana's Water -> Lemonade
High Mana's Water -> Cream Soda
Highest Mana's Water -> Green Ice Tea
Seed[Lv. 1]: Life Flower -> [Lv1] Life Flower Seed
Seed[Lv. 1]: Spirit Flower -> [Lv1] Spirit Flower Seed
Seed[Lv. 2]: Beast Flower -> [Lv2] Beast Flower Seed
Seed[Lv. 2]: Crystal Flower -> [Lv2] Crystal Flower Seed
Seed[Lv. 2]: Magical Flower -> [Lv2] Magical Flower Seed
Seed[Lv. 3]: Fierce Beast Flower -> [Lv3] Fierce Beast Flower Seed
Seed[Lv. 3]: Bright Crystal Flower -> [Lv3] Bright Crystal Flower Seed
Seed[Lv. 3]: Bright Mana Flower -> [Lv3] Bright Mana Flower Seed
Orc's Armor -> Orc Armor
Parts of the Power Generator -> Power Generator Parts
Costume Set - Hanbok -> Hanbok Costume Set
Costume Set - Pirate -> Pirate Costume Set
Costume Set - [Formal Attire] -> Wedding Dress Set
Costume Set - Maid -> Maid Costume Set
Costume Set - Opera -> Phantom Costume Set
Costume Set - White Cat -> White Cat Costume Set
Costume Set - Santcostume -> Santa Costume Set
Lunchocolate - L -> L Chocolate
Lunchocolate - U -> U Chocolate
Lunchocolate - N -> N Chocolate
Lunchocolate - A -> A Chocolate
Love Chocolate - L-> L Chocolate
Love Chocolate - O -> O Chocolate
Love Chocolate - V -> V Chocolate
Love Chocolate - E -> E Chocolate
Kiss Chocolate - K -> K Chocolate
Kiss Chocolate - I -> I Chocolate
Kiss Chocolate - S -> S Chocolate
Christmas Present Case- Gr 3 -> Small Christmas Present
Christmas Present Case- Gr 2 -> Medium Christmas Present
Christmas Present Case- Gr 1 -> Big Christmas Present
Manstorm Candy -> Mana Storm Candy
Invernerable Candy -> Invulnerable Candy
Christmaspresent Case- Special Express -> Shiny Christmas Present
Acutness Candy -> Acuteness Candy
Shrewed Spell Candy -> Shrewd Spell Candy
Decrease Mancandy -> Mana Filled Candy
Inventory Expansion Scroll -> Inventory Expansion Kit
Stone of the Remember the Place -> Hearthstone
Mana's Nostrum -> Mana Nostrum
Character Name Change Scroll -> Name Change Scroll
Wild Cat's Nostrum-1hrs -> Wild Cat's Nostrum
Fighter's Nostrum-1hrs -> Fighter's Nostrum
Tolerance's Nostrum-1hrs -> Tolerance Nostrum
Brightness' Nostrum-1hrs -> Brightness Nostrum
Patience's Nostrum-1hrs -> Patience Nostrum
Prof Theessional's Nostrum-1hrs -> Professional's Nostrum
Vitality's Nostrum-1hrs -> Vitality Nostrum
Mentality's Nostrum-1hrs -> Mentality Nostrum
Lolipop(Grape Flavor) -> Grape Lollipop
Lolipop(Strawberry Flavor) -> Strawberry Lollipop
Lolipop(Apple Flavor) -> Apple Lollipop
Lolipop(Chocolate Flavor) -> Chocolate Lollipop
Luna's Riddle Case ->Luna's Lost Belongings
Levelup Gift Set(Lv 5) -> Level Up Gift Set(Lv 5)
Levelup Gift Set(Lv 10) -> Level Up Gift Set(Lv 10)
Levelup Gift Set(Lv 15) -> Level Up Gift Set(Lv 15)
Levelup Gift Set(Lv 20) -> Level Up Gift Set(Lv 20)
Wiff's Riddlecase -> Wiff's Lost Belongings
Tierre's Riddlecase -> Tierre's Lost Belongings
Farouk's Riddlecase -> Farouk's Lost Belongings
Seulki's Riddle Case -> Seulki's Lost Belongings
Expert's Worm Bait -> Expert Worm Bait
Master's Worm Bait -> Master Worm Bait
Beginner's Worm Bait -> Beginner Worm Bait
Beginner's Paste Bait -> Beginner Paste Bait
Expert's Paste Bait -> Expert Paste Bait
Master's Paste Bait -> Master Paste Bait
Beginner's Shrimp Bait -> Beginner Shrimp Bait
