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In preparation for cancer awareness month coming in October, I propose a cancer awareness month event. Event will be Event, Gem, and PD based. This event will bring back old players and invite new players that have not experienced the glamour that is Luna Online.
Event includes but not limited to:

#1 special items sold in gem store that are pink but normally would never be the color pink
(Example items are SF PA costume, BWL, Wiz robe, capes, sunglasses) The most used costume items in a pink hue.

#2 An automated event such as our most recent event in dark forest. 
balloons celebrating people who have survived cancer and promoting awareness will be placed in key locations throughout most used maps on Celestia.

#3 Banners promoting Cancer awareness while also promoting Celestia Luna  (This will be used as a marketing tool for Celestia Luna)
During the event videos will be made and posted on YouTube for others to view all the fun that happens on this private server while inviting people to join.

#4 Special PD items that will be available for limited time.
Items such as pink VIP gloves, BWS, munchkin gloves, weapons and armors all in pink hue.(Limited supplies to prevent over pinkness in general population)
The items will not be an upgrade from current items. They will promote awareness with a pink shade and have a special name.

#5 GM sponsored events that interacts with players while giving consumables like 100% and pukes.
One example is lvl 1 race through higher lvl maps like moon blind forest / swamp/ ghost tree swamp.
The price of these items are absurd. People who are new that join would never be able to afford these items if they wanted to level and didn't have the items,gold or ability to donate.
Most people do not have rich friends in game or people randomly giving out free items.

#6 Daily login event prizes given out.
Everyday you get a small item, if you're online for 7 days in a row for 30 minutes each day you get a consumable like speed pot, 100%, 30% or 10% scrolls.

A portion of gem revenue collected by the event goes to a institution of cancer research as designated by administrators.

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