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Patch Notes [Feb. 2nd 2016]

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February 2nd 2016 Patch Notes

If you are having issues with the patcher, you may download a Manual Patch here.


  • ~ Renamed hundreds of items, for full item renaming list refer to the list below.

  • ~ Changed pet costumes into badges, they no longer show on pets, now their worth is in the stats they give.

  • Only costumes sold in the item mall were fully customized into badges, any other older items obtained through events do not give stats.
  • ~ Changed pet armor names and icons into floating element stones and the stats each type gives into a different secondary stat.

  • ~ Changed names and icons of pet potions, pet food, treats and revival.

  • ~ Added level requirements(character level) for pet HP/MP food (0, 30, 60) and third tier of pet food.

  • ~ Added third tier of pet food to cooldown group.

  • ~ Changed icons of all pet items and added a pet item indicator.

  • ~ Fixed [Red Tights Hat].

  • ~ Changed names and icons of vendor [Fairy Powder] and [Mana Water].

  • ~ Fixed general 2-h Staff icons.

  • ~ Removed time from permanent item shop only items.

  • ~ Added permanent versions for item mall Lazy Panda, Bachelor hats, sunglasses and other accessories.

  • ~ Changed icons for [Guild Wizard's Scroll], [Pukerian's Scroll], [blessed Pukerian's Scroll], [Ancient Scroll] and [Forbidden Ancient Scroll].

  • ~ Changed name and icons for Lucky Boxes. 1st: [White Lucky Box], 2nd: [Green Lucky Box], 3rd: [blue Lucky Box], 4th: [Red Lucky Box].

  • ~ Removed non-working items from 4th (Red) Lucky Box.

  • ~ Removed job specific skills from set effects, in some cases replaced them with useful stats.

  • ~ Added [shinigami Headband] missing costume head item and to the set.

  • ~ Fixed all previously added items on November 1st and their set effects.

  • ~ Return scrolls now cannot be used while in combat or moving.

  • ~ Reduced speed given by [slime Wearing Star Glasses] to balance it against other items of the same category.

  • ~ [Christmas Presents] can no longer be combined into the next tier.

  • ~ Removed pet items from [big Christmas Present].

  • ~ Increased Magical Power of 1h Maces by 20%.


  • ~ Fixed icon of Standing Shot.

  • ~ Revamped Crusader class, see Crusader 2.0 Introduction for more information.

  • ~ Removed Staff weapon requirement from Holy Earthquake.

  • ~ Reduced HP Cost of Holy Avenger

  • ~ Fixed cast delay on Holy Earthquake

  • ~ Devil's Armor now correctly shows on the character info page.

  • ~ Fixed Earthquake (Fighter) missing AoE after level 20.

  • ~ Casting Foil now correctly can only be cast on enemies.


  • ~ Added new pets.

  • ~ Removed bubbly sounds from pet actions.

  • ~ Added new social skill "Perform a trick" to use your pets special motion.

  • ~ Added missing pet skill effects.


  • ~ Changed Farm Instruction NPC model.

  • ~ Added Pet items vendor to Alker Harbor.

  • ~ Reestablished default items for Tasartia, general store in Alker Harbor.

  • ~ Added special items and materials (previously at Tasartia) vendor in Alker Harbor. Alice, right next to Tasartia, sells these items.
  • ~ Cleaned up and added more items to Serie, pet items vendor in Nera Castle.

  • ~ Added General Store and Bank to Nera Harbor.

  • ~ Added free re-skill for Crusaders only quest to Celerian.

  • ~ Added updated texture and model for Wiff.

  • ~ All General Stores were corrected to be of the level of the map. Highest level items (potions, food, etc) are sold in higher level maps.


  • ~ Changed Pet Information window.

  • ~ Unlocked 4th NPC vendor tab.


  • ~ Fixed spawn point in Moon Blind Forest.

  • ~ Fixed farm flower names.

  • ~ Fixed correct equipment reward for level 20 job change.

