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Celestia Luna Online Has Stopped Working


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Hi please try the solutions provided on our website: https://celestialuna.com/help 3rd point in technical help.



  1. My game crashes or nothing happens when I select server:

Some antivirus programs flag our game client as a false positive because of our anti-cheat and block or quarantine it.
You can play with your antivirus disabled or allow the game client to its exceptions list, which is a safer option.
If you don't see "LUNAClient.exe" in your game folder that means your antivirus quarantined it and you must restore it before adding it to exceptions. 

If this is still happening after adding the game to your antivirus' exceptions you are missing a VC Redist installation. Download and install it directly from Microsoft:
VC Redist x86 | VC Redist x64



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