Expert's Shrimp Bait -> Expert Shrimp Bait
Master's Shrimp Bait -> Master Shrimp Bait
Premium Hair Style Shop Coupon -> Premium Beauty Salon Coupon
Antique Jewerly Box -> Antique Jewellery Box
[Event]garbage Pile -> [Event] Shiny Garbage Pile
[Event]organic Artficial Bait -> [Event] Master Fly Bait
Lucky Case 77 - the 1st -> White Lucky Box
Lucky Case 77 - the 2nd -> Green Lucky Box
Open Warehouse Scroll(7days) -> Remote Bank Access(7days)
Wise Great Philosopher's Emulet -> Wise Philosopher's Amulet
Seed[Lv. 3]: Fierce Beast Flower -> [Lv3] Fierce Beast Flower Seed
Seed[Lv. 3]: Bright Crystal Flower -> [Lv3] Bright Crystal Flower Seed
Seed[Lv. 3]: Bright Mana Flower -> [Lv3] Bright Mana Flower Seed
Mystic Fluid of the Tree -> Mystical Tree Water
Lamb Bbq -> Lamb BBQ
Turtle -> Mossy Turtle
Open Warehouse Scroll(3days) -> Remote Bank Access(3days)
Open Warehouse Scroll(15days) -> Remote Bank Access(15days)
Open Warehouse Scroll(30days) -> Remote Bank Access(30days)
Crystal of Floating Stone -> Floating Stone Crystal
[P]Pet Food -> Delicious Treat
[P]general Resurrection Order -> Pet First Aid Kit
[P]Advanced Resurrection Order -> Advanced First Aid Kit
[P]Health Treat -> Pumpkin Biscuit
[P]Mana Treat -> Light Mana Tea
[P]Evolution Capsule(Physical) -> Physical Evolution Capsule
[P]Evolution Capsule(Magic) -> Magical Evolution Capsule
[P]Evolution Capsule(Sub) -> Support Evolution Capsule
P]Kiwi -> Kiwi
[P]Cherry -> Cherry
[P]blueberry -> Blueberry
[P]Orange -> Orange
[P]Grape -> Grape
[P]Advanced Kiwi -> Kiwi
[P]Advanced Cherry -> Cherry
[P]Advanced Blueberries -> Blueberry
[P]Advanced Orange -> Orange
[P]Advanced Grapefruit -> Grape
[P]Greater Physical Cure -> Sweet Bean Biscuit
[P]Greater Mana Cure -> Dark Mana Tea
[GT]Greater Health Treat -> [GT] Great Health Potion
[GT]Superior Stamina Treat -> [GT] Grand Health Potion
[GT]Greater Mana Treat -> [GT] Great Mana Potion
[GT]Exceptional Mana Treat -> [GT] Grand Mana Potion
Bright Crystal of Time -> Bright Crystal of Protection
Mysterious Magic Stone -> Mysterious Magical Stone
Return Scroll: Nera Castletown -> Return Scroll: Nera's Castle
(Ex) Luxurious Accessories Box -> Luxurious Accessory Box
Ever-Green Maple Leaf -> Evergreen Maple Leaf
Seal of Great Fire -> A Gift of Fire
Seal of North-West Wind -> A Gift of Wind
People of the Earth -> A Gift of Earth
The Ocean -> A Gift of Water
Of the People Wholeheartedly -> A Gift of Soul
Seed Water -> Water Seed
[GT]Dispell Potion -> [GT]Dispel Potion
[GT]Advanced Dispell Potion -> [GT]Advanced Dispel Potion
Luck Box 77 - the 3rd -> Blue Lucky Box
[Event]thrilling Film -> [E]Megaphone
Yggdrasil's Fruit -> Yggdrasil Fruit
Treasure Box of Magician Guild -> A Wizard's Lost Treasure
Unstable Crystal 40~60 [Weapon] -> Weapon Crystal 40~60
Unstable Crystal 61~85 [Weapon] -> Weapon Crystal 61~85
Unstable Crystal 86~110 [Weapon] -> Weapon Crystal 86~110
Unstable Crystal 40~60 [Armor] -> Armor Crystal 40~60
Unstable Crystal 61~85 [Armor] -> Armor Crystal 61~85
Unstable Crystal 86~110 [Armor] -> Armor Crystal 86~110
[P]Cotton Easy -> Sheepie
[P]piksi Dragon -> Pixy
[P]Tuttle Raenteu -> Mossy
[JP]the Golden Carp -> Golden Carp
[JP]golden Terrapin -> Golden Terrapin
[JP]Winning Trash -> Shiny Trash
