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The Magical Knight - Full INT Crusader Guide


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Hi Guys,

I played the game long time ago, maybe around 2010 to 2012 with 1 instance of wipe-out and during Reidhwan's reign. I feel old because when I'm registering my characters to Celerian, I usually input 20 to 25 age bracket, but now I'm in 26 to 30 bracket T_T

Anyway, this Guide is for the Job that I had long to create: a Magical fighter! I really want a "Tanky" character that can nuke multiple enemies at the same time. I just got back playing this game last 2nd week of December and it turned out to be successful one! Note that this guide is good for grinding and power leveling Only.

Crusaders - are the "Holy Knights" of the Land of Blue. They focuses on Magical Attacks while having a decent defense at the same time. They also has unique support-Party buffs that is called 'Prayers'.

Recommended Race: Elf - For Nature's mind and Nature's shield. I can't imagine a Human Crusader though because the Nature's mind and Nature's shield is better than Bloodrage and Lash as you don't need PATK for this character.

Stats to put: Go Pure INT. Trust me. - as your survivability will be provided by your Heavy Armor, Shield, Buffs and Passives. ._<

Weapon: Athena or Medusa? Your weapon will be Athena as you can only cast your prayers (Special Crusader buffs) with a Mace type weapon. 

Here's my recommended Job path: Fighter > Guard > Infantryman > Phalanx > Crusader

Fighter - Skills to put:
• MAX Strike Attack - This will be your main attack until you hit level 40. You don't need much PATK for this skill because it has poison DOT effect.
• MAX Nature's Shield - More PDEF (yay!)
• MAX Enhanced HP - So that you will be more beefier!
• MAX Mace Protection - Well you will be using Athena Mace for this guide to get that PDEF Bonus.

The 'WHY' job path:

Level 20: Guard - Since you won't need PATK, it is really recommend to go Guard rather than Warrior to get a high PDEF earlier.
Skills to put:
• MAX Strike Attack
• MAX Blessing Guard - Self PDEF buff.
• MAX Nature's Shield
• MAX Enhanced HP
• MAX Blood Leak - This will save you if you got stun-locked by mobs i.e. Nera Harbor pirates
• MAX Mace Protection
• MAX Heavy Armor Expertise - I really love this passive as this is the core source of Fighter Class' high PDEF.
• MAX Shield Training - Here's another passive that I love as it increases the chance of your block rate. (The usual damage for block is 1) :cool:

Level 40: Infantryman - The 2 other class tier is specialized in 2 handed weapons and you will already knew by this point on how you will grind your way up until Max level
Skills to put:
• MAX Strike Attack
• MAX Holy Avenger - This will be your main AOE skill. it deals a decent magical damage with a little cooldown. Wary that this skill also uses a small amount of your HP per cast.
• MAX Holy Strike - Counterpart to Holy Avenger, this will be your main single target skill together with Double Strike. It's cooldown is faster than the Holy Avenger but it consumes a lot of MP per use.
• Level 1 Attract Circle - I love this skill. You will get a lot of mobs with this skill. Keep this in level 1 since you will more likely grind solo handedly.
• MAX Solid Shield - This is a single target buff that increases block rate.
• MAX Heal - With this, you're almost immortal. XD
• MAX Blessing Guard
• MAX Nature's Shield
• MAX Enhanced HP
• MAX Blood Leak
• MAX Troopership - This is automatically activated even you don't have a party
• MAX Mace Protection
• MAX Heavy Armor Expertise
• MAX Shield Training

Level 75: Phalanx - This might also be your favorite part. I chose Phalanx to get that Level 20 Heavy Armor Expertise, Level 15 Shield Training, Level 20 Mace Protection, and other buffs / passive that will turn you into an indestructible wall of iron. This job also has an improve Heal, Holy Avenger and Holy Strike.
Skills to put: 

• Level 1 Double Strike - Just add 1 more level for the Strike attack to make it Double Strike. This skill doesn't need to be maxed out because you have Holy Strike and Holy Avenger.
• MAX Holy Avenger
• MAX Holy Strike
• MAX Solid Shield
• MAX Heal - You will have a huge heal starting Level 6. Anyway, You should max it out to compensate with your HIGH HP.
• MAX Blessing Guard
• MAX Nature's Shield
• MAX Enhanced HP
• MAX Blood Leak
• MAX Relaxation - Another passive that increases HP Regen
• MAX Troopership
• MAX Mace Protection
• MAX Heavy Armor Expertise
• MAX Shield Training

Level 105: Crusader - Now this will complete your offensive skills. You are now a full-fledged Magical Knight known as Crusader. NO NEED TO RESKILL but if you insist, you may get a free character-bound reskill from Celerian. (Crusaders Only) :cool:

Skills to put:
• MAX Holy Earthquake - This is the 1 of your 2 AOE skills. It has a pretty good damage, short cooldown and it stuns, just like the Earthquake skills of 2-handed fighter - but in a magical form damage. Be wary that you can have Level 1 of this skill by Level 106 so work your ass for another level! 
• MAX Holy Avenger
• MAX Holy Strike
• MAX Spell Barrier - Finally, you will have more chance to deal a full damage magic attack!
• MAX Devoted Mind - This passive greatly increases your MATK
• MAX Power Prayer: Power - This is a 45s buff that will
increase your Party's MATK (of course, the buffs includes you) - REQUIRES MACE TO USE
• MAX Defense Prayer: Fortitude - a 45s buff that will increase your Party's PDEF - REQUIRES MACE TO USE

Other Skills: Regarding the prayers, you can choose whichever you want. Take note that only 1 Power Prayer and 1 Defense Prayer may be active one at a time and it required a mace type weapon to use. it is a 45s buff that has a cooldown of 60s, means it should be spammed as much as possible. Note that there is 2 prayers that is not classified as Power or Defense, meaning that you can use it together with 1 Power and 1 defense prayer:



