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Plushy Companion Backpack Giveaway!


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It's time for a giveaway! A new promotion is afoot and with it; new items are coming!
Would you like to be the first to have one?

Cloud the Sheep Bag
[back item] Effects: INT +5, Speed +35%

Stompy the Elephant Bag
[back item] Effects: VIT +7, Speed +35%

Mr. Teddy Bag
[back item] Effects: STR +5, Speed +35%

All you have to do to join the giveaway is post an image or gif of something cute!

Don't forget to add your name!
You may only enter once and you cannot enter for your friends, meaning that
you need a forum account to participate.
6 players will be selected at random from all the entries, each winning 1 item,
also picked at random.

Character name:
Entry: Your entry must not contain any offensive or obscene content.

Good luck! The deadline for entries is May 23rd 7am UTC!
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Hello everyone ... I want to represent the cutiest ever I've seen ... Let's welcome .... The Cutiest Cup^^





----IGN: McMorrow

(Consider my Edit .. I doing about downloading the pic..)



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