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Patch Notes [Aug. 5th 2018]

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  • Fixed buff and passive stats with percentage numbers for stat and damage calculation.


  • Fixed item amount for unstackable items in craft window.
  • Fixed list colors in different interface windows.
  • Fixed buff and passive stats with percentage for stat calculation in character stat window.
    • Magic attack was not nerfed, the number you saw before was incorrect.


  • Removed lower tier equipment from salvaging outcome for equipment.
  • Disabled salvaging of common green equipment (will update in the future).
  • Adjusted many common equipment recipe material amounts.
  • Fixed some material and helmet icons.
  • Fixed wrong equipment type tooltip on legendary necklaces.


  • Fixed Treasure Hunter job quest not working for elf scout.


  • Fixed [Power Prayer:¬†Conviction] to the correct magical¬†critical stat.
  • Fixed [[Guild] Sharp Eye] to the correct magical critical stat.
  • Fixed [Iron Night] physical damage type.
  • Fixed missing weapon mastery for magical attack.
    • Staves no longer increase physical attack, they increase magical attack.
    • Maces increase both physical and magical attack.

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