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help choosing a class

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I have int crusader which has OK defense and ok when buffed attack.

It can grind ok but bosses take forever and normally my pet decides to die half way through

fighting them as does my will to live.

My str entrapper is good 1v1 but gets stunned then pummeled like a nerd in prison.

So i build a cardinal....the aoe poison SOMETIMES hits but for 4000 (4x1000ish) and a long cooldown sucks

vs fast casting of crusader and its turn undead does ok damage if crits but then it feels

like a ten minute wait between spells and i hate it.

I was wondering about making a paladin cuz i read it can tank all at 105 pure str,


However i already have guard swordsman knight and the base damage of the aoe's seems

kinda sucky and not having an aoe at paladin seems rubbish also.

Was wondering if 1 handed paladins are ok damage wise and good vs wookies etc and if the lower

level of the aoe is too poor to bother with making one.

Also was thinking of making a SA but i read full vit bishop>sa may be not that good also without loads of good equips.

I want something good aoe and 1v1 in pve only fast like entrapper but with good health and defense.Any ideas




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You can't have it all. The point of classes and stats is that each is good at a different thing.

The only way to survive with an entrapper against many monsters is to go full dexterity for evasion or get a lot of evasion through equips which is expensive. Nothing comes easily, otherwise where is the challenge?

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Do you know entrapper can be vit too ? , i was using my vit entrapper both for farming and for pvp 1 vs 1 , you can max your status to full vit and wearing, str item or equipment for farming. I recommend you to choose elf entrapper, entrapper has ultimate lock skill which are foil ,Shield boomerang and rage step. To kill high defence enemy you can using poison bleeding and burning ( Hunter Blast, Hunter Smoke, and Rapid Slashing), and for enemy that have low defence you can kill them with critical damage, and elf entrapper have higher crit buff, so its still okay if you have low Pa, but high critical rate. The key success to always win using entrapper is, find your ultimate lock skill mix, then you can win with almost everyone. 

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