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You know what would be just swell for those of us with all the unbridled charisma of a Chipotle enema? A LFG system of some kind. You could have it work in one of two ways:


Option A: You apply a search filter for certain prerequisites, in which the LFG feature randomly assigns you to players of similar level in your current area for a party with player chosen as leader at random. 

Option B: Players can create parties, then click on a Recruit icon. This icon then pops up a directory where you can list your party as open for players to join in an almost drop in, drop out type system. A player looking for a group opens that same directory through the LFG icon and can find a party suiting their needs. Naturally there would need to be a search filter to dim things down. Once a player has chosen a party to join, it sends a request to the party leader in the form of a non-intrusive pop up that reads something like "L18 {Fighter} Player 4 has requested to join your party. Accept? [ Yes ] [ No ]"


Obv it would be up to the devs to figure out how/if they want to implement it and how to further refine it. But as a general idea what do you guys think?

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