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The end of Gold Points

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Dear Celestians,

Within less than 24 hours we will be moving to our new website, with many new features and items!

However, after the website is updated; all your Gold Points will be lost. You must spend all your Gold Points as soon as you can.

Gold points began as a way to be on the top game lists and a reward for our loyal players who voted for us. It was soon abused by not just a few, but many players throughout the years. We tried to slow it by changing the level requirement from 80 to 120, something harder to obtain. That didn't stop players from abusing the system. Even to this day we find people voting on over 40 accounts every day.

We believe we no longer require the votes themselves and that the system does not benefit our server anymore, just the opposite.
In the near future we will be creating new and better systems in game, such as automatic events and daily rewards, for loyal players to obtain useful and fun items.


We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued support.

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