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Item Rename Changes

High Elf's -> Elven
Bellerophon's -> Cronus'
Cronus' -> Owl's
[JP] ->
[Evt] [Evt.] [Ev] [Event] -> [E]
Seal of the Chettah -> Seal of the Cheetah
Steel Ax -> Steel Axe
Heavy Ax -> Heavy Axe
Battle Ax -> Battle Axe
Commander Ax -> Commander Axe
Mithril Ax -> Mithril Axe
Dragon Bone Ax -> Dragon Bone Axe
Mithril Mlade -> Mithril Blade
Cutting Ax -> Cutting Axe
Double Edge Ax -> Double Edge Axe
Iron Edge Ax -> Iron Edge Axe
Steel Two Handed Ax -> Great Steel Axe
Executioner's Ax -> Executioner's Axe
Great Ax -> Great Axe
Large Battle Ax -> Large Battle Axe
Savage Ax -> Savage Axe
Ax of Despair -> Axe of Despair
Mithril Battle Ax -> Mithril Battle Axe
Giant Ax -> Giant Axe
Great Battle Ax -> Great Battle Axe
Beheaded Rabbit of the Darkness -> Dark Beheader
Rabbit of the Guardian -> Axe of the Guardian
Warrior Rabbit of the Moonlight -> Moonlight Warrior
Master Commander's Rabbit -> Master Commander's Axe
Assassin Knife -> Assassin Blade
Black Mithril Knife -> Black Mithril Dagger
Meteo Bow -> Astral Bow
Stick of the Mother Earth -> Staff of Mother Earth
Perished Ax of the Battle -> Perished Axe of the Battle
Head of the Tribe's Wand -> Wise Shaman's Staff
Battle Terminator of the Tribe's Great Leader -> Chief Beheader
Surveilant's Long Sword -> Surveillant's Long Sword
Golem's Grinder -> Golem Grinder
Magic Box's Poisoned Needle -> Magic Infused Needle
Mandrake's Root -> Mandrake Root
Kiyoma's Feathered Horn Bow -> Harpy Feather Horn Bow
Source of the Ancient Magical Power -> Spirit Caller
Military Guard's Sword -> Peacekeeper's Sword
Military Guard's Ax -> Peacekeeper's Axe
Military Guard's Mace -> Peacekeeper's Mace
Berserker's Battle Ax -> Berserker's Battle Axe
Sudden Attack Dagger -> Grinning Dagger
Mother Earth's Crystal Wand -> Earth Crystal Staff
Dispossessed Mage's Wand -> Deranged Spirit Caller
Prophet's Wand -> Prophet's Staff
Source of Kierra's Magical Power -> Source of Kierra's Magic
Corrupted Saint Knight's Sword -> Dark Crusader's Sword
Corrupted Saint Knight's Ax -> Dark Crusader's Axe
Corrupted Saint Knight's Mace -> Dark Crusader's Mace
[Event]Berserker's Battle Ax -> [Event]Berserker's Battle Axe
Source of the Cursed Kierra's Magical Power -> Kierra's Curse
Point of the Sword -> Point Sword
Zukini's Death Wand -> Zukini's Death Wish
Ancient Ax -> Ancient Axe
Mose's Wand -> Arkadia's Staff
Legend: Sun Energy -> Legend: Widowmaker
Wasting Life For 30 Years -> Steel Reinforced Pickaxe
Medusa's Staff -> Medusa's Wand
Musket L31 -> Solid Boomstick
Musket of Twilight -> Sharpshooter Rifle
Musket #03 -> Royal Musket
Musket #04 -> Hunter's Prize
Musket #05 -> Wing Clipper
Musket #06 -> Automatic Spark Gear
Musket #07 -> Demon Hunter
Musket #08 -> Double Barrel Vendetta
Musket #09 -> Devil's Flamethrower
Musket #10 -> Obsidian Glass Cannon
Bloody Scmitar -> Bloody Scimitar
Regulus's Wooden Club -> Regulus' Wooden Club
Ancient Ax -> Ancient Axe
Grand Sceptor -> Grand Scepter
Mighty Sceptor -> Mighty Scepter
Antares's Power -> Antares' Power
Deadly Bone Knife -> Sharpened Bone Piercer
Enforcers Sword -> Enforcer's Sword
Diseased Ax -> Diseased Axe
Warrior's Ax -> Great Warrior's Axe
Branch With Magical Power -> Carved Oak Staff
Drail of Torpedo -> Sharp Edged Virge
Drail of Thunder -> Weighed Lance
Autumn of Applause -> Damascus Axe
Lion Ax -> Lion Axe
Executioners Ax -> Armor Piercer
Black Widow Sniper of Darkness -> Reinforced Greatwood Bow
Dueling Wizard's Wand -> Warmaster's Staff
Captian's Article's Sword -> Captain's Article Sword
Single Blow With Full Power -> Emerald Breath
Sprial of Destruction -> Spiral of Destruction
Claw of Evil Dragon -> Jade Dragon Claw
Death Blade -> Death Reach
[JP]Starter Bamboo Fishing Pole -> Beginner's Fishing Pole
Apprentice's Robe -> Farmer's Clothes
Cotton Robe -> Blue Cotton Robe
Elven Robe -> Alkerian Clothes
Craftsman Robe -> Historian's Jacket
Magical Power Robe -> Apprentice's Garment
Protection Robe -> Spellthread Garment
Divine Robe -> Curseguarding Robes
Golden Robe -> Evergreen Robes
Dark Robe -> Dark Wizardry Gown
Mithril Robe -> Iron Reinforced Robe
Compound Mithril Robe -> Iron Padded Robe
Pure Robe -> Starlight Gown
Flamelist's Robe -> Flameweaver's Tunic
Noble's Robe -> Noble Warrior's Robe
Ornamental Philosopher's Robe -> Philosopher's Robes
Tunic of the Colchis -> Jade Wing Armor
Cross Crown Tunic -> Imperial Phoenix Robes
Power of the Blue Dragon - Justice -> Royal Adviser's Uniform
Lucky Adventurer's White Robe -> Royal Councillor's Uniform
Little Star's Royal Robe -> Fairythread Tunic
Cloth - Armor #21 -> Blue Libra Gown
Cloth - Armor #22 -> Astral Aura Robes
Cloth - Armor #23 -> Moonlight Lotus Gown
Cloth - Armor #24 -> Gold Plated Frost Robe
Cloth - Armor #25 -> Dark Minister's Robes
Cloth - Armor #26 -> New World Explorer's Tunic
Cloth - Armor #27 -> Armored Alchemist's Robe
Cloth - Armor #28 -> Grand Scholar's Robes
Cloth - Armor #29 -> Royal Grandmaster's Gown
Cloth - Armor #30 -> Chaotic Flame Robes
Cloth - Armor #31 -> Celestial Cloth Robe
Old Leather Armor -> Boar Leather Vest
Traveler's Leather Armor -> Traveler's Leather Vest
Philosopher's Leather Armor -> Traveler's Leather Jacket
Light Leather Armor -> Reinforced Leather Vest
Hard Leather Armor -> Scout's Leather Armor
Elven Leather Armor -> Thief's Weather Vest
High Quality Hard Leather Armor -> Double Padded Thief's Armor
Aesthetic Leather Armor -> Sunbathed Leather Armor
Magic Leather Armor -> Spellguard Leather Armor
Mithril Leather Armor -> Iron Spur Leather Armor
Strengthened Mithril Leather Armor -> Iron Padded Leather Armor
Shadow Leather Armor -> Shadow Stalker's Armor
Cross Belt Suit -> Curseguarding Leather Armor
Moonlight Suit -> Silver Moonlight Vest
Elemental Suit -> Gold Padded Leather Vest
Lapis Wyvern Suit -> Lapis Scale Leather Vest
Zephyr's Leather Armor -> Harpy Hunter's Armor
Flame Wolf Suit -> Flame Wolfskin Armor
Veteran Explorer's Leather Armor -> Explorer's Armored Vest
