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Event Ribbon Rewards


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In this post we will show off all of the Event Ribbon rewards, it will be updated whenever new rewards are added!

To exchange your Event Ribbons head to Alker Harbor and find Primrose next to Farouk.


All items are account bound.

Glasses - 100 ribbons

Star Glasses

Base stats +1

event glass.png


Hats - 300 ribbons

Apple Hat, Bunny Hat, Star Hat

Apple +10 DEX                  Bunny +10 STR                   Star +10 INT

event hat.png


Wings - 400 ribbons

Choco Fork, Lemon Fork, Straberry Fork

VIT +10  Movement Speed +100

fork wing.png


Big Balloon

VIT +10 Movement Speed +30%

wing balloon.png

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5 minutes ago, twiwrath said:
Well, like all events we have to give something in return to be able to get the npc's rewards (something we dropped from the monsters) so I can earn the npc's rewards what I have to give him. I wanted to know what and ribbons



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