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Why to +13 soo hard


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First and for all i like to put my name on my gear so i will enchnt myself to 12 or 13..14 in my dream..lol so Previously i did it for living u know..why? Bcause its vry easy but now im always loss alot of money for each item and slowly i become soo traumatic like now.. What happen now ratio too succeed is so low compared to the price of puke and gws hikes. Yesterday i lost 20 pukes and 20 gws and the damn cute cb glove still shine with +12 smiling back at me..wthh... T_T

Ok i knw its hards nowadays its not end here...some item i succedeed after smokes some cigarrates and keep calm and later on the next challenge come when you try to sell them..then again ppl asking price too damn low for +13, so im just..hello..i burn my gold,liver,heart with smoke to get this..

So, if you the person in charge raise the ratio bar keep us inform so dat ppl also understand and not blaming each other same goes to rein and philo. Adios


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