Red Dragon's Metal Scales Armor -> Bloody Dragonscale Armor
Leather - Armor #21 -> Shadowstalker's Leather Vest
Leather - Armor #22 -> Royal Dragonguard's Armor
Leather - Armor #23 -> Padded Gold Spur Armor
Leather - Armor #24 -> Cloud Sailor's Vest
Leather - Armor #25 -> Jade Scale Leather Armor
Leather - Armor #26 -> Legion Hunter's Vest
Leather - Armor #27 -> Reinforced Heirloom Armor
Leather - Armor #28 -> Prized Beast Leather Jacket
Leather - Armor #29 -> Royal Shadow Hunter's Armor
Leather - Armor #30 -> Corrupted Shadow Hunter's Jacket
Leather - Armor #31 -> Armor of the Swift Winds
Bone Armor -> Brittle Bone Armor
Copper Armor -> Polished Copper Armor
Brigandine -> Padded Brigandine
Chainmail -> Iron Tower Hauberk
Composite Armor -> Armored Tower Hauberk
Red Bronze Armor -> Bloodforged Iron Breastplate
Plate Armor -> Scout's Reinforced Cuirass
Steel Plate Armor -> Engraved Steel Brigandine
Magical Bronze Armor -> Ornamental Azure Brigandine
Mithril Armor -> Dark Mithril Breastplate
Silver Mithril Armor -> Cavalier's Mithril Breastplate
Combat Armor -> Starlight Brigandine
Royal Guard Plate -> Defender's Heavy Armor
Soul Guard Plate -> Curseguarding Armor
Kadesh Armor -> Kadesh Breastplate
Pheonix Plate -> Royal Phoenix Breastplate
Black Knight Plate -> Hellsteel Hauberk
Saint Warrior's Plate -> Heavenguard Armor
Brown Bear Plate -> Royal Beast Hauberk
Ghost Power Plate -> Soul-seeing Brigandine
Metal - Armor #21 -> Reinforced Dragonscale Hauberk
Metal - Armor #22 -> Abyss Knight's Armor
Metal - Armor #23 -> Queenguard's Reinforced Armor
Metal - Armor #24 -> Holy Emissary's Breastplate
Metal - Armor #25 -> Moonforged Cobalt Armor
Metal - Armor #26 -> Thick Silvercoat Armor
Metal - Armor #27 -> Dark Legionary's Heavy Armor
Metal - Armor #28 -> Polished Cobalt Armor
Metal - Armor #29 -> Rift Keeper's Breastplate
Metal - Armor #30 -> Lord Knight's Heavy Armor
Metal - Armor #31 -> Mastercraft Obsidian Armor
Apprentice's Gloves -> Farmer's Gloves
Cotton Gloves -> Blue Cotton Gloves
Elven Gloves -> Common Gloves
Craftsman Gloves -> Historian's Sigil Gloves
Magical Power Gloves -> Worn Apprentice's Gloves
Protection Gloves -> Armored Spellthread Gloves
Divine Gloves -> Curseguarding Gloves
Golden Gloves -> Evergreen Armlet
Dark Gloves -> Dark Wizardry Wristguards
Mithril Gloves -> Iron Reinforced Gloves
Compound Mithril Gloves -> Iron Padded Gloves
Pure Gloves -> Starlight Wristguards
Flamelist's Gloves -> Flameweaver's Cuffs
Noble's Gloves -> Noble Warrior's Gloves
Ornamental Philosopher's Gloves -> Philosopher's Cuffs
Colchis Gloves -> Jade Wing Gloves
Cross Crown Gloves -> Imperial Phoenix Gloves
Power of the Blue Dragon - General -> Royal Adviser's Gloves
Lucky Adventurer's Gloves -> Royal Councillor's Gloves
Little Star's Noble Gloves -> Fairythread Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #21 -> Blue Libra Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #22 -> Amethyst Eye Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #23 -> Moonlight Lotus Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #24 -> Gold Plated Frost Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #25 -> Dark Minister's Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #26 -> New World Explorer's Cuffs
Cloth - Gloves #27 -> Alchemist's Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #28 -> Grand Scholar's Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #29 -> Royal Grandmaster's Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #30 -> Chaotic Flame Gloves
Cloth - Gloves #31 -> Celestial Priest's Gloves
Old Leather Gloves -> Boar Leather Gloves
Philosopher's Leather Gloves -> Hard Leather Gloves
Light Leather Gloves -> Double Leather Gloves
Hard Leather Gloves -> Scout's Leather Gloves
Elven Leather Gloves -> Thief's Leather Gloves
High Quality Hard Leather Gloves -> Double Leather Vambraces
Aesthetic Leather Gloves -> Sunbathed Leather Vambraces
Magic Leather Gloves -> Spellguard Leather Armlet
Mithril Leather Gloves -> Iron Spur Vambraces
Strengthened Mithril Leather Gloves -> Iron Padded Vambraces
Shadow Leather Gloves -> Shadow Stalker's Gloves
Cross Belt Leather Gloves -> Curseguarding Leather Gloves
Moonlight Leather Gloves -> Silver Moonlight Gloves
Elemental Leather Gloves -> Gold Padded Gloves
Lapis Wyvern Leather Gloves -> Lapis Armored Gloves
Zephyr's Leather Gloves -> Harpy Hunter's Gloves
Flame Wolf Leather Gloves -> Flame Wolfskin Gloves
Veteran Explorer's Leather Gloves -> Explorer's Armored Gloves
Red Dragon's Metal Scales Gloves -> Bloody Dragonscale Gloves
Leather - Gloves #21 -> Shadowstalker's Leather Gloves
Leather - Gloves #22 -> Royal Dragonguard's Gloves
Leather - Gloves #23 -> Padded Gold Spur Gloves
Leather - Gloves #24 -> Cloud Sailor's Gloves
Leather - Gloves #25 -> Jade Scale Leather Gloves
Leather - Gloves #26 -> Legion Hunter's Gloves
Leather - Gloves #27 -> Worn Heirloom Gloves
Leather - Gloves #28 -> Prized Beast Leather Mitts
Leather - Gloves #29 -> Royal Shadow Hunter's Gloves
Leather - Gloves #30 -> Corrupted Shadow Hunter's Gloves
Leather - Gloves #31 -> Gauntelets of the Swift Winds
Bone Gauntlets -> Brittle Bone Gloves
Copper Gauntlets -> Polished Copper Guards
Brigandine Gauntlets -> Padded Iron Gauntlets
Chain Gauntlets -> Iron Mail Guards
Composite Gauntlets -> Armored Iron Guards
Red Bronze Gauntlets -> Bloodforged Iron Gloves
Plate Gauntlets -> Scout's Reinforced Vambraces
Steel Gauntlets -> Engraved Steel Vambraces
Magical Bronze Gauntlets -> Ornamental Azure Gloves
Mithril Gauntlets -> Dark Mithril Wristguards
Silver Mithril Gauntlets -> Cavalier's Mithril Wristguards
Combat Gauntlets -> Starlight Gauntlets
Royal Guard Gauntlets -> Defender's Heavy Gloves
Soul Guard Gauntlets -> Curseguarding Armlets
Kadesh Gauntlets -> Kadesh Guards
Pheonix Gauntlets -> Royal Phoenix Gauntlets
Black Knight Gauntlets -> Hellsteel Gauntlets
Saint Warrior's Gauntlets -> Heavenguard Gauntlets
Brown Bear Gauntlets -> Royal Beast Gauntlets
