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Welcome to Lue's styling school! :41:

Here i'll share my favorite:

:P looks

:P tricks

:P cheap tips (so everyone can look stylish)

Disclaimer: Not everyone will agree on my sense of style, but if you're struggling coming up with a unique outfit this guide is for you!



1. If it's for style purposes only, don't be afraid to mix and match sets, you would be surprised how good some sets look with others.

2. Base your look on a theme or genre (Cute, Badass , Life like , Girly etc.) Having a theme will help you stay on track.

3. Just like themes, colors can help you put an outfit together in 2 seconds. Sticking to 1 solid color or even mixing 2 can make your life and style so much better.

4. INSPIRATION! Inspiration is not always just copying someone else's look, it's taking ideas and twisting them to fit your style, my inspiration for a long time was Anime characters.




In this look I've mixed 3 main colors : Black, White & Red with touches of gold (Example of color mixing)

image.png.1dadd4befb2bce10189e44e7fd0b98c3.png - Royal Mercenary Hair

image.png.71dbf650728dcb6e620dfe8b1288aa7d.png - Luxurious Swimsuit

image.png.665164c37134111f231e7e80f2a95c24.png - Champion Street Fighter Glove

image.png.d4dc0d852fc463457d779ff4f76d4b31.png - Lunar New Year Sneakers (Event)

image.png.507829a14980bba879d704fde06b27b9.png - White Kitty Ribbon Ears

image.png.9cc1782cf246bf20c042f661757e7dea.png - Blueberry Lollipop 

image.png.f9e9b0d2382ee673a20800060b0e126f.png - Spellmaster's Channel 



In this look I went with a Devilish theme (Example of Genre).

image.png.e7d9702fb78d6f33c23cd0fba8dbd528.png - Demon's Horns

image.png.57cade71cb7f869cdf87eb8a7ef4c4fd.png - High Priest's Robes

image.png.e6da343265d5aed8bac5cfc56ace8e72.png - Demon's Nails

image.png.fa4b81d00729afff9a7b121808bc85f9.png - Street Fighter Shoes

image.png.53c8d4324ad2dbefb797e33713cf7fd8.png - Demon Costume Wings




Pink :love: my all time favorite (Example of solid color theme).

image.png.80c6d078fcdccf3c86896c3b22020f8f.png - Stylish Wonderland Hair

image.png.0c9ee8edebe11c43f90284dda0351b2e.png - Plushy Bunny Pajamas 

image.png.cf9a717259ebd4d4165424eff8a44d0a.png - Hiji Style Accessories (Event)

image.png.63bde6a1ec4cd93347bc4a24539abf54.png - Racing Instincts Shoes

image.png.5ed36eadd5b6049814e004eedf4881d4.png - Pink Scarf

image.png.a3e260d7a17f5e529806079ae40f3b73.png - Shy Rabbit Backpack



Not everyone can afford these costumes, or at least such a big variety (trust me as a 10 year old girl just joining this game I feel you).

So over the years I've found some life hacks to look fashionable on a budget.

1. Some armors look really good.

omg.png.03895a02cef6e499fd23d53e39175127.png - Moonlight Lotus Armor (lv 110)

2. Some events give Costumes.

flora.png.478131096e3074e123e65c6f8d6a2ebf.png - Flora Outfit (Flora Festival Event)

lunar2.png.8e95e545d993141bbf1c2dde7aea5b3e.png - Lunar New Year Outfit (Lunar New Year Event)

summer2.png.111358eeb4da77a3439b887e4b689116.png - Hiji Style (Summer Solstice Event)

halloween2.png.39b1a50c475b8ec68d4b91880abf1abe.png - Moonlight Bandit (Hallows' Eve Event)

winter2.png.75e1f857831864d7dc3b61142e24246d.png - Santa's Helper Outfit (Winter Tide Event)

3. Save a few bucks, instead of buying a head costume, buy a Beauty Salon Ticket, and get a new unique hairstyle (over 60 different hairstyle you are guaranteed to find one you like).

hairdone.gif.5f58882007a488833fb16e4401bd200a.gif - 7/80 options !!!

All Style And Colors!



I hope this guide helped you, If you have a unique and stylish outfit i'd love to see it and take some inspiration (maybe others will too).

Yours Truly, Lue :41:


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Head: Bachelor PA/MA

Eyes: Small Gale Wings (Animated)

Body: BWL

Gloves: VIP Gloves

Boots: VIP Boots

Cape: Legend Cape

Weapon: Green Water Gun

Look's good and a rich status entity :P

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