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Hallow's Eve 2018

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Hallow's Eve is upon us!

Head to Ghost Tree Swamp to help with the zombie invasion and loot Voodoo Dolls used to craft spooky items!

All items are account bound.
items_halloween_icon01.png 250 Costume-6_11.png Pump Up Pumpkin
items_halloween_icon01.png 250 Costume-6_12.png Mummy Head
items_halloween_icon01.png 500 Costume-6_13.png Mummy Body
items_halloween_icon01.png 250 Costume-6_14.png Mummy Hands
items_halloween_icon01.png 250 Costume-6_15.png Mummy Feet
items_halloween_icon01.png 500 items_halloween_icon02.png Skull Mask
items_halloween_icon01.png 300 items_halloween_icon03.png Skull Pin
items_halloween_icon01.png 350 etc_item_04_01.png Witch's Hat
items_halloween_icon01.png 600 etc_item_04_02.png Witchy Outfit
items_halloween_icon01.png 350 etc_item_04_03.png Witchy Gloves
items_halloween_icon01.png 350 etc_item_04_04.png Witchy Boots
items_halloween_icon01.png 350 etc_item_04_05.png Magic Broom





Visit Alker Harbor and Nera Castle and join the hunt for Hallow's Eve Pumpkins filled with delicious candy when you're too tired of dealing with zombies!

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