Ghost Power Gauntlets -> Soul-seeing Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #21 -> Reinforced Dragonscale Gloves
Metal - Gloves #22 -> Abyss Knight's Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #23 -> Queenguard's Reinforced Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #24 -> Holy Emissary's Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #25 -> Moonforged Cobalt Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #26 -> Thick Silvercoat Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #27 -> Dark Legionary's Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #28 -> Polished Cobalt Gauntlets
Metal - Gloves #29 -> Rift Keeper's Claws
Metal - Gloves #30 -> Lord Knight's Heavy Guards
Metal - Gloves #31 -> Mastercraft Obsidian Gauntlets
Apprentice's Sandals -> Farmer's Booties
Cotton Boots -> Blue Cotton Boots
Elven Boots -> Common Boots
Craftsman Boots -> Historian's Sigil Boots
Magical Power Boots -> Worn Apprentice's Boots
Protection Boots -> Armored Spellthread Boots
Divine Boots -> Curseguarding Boots
Golden Boots -> Evergreen Boots
Dark Boots -> Dark Wizardry Warmers
Mithril Boots -> Reinforced Booties
Compound Mithril Boots -> Padded Booties
Pure Boots -> Starlight Warmers
Flamelist's Boots -> Flameweaver's Greaves
Noble's Boots -> Noble Warrior's Boots
Ornamental Philosopher's Shoes -> Philosopher's Shoes
Colchis Boots -> Jade Wing Boots
Cross Crown Boots -> Imperial Phoenix Boots
Power of the Blue Dragon - Engraving -> Royal Adviser's Boots
Lucky Adventurer's Shoes -> Royal Councillor's Boots
Little Star's Position -> Fairythread Boots
Cloth - Shoes #21 -> Blue Libra Sandals
Cloth - Shoes #22 -> Astral Aura Boots
Cloth - Shoes #23 -> Moonlight Lotus Shoes
Cloth - Shoes #24 -> Gold Plated Frost Boots
Cloth - Shoes #25 -> Dark Minister's Sandals
Cloth - Shoes #26 -> New World Explorer's Boots
Cloth - Shoes #27 -> Alchemist's Sandals
Cloth - Shoes #28 -> Grand Scholar's Boots
Cloth - Shoes #29 -> Royal Grandmaster's Sandals
Cloth - Shoes #30 -> Chaotic Flame Boots
Cloth - Shoes #31 -> Celestial Priest's Boots
Old Leather Long Boots -> Boar Leather Boots
Traveler's Leather Long Boots -> Traveler's Long Boots
Philosopher's Leather Long Boots -> Hard Leather Long Boots
Light Leather Boots -> Double Leather Boots
Hard Leather Boots -> Scout's Leather Boots
Elven Leather Boots -> Thief's Long Boots
High Quality Hard Leather Boots -> Double Leather Long Boots
Aesthetic Leather Long Boots -> Sunbathed Leather Boots
Magic Leather Long Boots -> Spellguard Leather Boots
Mithril Leather Boots -> Iron Spur Boots
Strengthened Mithril Leather Boots -> Iron Padded Boots
Shadow Leather Long Boots -> Shadow Stalker's Boots
Cross Belt Leather Boots -> Curseguarding Leather Boots
Moonlight Leather Boots -> Silver Moonlight Boots
Elemental Leather Boots -> Gold Padded Boots
Lapis Wyvern Leather Boots -> Lapis Armored Boots
Zephyr's Leather Long Boots -> Harpy Hunter's Boots
Flame Wolf Leather Boots -> Flame Wolfskin Boots
Veteran Explorer's Leather Long Boots -> Explorer's Long Boots
Red Dragon's Metal Scales Boots -> Bloody Dragonscale Boots
Leather - Shoes #21 -> Shadowstalker's Leather Boots
Leather - Shoes #22 -> Royal Dragonguard's Boots
Leather - Shoes #23 -> Padded Gold Spur Boots
Leather - Shoes #24 -> Cloud Sailor's Booties
Leather - Shoes #25 -> Jade Scale Leather Boots
Leather - Shoes #26 -> Legion Hunter's Boots
Leather - Shoes #27 -> Iron Cap Heirloom Boots
Leather - Shoes #28 -> Prized Beast Leather Boots
Leather - Shoes #29 -> Royal Shadow Hunter's Booties
Leather - Shoes #30 -> Corrupted Shadow Hunter's Boots
Leather - Shoes #31 -> Greaves of the Swift Winds
Bone Boots -> Brittle Bone Greaves
Copper Plate Boots -> Polished Copper Greaves
Brigandine Boots -> Padded Iron Greaves
Chain Boots -> Iron Mail Greaves
Composite Boots -> Armored Iron Greaves
Red Bronze Boots -> Bloodforged Boots
Plate Boots -> Scout's Reinforced Greaves
Steel Boots -> Engraved Steel Greaves
Magical Bronze Boots -> Ornamental Azure Greaves
Mithril Plate Boots -> Dark Mithril WristGreaves
Silver Mithril Boots -> Cavalier's Mithril Greaves
Combat Boots -> Starlight Greaves
Royal Guard Boots -> Defender's Heavy Greaves
Soul Guard Boots -> Curseguarding Sabatons
Kadesh Boots -> Kadesh Chausses
Pheonix Boots -> Royal Phoenix Greaves
Black Knight Boots -> Hellsteel Greaves
Saint Warrior's Boots -> Heavenguard Sabatons
Brown Bear Boots -> Royal Beast Chausses
Ghost Power Boots -> Soul-seeing Sabatons
Metal - Shoes #21 -> Reinforced Dragonscale Boots
Metal - Shoes #22 -> Abyss Knight's Greaves
Metal - Shoes #23 -> Queenguard's Reinforced Greaves
Metal - Shoes #24 -> Holy Emissary's Greaves
Metal - Shoes #25 -> Moonforged Cobalt Sabatons
Metal - Shoes #26 -> Thick Silvercoat Sabatons
Metal - Shoes #27 -> Dark Legionary's Sabatons
Metal - Shoes #28 -> Polished Cobalt Boots
Metal - Shoes #29 -> Rift Keeper's Chausses
Metal - Shoes #30 -> Lord Knight's Heavy Boots
Metal - Shoes #31 -> Mastercraft Obsidian Greaves
Plate Helmet -> Iron Great Helm
Magic Bronze Helmet -> Polished Iron Helm
Mithril Helmet -> Horned Steel Helm
Strengthened Mithril Helmet -> Padded Steel Helmet
Helmet #12 -> Black Mithril Helmet
Helmet #13 -> Goldcoated Helmet
Helmet #14 -> Minotaur Horn Helm
Full Helm -> Silver Coronet
Great Helm -> Golden Coronet
Strengthened Round Shield -> Reinforced Buckler
Plate Shield -> Engraved Guard
Cross Shield -> Cloud Cross Shield
Demon Skull Shield -> Demon Skull Heater
Shining Pearl Shield -> Crusader's Kite
Glory of the Knight -> Royal Guard's Kite
Shield of the Knights of Glory -> Embossed Lunar Shield
Mask of Evil -> Witch Doctor's Guard
Brown Bear Shield -> Royal Beast Guard
Ghost Power Shield -> Jade Spell Guard
Shield #21 -> Dragon Bone Reflector
Shield #22 -> Soul-seeing Eye
Shield #23 -> Crow's Salvation
Shield #24 -> Grand Gear
Shield #25 -> Reinforced Gate Keeper
Shield #26 -> Mana Stealing Targe
Shield #27 -> Magnum Guard
Shield #28 -> Grand Protector's Shield
Shield #29 -> Double Edged Targe