Note that: Heal is better than Holy Touch

Leveling Guide:
• 1 - 20: Gates of Alker, Zakandia Outpost
• 21 - 40: Moonblind Forest
• 41 - 50: The Way to Howling Ravine
• 51 - 60: Mont Blanc Port
• 61 - 65: Dried Gazelle Fall
• 65 - 85: Solo DD'ing - Note that you can still DD the 61 to 80 bracket even though you're already Level 81+
• 86 - 90: Valley of Fairy -Treants (They have pretty low MDEF)
• 91 - 105: Solo DD'ing - Use 100% Exp for faster level. (You can actually grind at Nera Harbor at level 104 - with Aias Shield)

Grinding Gameplay: Attract Circle mobs as much as you can then cast the prayers - spam Holy Avenger - Holy Earthquake while supporting yourself with Heal

Equipment Guide (For DUMMIES): 
• 21 - 40: Guardian set (Level 34) Arc Wand (Level 34 wand, Orc Archer - Moonblind Swamp), 2x Ring of Burning Flames (Level 40 ring, Doita - Moonblind Forest)
• 41 - 50: Holy Ove (Level 51 wand, Basilisk - The Way to Howling Ravine), Dirty Predator's Trap (Level 46 Necklace, Railers - Red Orc Outpost)
• 51 - 60: Song of the Tribe's Hero set (Level 60), Yoma's Circlet (Level 60 Helmet, Ramune - Mont Blanc Port), 2x Dark Messenger Ring (Level 55 ring, Damak - Mont Blanc Port)
• 61 - 70: Skeleton Knight's Shield (Level 60 Shield, Saika - Mont Blanc Port), Wizardly Wand (Level 64 Wand, Red Mimic - Dried Gazelle Fall)
• 71 - 80: NPC Earrings with INT Philo (It's easier to Philo these, I don't know why lol)
• 81 - 100: Elephant's Shield (Level 82 Shield, Abyss Knight - Ghost Tree Swamp) and 7 Guardian Set (200m to 250m from another player or craft it!
• 101 - 110: Aias Shield (Level 104 Shield, Captain Pirate)

Take note that: Make sure all your equips are INT-Philoed as the Heavy Armor Sets can supplement your needed PDEF for survival.

Personal Feedback: I'm Enjoying it! Imagine, Lure then nuke it on your own. Yes, it's MATK is incomparable to Mage class but can Mage gain a PDEF as high as Crusaders?
PROs: Can Power Grind solo handedly, Decently High Defense, MATK and HP --- Fun to play!
CONs: As I told you, it's MATK is incomparable to Mage class, Can't do well in PvP (Dont follow this guide if you're going PvP), Consumes a lot of MP so stack up those MP potions!
Uncertain: May be useful in Guild Wars (Prayer Auras)

Looking forward to:
• Buff the Devoted Mind (As per Orange) :drool:
• Make the Prayers up to 2 minutes (As per Orange) :drool:
• Wisdom be nerfed to as it can increase Magical Crit Chance Rate, By this time, the high level of WISDOM buffs will be useful (as per Orange) :drool:
• Fix the Thundering Death and Replace Holy Earthquake again (Only my suggestion) :$
• Fix the Shockwave skill, and add to skill pool: for another MATK AOE skill (Only my suggestion) :$
• Add another MATK buff like Wizardry / Intelligence (Only my suggestion) :$

Feel free to feedback this guide. I'm willing to change the ones that I overlooked and I will answer all your questions and suggestions as much as I can. :46::46::46:

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Here's a video on my gameplay:



Note: I hope you saw how many points does the prayers aura gave me :drool:

Coming soon:
Farouq's Crystal Ball - 18+ MATK (HC Moonstone)
+12 Holy Armor set - 20+ INT (Philo)
+12 Kynee - 20+ INT (Philo)
Spellmaster's Channel - 4% Magical Attack (MATK Amulet)
2x Gemini Earring - 18+ MATK (HC Moonstone)

Feel free to suggest / questions and I will provide feedback as much as I can :46::46::46:

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On 1/6/2017 at 8:04 PM, jajiboge said:

nice guild btw but why dont go to phalank instead rune knight? is that because you may got block buff or something? still confusing since that rune knight also has good buff for his/her party

Yes, Phalanx' Passive and Buffs will be your main source of high PDEF like Heavy Armor Expertise, Shield Training, Solid Shield, etc. Rune Knight's PDEF buffs is nothing compared to these passives / buffs. ._<

Also, Rune Knight path is regularly taken for those who are PvP-Oriented. This guide is for Power-Leveling-Mob-Grinding only. :P

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9 hours ago, Empty-Headed Academic said:

what weapon should do by crusader? medusa or athena?

I'll soon to answer it  - BUT I did tried +7 Medusa and +7 Athena with almost same philo and reinforce - turned out to be Athena can provide more MATK, Medusa DOES NOT provide the bonus PDEF from Mace Protection.

I have +12 Athena now and currently looking for +12 Medusa ._<

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8 hours ago, tony119 said:

I'll soon to answer it  - BUT I did tried +7 Medusa and +7 Athena with almost same philo and reinforce - turned out to be Athena can provide more MATK, Medusa DOES NOT provide the bonus PDEF from Mace Protection.

I have +12 Athena now and currently looking for +12 Medusa ._<

cant wait for the result ._<

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5 minutes ago, jajiboge said:

what spell barrier function anyway? i still looking guide for that because magic never ever miss

Spell barrier - as you use magic skills, there's an instance that you will deal half the normal damage. Spell Barrier reduces it's probability to proc.

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