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Beauty Contest 2019

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Welcome to our first ever beauty contest~
Do you think you have a unique and original style? Prove it!
Take a screenshot of your unique style in an appropriate setting and post it here with your character name to join.

You must follow game and contest rules to be eligible, breaking game rules will lead to a ban, breaking contest rules will lead to disqualification and you will be forbidden to join the next event.



  1. 1st Place: PD/Gacha costume of your choice (only costume, full set) + top 3 reward + top 10 reward
  2. Top 3: 150 Gems + 300 event ribbons + top 10 reward
  3. Top 10: 50 Gems + 100 event ribbons
  4. All valid entries: [1] 100% EXP Scroll

The winners will be selected by the admins.


Contest Rules

  • Do not break game rules, especially bug abusing to access unreachable locations.
  • Screenshot cannot be edited in any way, no filters or color correction either.
  • Screenshot can be cropped, but you will lose points if you crop too much because location is also part of the contest.
  • You can wear as much or as little as you wish. It can be anything, doesn't have to be a costume, it can be armor as well. (Entries without a body armor/outfit are not permitted)
  • You can use motions and face emotes, but not skills.
  • You can't copy others' style. (only counts for exact same items, if you add/change items it's ok)
  • Screenshot must contain only your character in the foreground. (if it has other characters they must be not part of the picture, far background, NPCs and monsters must not be part of the foreground and must be in the back)
  • Screenshot must not contain interface or chat bubbles. (Ctrl + Z will hide interface, chat bubbles can be hidden in options)
  • You can edit your message to change your entry before the deadline.
  • Remember, location is also important! 
  • Be original!
  • Only one entry permitted per player. Using multiple accounts to enter the contest is forbidden.


Example Entry


Name: Orange

beauty contest example.jpg


Contest automatically ends on October 1st 0:00 UTC.


Good luck and show us your very best style~

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11 minutes ago, Hextech said:

Name: HolyCrap

 When your too shy to take picture with your crush. 🤗

I made the rule about not having anything besides your character in the foreground a little clearer. This is about character style, everything else must be in the background.

Your entry right now is not valid. :ukidding:

You can use any armor/outfit, accessories, weapons and even pets!

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IGN: iBuddy
                                                                                                            "I love the rain "

love rain.jpg

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Name: iMoonshine

Arriving Angels ~




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