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Summer Postcard Contest Winners

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Here are our winners of the 2017 Summer Postcard Contest:

1st Place [Dieser (Leostein)]

winner1 dieser.png


Runner Ups: hanifa & rizkiilana

The following players will receive 1 summer sunglasses of their choice (red or white)! 
If your name is not on the list your entry was rejected for not following the rules. You may be denied a prize if it is found that you used more than one account to submit an entry.


RootAlmaion (LeoneFroud)
jetstroke (Jetstroke)
Chinnihc (Chinnito)
Jenia (SoulWitch)
Antoniio (DeNRedZz)
MissRabbita (Myana)
oOUcuppOo (Kurokichi)
Veinzklouz2 (GreedyMage)
Vincard (Vincard)
xBrowniePrince (xBrownieEntrapor)
rinchannau (Evangelique)
LordGideon (LordGideon)
TepaR (SylviaSnail)
hanifah (JuraganKambing)
xrixian (Kexian)
feldyrafael (Pinnochio)
BengFisher (FisherTiger)
Evasion (xxLimexx)
Kouta (Lesnar)
suery (oSakur)
AJhour (CyberRyu)

rizkiilana (Emvirest)
NewSerGp22 (TheKissNew)
TheYoung (Ecogrey)
el-amri (iUluvia)
fattchoiikam (roxEQ)
xSuperDuper (Nartini)
xbladeicy (CapTainKiDs)
gelliteach (Buces)
Dieser (Leostein)
SirDestroy (SirDestroy)


Disqualified for using more than one account to join:

dominicpalaca10 (Ghondex)
PepengPinakamalupet (Dotsdots)
kikijo (Misshy)
Shannara (ShannaraElfQueen)
Rizkidonti (iBacokTepar)
marsnet (ArcBreezer)
Mrgrindd (jairah)
ElizabethTan (ElizabethTan)
IzzHeyqal (IzzHeyqal)

RavenHolic (YuzurihaShimada)
Ferdy (iViz)

To claim your prize simply PM Orange your choice!

Until the next event an have fun~

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