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Patch Notes [Dec. 30th 2016]


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Game Client:

  • Improved client stability. (crash fixes)



  • Fixed missing 12th face image on character information for all races and genders.



  • Fixed gacha item stats.
  • Removed Star Glasses from Small Christmas Present.
  • Added Candle Glasses to Small Christmas Present.



  • Changed how physical critical damage is calculated.
    • Dexterity no longer gives critical damage.
    • Base critical damage is 150%.
    • Maximum critical damage is 250%.
  • Changed PvP Damage Ratio from 35% to 25% to lower the damage players can do to each other.
  • Changed how much HP is obtained from base vitality from 0.2 per stat to 0.4 per stat.



  • Increased most pet sizes by 10~20%.


Winter Event:

  • Added special drops from all monsters.
  • Added quests and NPCs for the event duration.
  • Added event Nera Harbor, Alker Harbor and Nera Castle maps.
  • Added event monsters.
  • Added event items.

All Winter Event information can be found by talking to the event NPCs in Alker Harbor!

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Winter Event:

  • Disabled the Winter Event.
  • Regular drops added during this event (White Bone, Old Wood, Enchanted Wood, Animated Core) will remain in the drops.



  • Fixed tooltip for Royal Mercenaries Gacha.
  • Fixed tooltip for Crusader prayers.



  • Fixed gacha glasses to be tradeable.
  • Fixed Red Dragon Wings to float animation.
  • Changed all other map transfer scrolls to no-battle use only.



  • Fixed Crusader magical/physical power/defense prayers to correct stat type (percentage).
  • Changed Crusader prayer duration to 2 minutes.
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