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Patch Notes [Nov. 24th 2016]


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Full reinstall is required to access the game after this patch!


Game Client:

  • Client optimization to fix some crashes and all around performance.
  • General resource optimization.
  • Added support for all resolutions.
  • Added new character selection screen.
  • Graphic rendering optimization.
  • Font rendering optimization.
  • Added Anti-Aliasing support.
  • Small rework of character creation preview.



  • Changed/fixed most font colors for chat, names, titles, interface modules.
  • Added base stat preview on character creation. Removed old descriptions.
  • Added full keyboard support to entire login process.
  • Repositioned menu and added basic buttons.
  • Resized weather icon.
  • Moved Item Mall Warehouse button.
  • Added quest tracker background and changed position.
  • Moved stats in char status window to allow for future display additions to hidden stats.
    • Enabled and fixed job tree mini window to char status window.
  • Fixed position of tutorial dialogue.
  • Changed position of tutorial icon, added Skill/Stat buttons visible on level up.
  • Fixed character "avatar" to show actual face/hair combination.
  • Added pet avatar to pet hp/mp window.
  • Added item rarity border to item icons (seen everywhere except: Quest log, some minor item manipulation windows).
  • Increased NPC title length.
  • Enabled block damage sprite.
  • Replaced old damage sprites/numbers for better ones.
  • Fixed many interface and system messages.
  • Added better tutorial text and script.
  • Fixed and enabled right click menu on characters.
  • Party member windows now show only de-buffs.
  • Removed ESC close of date challenge info window.



  • Fixed costume hiding feature.
  • Fixed trinket display on character.
  • Improved character attachments and display.
  • Improved character stealth display.
  • Added reload display of character when revived.
  • Lowered NPC talking distance from 7m to 4m.
  • Added color variations for all hairstyles.
    • Enabled basic (black, blond, brown, orange + original) recolor of the basic 9 available originally in character creation.
    • Added all new hairs to style change tickets.



  • Added pet scale per grade for each pet.
  • Fixed attack and CC character sticking bugs.
  • Fixed pet AI behavior. Third option is now follow, instead of stay.
  • Fixed pet behavior in date dungeons.
  • Fixed pet loading on map load.
  • Added monster drop pets at tiny rate: Rune/Iron/Lava/Cursed Golem, Baby Harpy. (Each from its "parent" monster only)
  • Added farm drop pets at tiny rate: Woolly Sheep, Mossy Turtle, Pixie Dragon. (Each from its "parent" animal only)



  • Added secondary item type check on active skills (Sword only, Axe only, etc).
  • Fixed shield skills to require an actual shield to be equipped.
  • Fixed dagger and 1-handed skills to check for main hand weapon, allowing dual wielders to use such skills.
  • Fixed Musket Training.



  • Greatly improved item tooltip information and descriptive tooltip line length.
  • Added 4 item rarities: Legendary, Costume, Pet item, Trash.
  • Fixed musket crafting bonuses.
  • Changed existing item icons: some upgrade scrolls, Highly Concentrated gems, Musket mold, Elixirs.
  • Changed all legend items to Legendary rarity.
  • Changed all pet related items to Pet item rarity.
  • Changed all pet skills to new scroll like icons.
  • Changed other various item icons.
  • Fixed metal armor (#22) model head bone for all races/genders. (was previously on foot location)
  • Added costume set boxes.
  • Added usables bulk containers (item mall buy in bulk feature coming soon).



  • Added level to map teleport names.
  • Added newcomer friendly map loading images that display level, dungeons and rare bosses.
  • Removed Howling Cave 1F/2F from teleport scroll (Haunted Mine 1F/2F was already removed).
  • Reordered and added missing Dark Portal map in teleport scroll.
  • Changed the level of The Dark Portal from 60-70 to 70-75, there was no map to fill this for solo hunting, but there were already 3+ maps of level 60.
  • Changed the level of Ghost Tree Swamp and Lair of Kierra.
    • Ghost Tree Swamp comes before Lair of Kierra, level 75-83, previously 60-90.
    • Lair of Kierra level 90-95, previously 83-90.
  • Changed the level(+EXP/Stats) of Ghost Tree Swamp/Lair of Kierra monsters to new levels and adjusted the level of their drops accordingly.
  • Created new monsters for The Dark Portal of its new level.
    •  [Chimera, Noxious Crystal Golem, Carasite, Blood Infest].
  • Moved Salam (Lv66 rare boss) from The Dark Portal to Dried Gazelle Fall.
  • Added moderate difficulty level 90-93 monsters to Distorted Crevice as an alternate leveling spot and drop for one of the new pets.
    • [Cursed Golem, Rune Corruptor, Shadow Familiar, Lurking Carasite]
  • Changed the level of Great Garden monsters accordingly.
    • Changed the level of The Great Garden, new level is 105-114.
    • Updated Nera Castle map model and NPC locations (Cindamook, Parfait).
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