Christmas Gift Box -> Christmas Present
Luck Box 77 - the 4th -> Red Lucky Box
Compound Strengthend Leather -> Compound Strengthened Leather
Manapowder -> Mana Powder
Moonlight Assence -> Moonlight Essence
Dragon Bone Assence -> Dragon Bone Essence
Rune Carving Assence -> Rune Carving Essence
Fluid of the Spider -> Spider Blood
Copper Mold: Ax -> Copper Mold: Axe
Iron Mold: Ax -> Iron Mold: Axe
Steel Mold: Ax -> Steel Mold: Axe
Mithril Mold: Ax -> Mithril Mold: Axe
Perium Mold: Ax -> Perium Mold: Axe
Rune Carving Mold: Ax -> Rune Carving Mold: Axe
Strengthend Thread -> Strengthened Thread
Compound Strengthend Leather Pattern: Armor -> Compound Strengthened Leather Pattern: Armor
Compound Strengthend Leather Pattern: Glove -> Compound Strengthened Leather Pattern: Glove
Compound Strengthend Leather Pattern: Boots -> Compound Strengthened Leather Pattern: Boots
Crusium Pattern Mold: Boots -> Obsidian Pattern Mold: Boots
Magic Powder Mold: Earing -> Magic Powder Mold: Earring
Manapowder Mold: Necklace -> Mana Powder Mold: Necklace
Manapowder Mold: Earring -> Mana Powder Mold: Earring
Manapowder Mold: Ring -> Mana Powder Mold: Ring
Fairy Dust Mold: Earing -> Fairy Dust Mold: Earring
Moonlight Assence Mold: Necklace -> Moonlight Essence Mold: Necklace
Moonlight Assence Mold: Earing -> Moonlight Essence Mold: Earring
Moonlight Assence Mold: Ring -> Moonlight Essence Mold: Ring
Dragon Bone Assence Mold: Necklace -> Dragon Bone Essence Mold: Necklace
Dragon Bone Assence Mold: Earing -> Dragon Bone Essence Mold: Earring
Dragon Bone Assence Mold: Ring -> Dragon Bone Essence Mold: Ring
Rune Carving Assence Mold: Necklace -> Rune Carving Essence Mold: Necklace
Rune Carving Assence Mold: Earing -> Rune Carving Essence Mold: Earring
Rune Carving Assence Mold: Ring -> Rune Carving Essence Mold: Ring
Sketch: Military Guard's Ax -> Sketch: Military Guard's Axe
Sketch: Berserker's Combat Ax -> Sketch: Berserker's Combat Axe
Military Guard's Ax's Edge Piece -> Military Guard's Axe's Edge Piece
Berserker's Sword Fighter -> Berserker's Sword Piece
Berserker's Combat Ax's Edge Piece -> Berserker's Combat Axe Piece
Basilisk's Spirit -> Basilisk Spirit
Harpy's Spirit -> Harpy Spirit
Griffon's Spirit -> Griffon Spirit
Basilisk's Statue -> Basilisk Statue
Harpy's Statue -> Harpy Statue
Griffon's Statue -> Griffon Statue
Lycanthrope Leather -> Lycanthrope Hide
Scale of the Lamia -> Lamia Scale
Phlanx's Symbol -> Phalanx's Symbol
Rune Worker's Symbol -> Rune Walker's Symbol
Elemental Master Symbol -> Elemental Master's Symbol
Emblem of the Sacrifice -> Emblem of Sacrifice
Spirit's Emblem -> Spirit Emblem
Emblem of the Knowledge -> Emblem of Knowledge
Merchant Group's Emblem -> Merchant Group Emblem
Mystic Fluid of the Tree -> Mystic Tree Water

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  • Administrator

If you have problems after patching, for example your game crashes when entering Alker Harbor or Nera Castle you need to repatch.


You can do this by going to your game folder (ex: C:\Program Files (86x)\Celestia Luna Online Alpha\) and delete the file called "celestiapatch" and run LUNAPatcher.exe to redownload and patch again.

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