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Back after years


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Hi, welcome back! Make sure to read our patch notes to see what's changed before you dive in.

You can find English speaking players on Alker Ch1 and you can shout for an English speaking guild through megaphone!

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12 hours ago, Sylloh said:

Hello, my name is Tyler. I used to play many years ago but have since returned. Anyone know where all the English players hang out? Back in the day it was server 3 but idk anymore. 


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9 hours ago, Ban said:

Old and New :D

I had a few to be honest,  iAgito, AgitoMikura, EnvyKarma, Miscellxneous and DeadCold and lastly Alluring. 


8 hours ago, Cordelia said:

Hello Tyler, Old player here. All the english players used to hangout in way to howling chan 1, gates chan 1, or alker chan 1/3. Now it's down to alker chan 1.

yea seems so dwindled, Every time ive been on i cant seem to find anyone and i just get bored and log off 😕


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