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Cooldown of spells

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I am trying to decide between making a necromancer,cardinal or soul arbiter.


1.Can someone tell me the aoe of the above classes cooldown before recast.

2.Which has the highest damage aoe

3.Should i go full int on all the above as i read full vit soul arbiter has sucky damage


The reason i ask is because people talk about fast casting spells like 0.8 seconds to cast

but don't mention the time you have to wait between casts.


Its ok if your an int phalanx because you take no physical damage so you can stand and

wait to recast a spell.Im 85 atm and having good defense and just using 1 aoe suits me.



Venom cloud is 8.2 at level 1

Blizzard is 10.9 at level 9 (didn't check level 1)

Meteor is 19 seconds at level 1 which means if i just used meteor with a full int mage i would be dead.

I just don't want to reach 106 and feel like im playing a piano with my keyboard by using loads of aoe spells.

Soul arbiter has 1 aoe, cardinal 2, but if i have to wait 19 or more seconds may as well forget it and stay phalanx.

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1. AoE's for

Soul Arbiter: Holy Earthquake (7.6s)

Cardinal: Shield of Justice, Holy Taker (Fire Blast/Blizzard possibly, depending on path.)

Necromancer: Vital Explosion (8.4s), Fire Blast, Meteor (11.4s), Blizzard Venom Cloud (8.2s)

I'm not sure of the cd of the skills I didn't put a time for, I'll have to make a cardinal and complete my necromancer and check on that. 

2. The strongest AoE by far is Vital Explosion, capping out at 1.6k base damage at max level

3. Pure INT is only recommended if you're prepared to die a lot, or have a lot of ms. Either way you must be patient with a mage class that is pure int. 

By far, i believe the best class when it comes to cooldowns is Soul Arbiter, and all of its skills have a fast casting speed. 

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