Shield #30 -> Ancestral Spirit Guard
Shield #31 -> Celestial Guard
Ancient Magical Power Robe -> Magic Thread Robe
Troll Hero's Armor -> Troll Slayer's Armor
Leather Armor Stained With Blood -> Bloodstained Leather Armor
Ancient Magical Power Gloves -> Magic Thread Gloves
Ogre Hero's Gauntlets -> Ogre Slayer's Gauntlets
Leather Gloves Stained With Blood -> Bloodstained Leather Gloves
Ancient Magical Power Shoes -> Magic Thread Shoes
Cyclops Hero's Boots -> Cyclops Slayer's Boots
Leather Shoes Stained With Blood -> Bloodstained Leather Boots
Ancient Magical Power Circlet -> Ancient Power Circlet
Mask Stained With Blood -> Bloodstained Mask
Skeleton Knight's Strong Shield -> Skeleton Knight's Shield
Turtle Mail Shield -> Sparring Shield
Dark Knight's Leather Gloves -> Forgotten Hero's Gloves
Bearleather Gloves -> Bear Hide Boots
Hard Stone Wing Armor -> Stone Wing Armor
Charming Flame's Robe -> Charming Flames Robe
Berserker's Chest Protector -> Berserker's Armor
Transcendent's Leather Armor -> Transcended Leather Armor
Transcendent's Leather Gloves -> Transcended Leather Gloves
Transcendent's Leather Long Boots -> Transcended Leather Long Boots
Patient One's Helmet -> Gift of Patience
Helmet of Desire -> Bane of Desire
Hephaistos' Last Work -> Hephaestus' Masterwork
Poseidon's Helmet (7days) -> Poseidon's Crown (7days)
Poseidon's Helmet -> Poseidon's Crown
Death Mask -> Ancient Death Mask
Aias's Shield -> Aias
Arkas's Wooden Shield -> Arkassa
Aeneas's Tower Shield -> Aenea
[P]Cubic Headband -> Elemental Water
[P]Metal Band -> Elemental Water
[P]Circlet -> Elemental Water
[P]Field Generators -> Elemental Water
[P]Moon Circlet -> Elemental Water
[P]Cubic Shall -> Elemental Earth
[P]Metal Scope -> Elemental Earth
[P]Magic Spirited Stone Coated -> Elemental Earth
[P]Field Amplifier -> Elemental Earth
[P]Crystal Scope -> Elemental Earth
[P]Cubic Bracelet -> Elemental Air
[P]Metal Bracelet -> Elemental Air
[P]Guardian Ring -> Elemental Air
[P]Field Generator -> Elemental Air
[P]Jewelled Bracelet -> Elemental Air
Artifact: Fragments Of^The Hidden Blade -> Artifact: Hidden Power Gloves
Artifact: Masked Face of the Artist -> Artifact: Sealed Darkness Gloves
Artifact: the Ancient Mysteries of Magic -> Artifact: Ancient Inscription Gloves
Artifact: the King's Seal -> Artifact: Royal Heirloom Gloves
Artifact: Dark Knight Markers -> Artifact: Sunken Knight's Gloves
Artifact: Wind Worn Symbol -> Artifact: Wind Walker's Gloves
Mountaineers Breastplate -> Mountaineer's Breastplate
Mountaineers Gauntlets -> Mountaineer's Gauntlets
Mountianeers Boots -> Mountaineer's Boots
Accessory - Ring #17 -> Charming Ruby Ring
Accessory - Ring #18 -> Carved Golden Seal
Accessory - Ring #19 -> Encrusted Topaz Ring
Accessory - Ring #20 -> White Accordion Ring
Accessory - Ring #21 -> Darkened Gold Ring
Accessory - Ring #22 -> Giant Amethyst Ring
Accessory - Ring #23 -> Golden Treble Clef Ring
Accessory - Ring #24 -> Embossed Platinum Ring
Accessory - Necklace #17 -> Charming Ruby Necklace
Accessory - Necklace #18 -> Turquoise Fang Pendant
Accessory - Necklace #19 -> Topaz Leaf Pendant
Accessory - Necklace #20 -> White Accordion Chain
Accessory - Necklace #21 -> Darkened Gold Pendant
Accessory - Necklace #22 -> Giant Amethyst Pendant
Accessory - Necklace #23 -> Bloodstone Pendant
Accessory - Necklace #24 -> Decorated Beryl Pendant
Accessory - Earring #17 -> Golden Feather Earring
Accessory - Earring #18 -> Turquoise Fang Earring
Accessory - Earring #19 -> Topaz Leaf Earring
Accessory - Earring #20 -> White Accordion Earring
Accessory - Earring #21 -> Darkened Gold Earring
Accessory - Earring #22 -> Giant Amethyst Earring
Accessory - Earring #23 -> Bloodstone Earring
Accessory - Earring #24 -> Beryl Crystal Earring
Untuned Slippers -> White Slippers
[Ninja]Headband(7days) -> Ninja Headband
[Ninja]Coat(7days) -> Ninja Coat
[Ninja]Gloves(7days) -> Ninja Gloves
[Ninja]Shoes(7days) -> Ninja Shoes
Vampire's Circlet(365days) -> Vampire's Circlet
Vampire Suit(365days) -> Vampire Suit
Vampire Gloves(365days) -> Vampire Gloves
Vampire Boots(365days) -> Vampire Boots
Honeybee Hat(365days) -> Honeybee Hat
Honeybee Costume(365days) -> Honeybee Costume
Honeybee Gloves(365days) -> Honeybee Gloves
Honeybee Shoes(365days) -> Honeybee Shoes
Magician's Hat(365days) -> Magician's Hat
Magician's Robe(365days) -> Magician's Robe
Magician's Gloves(365days) -> Magician's Gloves
Magician's Shoes(365days) -> Magician's Shoes
Bunny Bunny Rabbit Ears(365days) -> Bunny Bunny Rabbit Ears
Bunny Bunny Sexy Costume(365days) -> Bunny Bunny Sexy Costume
Bunny Bunny Gloves(365days) -> Bunny Bunny Gloves
Bunny Bunny Shoes(365days) -> Bunny Bunny Shoes
Dragon Slayer - Weapon Master -> Fierce Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer - Armor Master -> Valiant Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer - Log Master -> Swift Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer - Spell Master -> Empowered Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer - Divine Master -> Radiant Dragon Slayer
Flower Child Wig(365days) -> Flower Child Wig
Disco Dancer Wig(365days) -> Disco Dancer Wig
Cute Hair Style(365days) -> Cute Hair Style
Bruce Lee Wig(365days) -> Bruce Lee Wig
Native Headdress(365days) -> Native Headdress
Wolf Tail Wig(365days) -> Wolf Tail Wig
Bear Ear Cap(365days) -> Bear Ear Cap
Regal Tycoon Wig(365days) -> Regal Tycoon Wig
Icraus' Wings -> Icarus Wings
Powerful Worm(365days) -> Powerful Worm
Smart Worm(365days) -> Smart Worm
Healthy Worm(365days) -> Healthy Worm
Fast Worm(365days) -> Fast Worm
Strong Worm(365days) -> Strong Worm
Drunken's Glasses(30days) -> Drunk's Glasses(30days)
Legend: Chivalry of the Church's Symbol -> Legend: Symbol of Chivalry
Legend: Horde's Stroke -> Legend: Horde Cry
Sleepy Pink Panda Mask(365days) -> Sleepy Pink Panda Mask
Masquerade Mask(365days) -> Masquerade Mask
Beaver Mask(365days) -> Beaver Mask
Black Widow Sniper's Turban(365days) -> Black Widow Sniper's Turban
Black Widow Sniper's Suit(365days) -> Black Widow Sniper's Suit
