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New Player here :D


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My name is SabrinaWard, or Madelyn Zamenski in real life (my parents will kill me :<)

I am a gamer who just dosen't play this game, and i play too many games Dx

I just started playing today for quite a while now (i would only play like 5 mins every month until now)

I am so lonely in-game, would be nice to make some friends :)



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Welcome to Celestia Luna, If you have any questions regarding builds, stats ect just ask here on the forums. There are plenty of people that will be willing to help, and throw suggestions in if you ask nicely enough.

Enjoy your stay, and see you in-game!

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hi sabrinaward I played a bit of pocket Luna but play aura kingdom. my user name is lucy1289 but my real name is Kate and I am 29, from new Zealand, favourite colour is yellow. also I like reading. I will be your friend.   

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