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p.def and eva.new player help

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I first made an int crusader which has ok p.def at 4000 lvl 108 with noob equips and inquirer buffs.

My problem is the damage kinda sucks,guessing a medusa wand would help but im skint,so i made

a str entrapper which is cool but 250 eva so im stuck fighting 1v1.

Im wondering if i made a gladiator>paladin would  the p.def be better than crusader and would the damage suck?

1.What P.def would i be looking at lvl 105 paladin with just crafted equips and average philo?

2.Also how the hell do you get 300 eva at 105 on an entrapper with rubbish items?

3.I dont want loads of characters i just want 1 that enough p.def and damage to drop my own medusa and gear,

any suggestions as i dont want enough it to take 30 mins to kill a wookie like it does with my crusader.




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see this post for entrap guide : 


and this post for guide to make money : 

you can have eva 300+ if you have at least 2 stack eva on each and every equip you have, but don't bother, try to have just 1 stack eva (7-8 eva) on your equip.

Equip : neck,helmet,armor,glove,boots, 2earing, 2ring and weapon = 10item x 7eva =70eva

Passive : Light Evasion = 20eva , Shadow Instinct = 17.5eva

Total Equip + Passive = 107.5eva

as for my experince, i'm using human entrap that have advantage in more physical attack, so my stat full DEX and item full eva

Remember Entrap Is Expensive Class To Build and usually for farming purpose

some tip to get faster money with entrap, level up your entrap to lv 110, get all passive and buff then focus on max hunter blast after that deleveled to lv 100 and be paybooster, when you boost don't forget to sell drop weapon and keep crafting material in bank(Cobalt Ore,Timeworn Cloth and Stonehide Scrap) you can craft it and sell it in NC

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