Black Widow Sniper's Gloves(365days) -> Black Widow Sniper's Gloves
Black Widow Sniper's Boots(365days) -> Black Widow Sniper's Boots
Black Widow Scout's Hood(365days) -> Black Widow Scout's Hood
Black Widow Scout's Suit(365days) -> Black Widow Scout's Suit
Black Widow Scout's Gloves(365days) -> Black Widow Scout's Gloves
Black Widow Scout's Boots(365days) -> Black Widow Scout's Boots
Black Widow Leader's Gray Haired(365days) -> Black Widow Leader's Gray Haired
Black Widow Leader's Suit(365days) -> Black Widow Leader's Suit
Black Widow Leader's Gloves(365days) -> Black Widow Leader's Gloves
Black Widow Leader's Boots(365days) -> Black Widow Leader's Boots
Otctopus Face(7days) -> Octopus Face(7days)
Swellfish Face(7days) -> Puffer Face(7days)
[VIP]Otctopus Face(7days) -> [VIP]Octopus Face(7days)
[VIP]Swellfish Face(7days) -> [VIP]Puffer Face(7days)
[VIP]Otctopus Face(30days) -> [VIP]Octopus Face(30days)
[VIP]Swellfish Face(30days) -> [VIP]Puffer Face(30days)
[VIP]Prince of the Ocean Marine Boy -> [VIP]Prince of the Ocean
[VIP]Captain's Uniform -> [VIP]Corsair's Uniform
[VIP]Marine Guy's Gloves -> [VIP]Corsair's Gloves
[VIP]Marine Guy's Long Boots -> [VIP]Corsair's Long Boots
[VIP]Pirate's Cloak(30days) -> [VIP]Corsair's Cloak(30days)
[VIP]Pirate's Eye Patch(30days) -> [VIP]Corsair's Eye Patch(30days)
You're A Sweetie -> You're Sweet
You're Haemaleun -> You're Gentle
[P]cute Ribbon -> Artisan Dexterity Badge
[P]fresh Ribbon -> Artisan Wisdom Badge
[P]vivacious Ribbon -> Artisan Mana Badge
[P]Black Chains -> Artisan Health Badge
[P]Red Handcuffs -> Artisan Agility Badge
[P]Yellow Shooting Star -> Artisan Knowledge Badge
[P]Pink Shooting Star -> Artisan Intuition Badge
[P]Green Shooting Star -> Artisan Elusiveness Badge
[P]Naughty Weight -> Artisan Infusion Badge
[P]decorative Dagger -> Artisan Life Badge
[P]Blue Crystal -> Artisan Balance Badge
[P]Snow Decision -> Artisan Mediation Badge
[P]Red Magician Cape -> Master Accuracy Badge
[P]purple Magician Cape -> Master Evasion Badge
[P]a Small Balloon -> Master Eagle Eye Badge
[P]Black Wings -> Master Pinpoint Badge
[P]White Wings -> Master Sprint Badge
[P]Fashion Backpack -> Master Critical Badge
[P]Explorers Backpack -> Master Headshot Badge
[P]Nice Middlesbrough -> Basic Strength Badge
[P]Blue Sunglasses -> Basic Intellect Badge
[P]Trendy Sunglasses -> Basic Vitality Badge
[P]Fashion Sunglasses -> Basic Power Badge
[P]Horn Rimmed Glasses -> Basic Amplification Badge
[P]Horn Rimmed Red Glasses -> Basic Fortitude Badge
[P]Horn Rimmed Blue Glasses -> Basic Resilience Badge
[P]Snow Goggless -> Basic Balance Badge
[P]work Goggless -> Basic Increment Badge
[P]dog Mask -> Basic Affliction Badge
[P]Bear Mask -> Basic Sprint Badge
[P]Piero Mask -> Basic Stamina Badge
[P]Red Magician Hat -> Expert Power Badge
[P]purple Magician Hat -> Expert Magic Badge
[P]Golden Headband -> Expert Defense Badge
[P]Silver Crown For Decoration -> Expert Barrier Badge
[P]decorative Brass -> Expert Harmony Badge
[P]Mandrake Flower -> Expert Fortitude Badge
[P]Native American Hat -> Expert Reflection Badge
[P]chef's Symbol -> Expert Tension Badge
[P]clown Hat -> Expert Absorption Badge
[P]Wizard Hat -> Expert Survival Badge
[P]Ballroom the Band -> Expert Training Badge
[P]gorgeous Tucker -> Expert Support Badge
[P]chick Hat -> Expert Recoil Badge
[P]Griffon Feathers -> Expert Patience Badge
[P]Pirate's Hat -> Expert Increment Badge
[P]sailor Hat -> Expert Amplification Badge
[P]Thieves Mask -> Expert Protection Badge
[P]Pinwheel Hat -> Expert Barrier Badge
[P]Fragment of Floating Stone -> Elemental Magic
[P]Piece of Floating Stone -> Elemental Magic
[P]Fragment of Refined Floating Stone -> Elemental Magic
[P]Piece of Refined Floating Stone -> Elemental Magic
[P]Core of Magical Power -> Elemental Magic
Gourment Chef's Hat(7days) -> Gourmet Chef's Hat(7days)
Gourment Chef's Apron(7days) -> Gourmet Chef's Apron(7days)
Gourment Chef's Gloves(7days) -> Gourmet Chef's Gloves(7days)
Gourment Chef's Shoes - 7day -> Gourmet Chef's Shoes - 7day
Gourment Chef's Hat(30days) -> Gourmet Chef's Hat(30days)
Gourment Chef's Arpon(30days) -> Gourmet Chef's Arpon(30days)
Gourment Chef's Gloves(30days) -> Gourmet Chef's Gloves(30days)
Gourment Chef's Shoes(30days) -> Gourmet Chef's Shoes(30days)
Gourment Chef's Hat(365days) -> Gourmet Chef's Hat(365days)
Gourment Chef's Apron(365days) -> Gourmet Chef's Apron(365days)
Gourment Chef's Gloves(365days) -> Gourmet Chef's Gloves(365days)
Gourment Chef's Shoes(365days) -> Gourmet Chef's Shoes(365days)
Gourment Chef's Hat -> Gourmet Chef's Hat
Gourment Chef's Apron -> Gourmet Chef's Apron
Gourment Chef's Gloves -> Gourmet Chef's Gloves
Gourment Chef's Shoes -> Gourmet Chef's Shoes
Legend: the Lower Ends of Goddess's Skirt -> Legend: The Skirts of Feira
[P]Moon Crystal Ring -> Elemental Magic
Shinigami Hibakama Pants(7days) -> Shinigami Hibakama(7days)
Shinigami Zouri Straw Sandals(7days) -> Shinigami Geta(7days)
Shinigami Hibakama Pants(30days) -> Shinigami Hibakama(30days)
Shinigami Zouri Straw Sandals(30days) -> Shinigami Geta(30days)
Shinigami Hibakama Pants(365days) -> Shinigami Hibakama(365days)
Shinigami Zouri Straw Sandals(365days) -> Shinigami Geta(365days)
Shinigami Hibakama Pants -> Shinigami Hibakama
Shinigami Zouri Straw Sandals -> Shinigami Geta
Shinigami Zanpakuto Sword -> Shinigami Zanpakuto
[Thailand]Mother's Day - T-Shirts -> Celebratory T-Shirt
[Thailand]Mother's Day - Shoes -> Celebratory Wristband
[Thailand]Mother's Day - Ahdae -> Celebratory Sneakers
Tourist's Vacation Braclet (7days) -> Tourist's Vacation Bracelet (7days)
Cute Beach Braclet(7days) -> Cute Beach Bracelet(7days)
Tinted Swim Goggless(7days) -> Tinted Swim Goggles(7days)
Pinapple Helm(7days) -> Pineapple Helm(7days)
Tourist's Vacation Braclet(30days) -> Tourist's Vacation Bracelet(30days)
Cute Beach Braclet(30days) -> Cute Beach Bracelet(30days)
Tinted Swim Goggless(30days) -> Tinted Swim Goggles(30days)
Pinapple Helm(30days) -> Pineapple Helm(30days)
