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Hallows' Eve & Day of the Dead 2019

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It's that time of the year when ghosts come out to play~

Enjoy delicious treats while honoring the dead during the year's best season!

All items are account bound


Rising Dead (Lv110~135)

muertos_eater.pngFrancisco has heard rumors of witches rising the dead in Ghost Tree Swamp and wants you to check it out. Hunt these risen dead and bring him their Voodoo Dolls for rewards.

Watch out for the legend of the Soul Eater. The witches' powerful voodoo magic draws him out, he roams the swamp hungrier than ever! Soul Eater has a chance to drop Hallows' Eve masks.


Risen dead can be located at the bottom of Ghost Tree Swamp on all channels.


items_halloween_icon01.png 300 Costume-6_11.png Pump Up Pumpkin
items_halloween_icon01.png 300 Costume-6_12.png Mummy Head
items_halloween_icon01.png 500 Costume-6_13.png Mummy Body
items_halloween_icon01.png 200 Costume-6_14.png Mummy Hands
items_halloween_icon01.png 200 Costume-6_15.png Mummy Feet
items_halloween_icon01.png 300 etc_item_04_01.png Witch's Hat
items_halloween_icon01.png 500 etc_item_04_02.png Witchy Outfit
items_halloween_icon01.png 200 etc_item_04_03.png Witchy Gloves
items_halloween_icon01.png 200 etc_item_04_04.png Witchy Boots
items_halloween_icon01.png 200 etc_item_04_05.png Magic Broom
Dancing with the Dead (All levels)

muertos_altar.pngDuring this festivity we honor the dead, offer them sweets, dances and songs.

Every hour the [Dancing with the Dead] event allows you to seek altars for a bag filled with sweets and some Bread of the Dead~

But be careful! The spirits might get annoyed and send you a nasty surprise instead... If you're under level 110 you better run!

Bring Bread of the Dead to Maria in Alker Harbor for seasonal goods~



dead-item1.png 300 items_halloween_icon03.png Skull Pin
dead-item1.png 500 items_halloween_icon02.png Skull Mask
dead-item1.png 400 dead-item2.png Day of the Dead Hair
dead-item1.png 400 dead-item3.png Day of the Dead Outfit
dead-item1.png 200 dead-item4.png Day of the Dead Hands
dead-item1.png 200 dead-item5.png Day of the Dead Shoes



Trick or Treating (All levels)


Candy filled pumpkins can be found all over Blue Land* near houses and NPCs!

Break them to obtain a pouch filled with candy and a couple Voodoo Dolls~


*Excluded Maps: All dungeons, Alker Farms, Dark Portal, Distorted Crevice, Dark Forest, Ghost Tree Swamp, Lair of Kierra.




Happy festivities and good luck~

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