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Gem Store Weekly Sales


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Celestia Luna is introducing a new Gem Store feature, weekly sales!


Weekly sales will select items from 4 categories at random to be put on sale every 7 days.

The first item on sale will always be a costume from the all-year costume selection.

The other 3 items and categories will be selected at random, categories may repeat, the options are costume, accessory, wing or pet. These can land on an item that is seasonal and not in the Gem Store at the moment, meaning that seasonal items may become available for 7 days!

Discounts on the weekly sale items depend on their availability. Items that go on sale and are available in the Gem Store at that time will receive a 25% discount (the 1st costume item will receive a 30% discount), while items that are not available at the Gem Store at that time will receive a 10% discount.

*costume discounts are only on the set box

Weekly sales reset on Wednesdays and will be posted on discord, the news slider and featured item page.


Happy collecting!

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