Tourist's Vacation Braclet(365days) -> Tourist's Vacation Bracelet(365days)
Cute Beach Braclet(365days) -> Cute Beach Bracelet(365days)
Tinted Swim Goggless(365days) -> Tinted Swim Goggles(365days)
Pinapple Helm(365days) -> Pineapple Helm(365days)
Mr. Snugglywuggly Bunny -> Mr. Snugglywuggly
The Power of Unspoken Names -> Light Servant's Robes
The Blessing of Unspoken Names -> Light Servant's Gloves
The Promise of Unspoken Names -> Light Servant's Shoes
The Glory of Unspoken Names -> Light Servant's Covers
This Belt -> Curled Belt
Cynica White Rabbit Gloves(7days) -> Cynical White Rabbit Gloves(7days)
Cynica White Rabbit Gloves(30days) -> Cynical White Rabbit Gloves(30days)
Cynica White Rabbit Gloves(365days) -> Cynical White Rabbit Gloves(365days)
Cynica White Rabbit Gloves -> Cynical White Rabbit Gloves
Carrot -> Giant Carrot
Chicka Chicka Three Times A Day -> Chicka Chicka Toothbrush
Kitty of Bright Smile -> Kitty Slippers
Sweet And Sour Candy Pillow -> Candy Pillow
Artifact: the Hidden Power Mark -> Artifact: Hidden Power Pendant
Artifact: A Token of Honor Masked -> Artifact: Sealed Darkness Amulet
Artifact: the Ancient Symbol of Magic -> Artifact: Ancient Inscribed Stone
Artifact: Pledge of Faded Dream -> Artifact: Forgotten Dream
Artifact: Dark Knight Trail -> Artifact: Drowned Soul
Artifact: the Ring Worn By Wind -> Artifact: Wind Walker's Amulet
Nice Executive G. Guardian -> Earth Guardian
Nice Executive R. Blowhole -> Fire Guardian
Executive Nice B. Occult -> Water Guardian
Jack Oh Lantern -> Jack O'lantern
[Event]Pharaoh's Curse - the Helm -> [Event]Pharaoh's curse Covers
[Event]Pharaoh's Curse - Gloves -> [Event]Pharaoh's curse Drapes
[Event]Pharaoh's Curse -> [Event]Pharaoh's curse Bindings
[Event]Pharaoh's Curse - Shoes -> [Event]Pharaoh's curse Wrappings
Pharaoh's Curse - the Helm -> Pharaoh's Curse Covers
Pharaoh's Curse - Gloves -> Pharaoh's Curse Drapes
Pharaoh's Curse -> Pharaoh's Curse Bindings
Pharaoh's Curse - Shoes -> Pharaoh's Curse Wrappings
Ring, the Jewel of the Nile -> Jewel of the Nile
Lady of the Ring -> Noble Lady's Ring
Dark Elementals -> Dark Element
Coal-Black Horns -> Coal-Black Horn
Cambridge Brick -> Sunday's Paper
The Hot Queen Bracelet -> Fire Queen's Bracelet
The Cold Queen Bracelet -> Ice Queen's Bracelet
The Winning Queen's Bracelet -> Charming Queen's Bracelet
The Warm Queen's Bracelet -> Kind Queen's Bracelet
Hibicus(1days) -> Hibiscus(1days)
[Event]Tissue Papers(30days) -> [Event]Tissue Paper(30days)
[Event]Amulet(30days) -> [Event]Bangle Amulet(30days)
Arabian Knights Head -> Arabian Knights Turban
Festive Rrythm Bandola -> Festive Rhythm Bandola
Cute Slime Wearring Star-Glasses(7days) -> Watery Slime(7days)
Cute Slime Wearring Star-Glasses(30days) -> Watery Slime(30days)
Cute Slime Wearring Star-Glasses(365days) -> Watery Slime
Stylish Nosy Slime(7days) -> Joking Slime(7days)
Stylish Nosy Slime(30days) -> Joking Slime(30days)
Stylish Nosy Slime(365days) -> Joking Slime
Bizzare Slime Rolling(7days) -> Confused Slime(7days)
Bizzare Slime Rolling(30days) -> Confused Slime(30days)
Bizzare Slime Rolling(365days) -> Confused Slime
Heavenly Ring(7days) -> Heavenly Halo(7days)
Heavenly Ring(30days) -> Heavenly Halo(30days)
Heavenly Ring(365days) -> Heavenly Halo
White Angel Feather Headband(365days) -> White Angel Feather Headband
Black Angel Feather Headband(365days) -> Black Angel Feather Headband
Booty At the Red Place(7days) -> Red Sunglasses(7days)
Booty At the Red Place(30days) -> Red Sunglasses(30days)
Booty At the Red Place(365days) -> Red Sunglasses(365days)
Luvlee Stupid Glasses(7days) -> Luvlee Fool Glasses(7days)
Luvlee Stupid Glasses(30days) -> Luvlee Fool Glasses(30days)
Luvlee Stupid Glasses(365days) -> Luvlee Fool Glasses(365days)
Oakley Spectacle(7days) -> Oakley Spectacles(7days)
Oakley Spectacle(30days) -> Oakley Spectacles(30days)
Oakley Spectacle(365days) -> Oakley Spectacles(365days)
Cute Slime Wearring Star-Glasses -> Slime Wearing Star Glasses
Stylish Nosy Slime -> Nosy Slime
Bizzare Slime Rolling -> Bizarre Slime
Burning Ring of Heaven(30days) -> Burning Halo(30days)
Reforged Heavenly Ring(30days) -> Reforged Halo(30days)
Ring of Heavens Honor (30days) -> Halo of Honor(30days)
The Angel of the Midnight Sun's Headband(30days) -> Midnight Angel Headband(30days)
The Angel's Headband(30days) -> Solar Angel Headband(30days)
The Angel of Eclipse's Headband(30days) -> Eclipse Angel Headband(30days)
The Angel of the Eternity's Headband(30days) -> Eternity Angel Headband(30days)
The Angel of the Twilight's Headband(30days) -> Twilight Angel Headband(30days)
The Angel of Worship's Headband(30days) -> Worshiping Angel Headband(30days)
Dark Lady of the Bonnet(30days) -> Dark Bonnet(30days)
Bonnet of Black Witch(30days) -> Witch's Bonnet(30days)
Passion of the Red Place(30days) -> Passionate Red Sunglasses(30days)
Cold of the Red Place(30days) -> Cold Red Sunglasses(30days)
Passion of the Classic Hopi Glasses(30days) -> Passionate Classic Hopi Glasses(30days)
Hopi Classic Glasses of Cold(30days) -> Cold Hopi Classic Glasses(30days)
Blue Seagull Glasses of Passion(30days) -> Passionate Blue Seagull Glasses(30days)
Blue Seagull Glasses of Cold(30days) -> Cold Blue Seagull Glasses(30days)
Luvlee Fool of Passion Glasses(30days) -> Passionate Luvlee Fool Glasses(30days)
Luvlee Stupid Glasses of Cold(30days) -> Cold Luvlee Fool Glasses(30days)
Oakley Spectacle of Passion(30days) -> Passionate Oakley Spectacles(30days)
Oakley Spectacle of A Cold(30days) -> Cold Oakley Spectacles(30days)
Memories of the Jewelry Ring -> Ring of Memories
Ring of Phantasmal -> Phantasmal Ring
Mirror of Cosmic Dual Force -> Haunted Mirror
Mirror of Mystery -> Mysterious Mirror
Magic Mirror That Identifies Disguised Moster -> Identifying Mirror
[JP]Waterview -> Swimming Goggles
[JP]snorkel -> Snorkel
[JP]brand Sunglasses, R -> Red Beach Sunglasses
[JP]brand Sunglasses, W -> White Beach Sunglasses
[JP]fresh Feather Wig -> Fresh Feather Wig
[JP]Bubble Bobble Afrom Hair -> Bubble Bobble Afro Hair
[JP]Dazzling Hair Style -> Dazzling Hair Style
[JP]Hairstyle of 70'~80' -> 70s Hairstyle
Native American Hairstyle -> Native American Hairstyle
[JP]Gray Wolf Hairstyles -> Gray Wolf Hairstyle
[JP]Regal Tycoon Wig -> Regal Tycoon Wig
[JP]Pink Cap -> Pink Cap
[JP]Holiday Bonnet -> Holiday Bonnet
[JP]Charming Swimming Cap -> Charming Swimming Cap
[JP]Chic Rabbit's Beach Cap -> Rabbit Beach Cap
[JP]cleft Watermelon -> Watermelon Hat
[JP]4 Dimensions of the Pineapple -> Pineapple Hat
[JP]Jade Green Webfoot -> Diving Flippers
[JP]Yellow Duck Tube -> Yellow Duck Tube
[JP]Pink Bear Tube -> Pink Bear Tube
[JP]Star-Shaped Tube -> Starry Tube
[JP]striped Tube -> Candy Striped Tube
[JP]Pink Panther Mask -> Pink Bear Mask
[JP]Mask For Masquerade -> Masquerade Mask
[JP]Beaver Mask -> Beaver Mask
[JP]cats Go Bad -> Bad Cat Mask
[JP]HoneyBee Hat -> Honeybee Hat
[JP]bees Costume -> Honeybee Costume
[JP]Bee Gloves -> Honeybee Gloves
[JP]bee Shoes -> Honeybee Shoes
[JP]Dress - Head -> Wedding Hair
[JP]Dress - Tuxedo / Dress -> Wedding Tuxedo / Dress
[JP]Dress - Gloves -> Wedding Gloves
[JP]Dress - Shoes -> Wedding Shoes
[JP]Hanbok - Head -> Hanbok Head
[JP]Hanbok - Saekdongot -> Hanbok Saekdongot
[JP]Hanbok - Gloves -> Hanbok Gloves
[JP]Hanbok - Kkotsin -> Hanbok Kotsin
[JP][Ninja]Headband(7days) -> Ninja Headband
[JP][Ninja]Coat(7days) -> Ninja Coat
[JP][Ninja]Gloves(7days) -> Ninja Gloves
[JP][Ninja]Shoes(7days) -> Ninja Shoes
[JP]Made - Head -> Maid Hat
[JP]Maid - Dress -> Maid Dress
[JP]Made - Gloves -> Maid Gloves
[JP]Made - Shoes -> Maid Shoes
[General]Costume(7days) -> General's Uniform
[General]Gloves(7days) -> General's Shoes
[General]Shoes(7days) -> General's Shoes
[JP]Opera - Half-Mask -> Phantom's Half Mask
[JP]opera - Costumes -> Phantom's Costume
[JP]Opera - Gloves -> Phantom's Gloves
[JP]Opera - Shoes -> Phantom's Shoes
[JP]Pirates - Skull Cap -> Pirate's Skull Cap
[JP]Pirates - Captain's Dress -> Pirate Captain's Jacket
[JP]Pirates - Gloves -> Pirate's Gloves
[JP]Pirates - Shoes -> Pirate's Shoes
[JP]Uniform - Dress -> School Uniform
[JP]Uniform - Gloves -> School Uniform Gloves
[JP]Uniform - Shoes -> School Uniform Shoes
[JP]Santa A Hat -> Santa Hat
[JP]Santa A Suit -> Santa Suit
[JP]Santa A Gloves -> Santa Gloves
[JP]Santa A Shoes -> Santa Shoes
Magician's Hat -> Magician's Hat
Magician's Robe -> Magician's Robe
Magician's Gloves -> Magician's Gloves
Magician's Shoes -> Magician's Shoes
Bunny Bunny Rabbit Ears -> Sexy Bunny Ears (Red)
Bunny Bunny Sexy Costume -> Sexy Bunny Costume (Red)
Bunny Bunny Gloves -> Sexy Bunny Gloves (Red)
Bunny Bunny Shoes -> Sexy Bunny Shoes (Red)
[JP]Vampire's Circlet -> Vampire's Circlet
[JP]Vampire Suit -> Vampire Suit
[JP]Vampire Gloves -> Vampire Gloves
[JP]Vampire Boots -> Vampire Boots
[JP]hip-hop Style Pink Hood -> Hip-Hop Pink Hood
[JP]Hiphop Orange T-Shirt -> Hip-Hop Orange T-Shirt
[JP]punk Wrist Ahdae(Orange) -> Hip-Hop Yellow Wristband
[JP]Hiphop Yellow Shoes -> Hip-Hop Yellow Shoes
[JP]The New Yorker-Style Black Cap -> Hip-Hop Black Cap
[JP]Hiphop Black T-Shirt -> Hip-Hop Black T-Shirt
[JP]Trendy Wrist Watches -> Trendy Wristwatch
[JP]Casual Shoes(Gray) -> Hip-Hop Gray Shoes
[JP]The New Yorker-Style Green Cap -> Hip-Hop Green Cap
[JP]Hiphop Green T-Shirt -> Hip-Hop Green T-Shirt
[JP]Trendy Wrist Watches -> Trendy Wristwatch
[JP]Hiphop Yellow Shoes -> Hip-Hop Yellow Shoes
[JP]hip-hop Style Pink Hood -> Hip-Hop Pink Hood
[JP]Hiphop Brown T-Shirt -> Hip-Hop Brown T-Shirt
[JP]punk Wrist Ahdae(Orange) -> Hip-Hop Yellow Wristband
[JP]Casual Shoes(Gray) -> Hip-Hop Gray Shoes
[JP]chef Hat -> Chef Hat
[JP]chef's Apron -> Chef's Apron
[JP]chef's Gloves -> Chef's Gloves
[JP]chef's Shoes -> Chef's Shoes
[JP]Firefighter's Hat -> Firefighter's Hat
[JP]Firefighter's Jacket -> Firefighter's Jacket
[JP]Firefighter's Gloves -> Firefighter's Gloves
[JP]Firefighter's Boots -> Firefighter's Boots
[JP]Traditional Chi Pao Hat -> Traditional Chi Pao Hat
[JP]Traditional Chi Pao Robe -> Traditional Chi Pao Robe
[JP]Traditional Chi Pao Gloves -> Traditional Chi Pao Gloves
[JP]Traditional Chi Pao Boots -> Traditional Chi Pao Boots
[JP][shinigami]Hakui(Top) -> Shinigami Hakui Top
[JP][shinigami]Hibakama(Pants) -> Shinigami Hibakama
[JP][shinigami]Zouri(Straw Sandals) -> Shinigami Geta
[JP]The Power of Unspoken Names -> Priest Hair
[JP]The Blessing of Unspoken Names -> Priest Outfit
[JP]The Promise of Unspoken Names -> Priest Gloves
[JP]The Glory of Unspoken Names -> Priest Shoes
[JP]School Time Safety Braclets -> School Time Safety Bracelets
[JP]Surfer Boy Cap -> Surfer Boy Board Shorts
[JP]Surfer Boy Chain -> Surfer Boy Flip Flops
[JP]Surfer Boy Board Shorts -> Surfer Boy Chain
[JP]Surfer Boy Flip Flops -> Surfer Boy Flip Cap
[JP]Tourist's Vacation Braclet -> Tourist's Vacation Bracelet
[JP]Cute Beach Braclet -> Cute Beach Bracelet
Designer One Piece -> Designer One Piece
Designer Sandals -> Designer Sandals
Designer Summer Bracelet -> Designer Summer Bracelet
High Fashion Flower Barrette -> High Fashion Flower Barrette
Cowboy Hat [Permanent] -> Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Duster [Permanent] -> Cowboy Duster
Cowboy Gloves [Permanent] -> Cowboy Gloves
Cowboy Boots [Permanent] -> Cowboy Boots
Backpack/Shifter -> Racing Instincts Backpack
Angry Water Dragon -> Angry Blue Lizard
Belt Power -> Belt of Power
Wind Belt -> Belt of Speed
[JP]Cloak of Recluse(30days) -> Solitary Knight's Cloak(30days)
[JP]Cloak of Young Knight(30days) -> Young Knight's Cloak(30days)
Jp]Panda Costume -> Panda Costume
[JP]Chicken Costume -> Chicken Costume
Industrialist Top Hat [Permanent] -> Industrialist Top Hat
Industrialist Suit [Permanent] -> Industrialist Suit
Industrialist Gloves [Permanent] -> Industrialist Gloves
Industrial Shoes [Permanent] -> Industrial Shoes
Industrial Token [Permanent] -> Industrial Token
Paper Bag Rider Mask -> Paper Bag Hat
Hanbok(Hair) -> Hanbok Hair
[Ninja]Headband -> Ninja Headband
Lowest Fairy's Powder -> Apple
Low Fairy's Powder -> Egg Roll