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i really get confuse about this.

i want to make farming character with range attack. but i dont know how to make it good LOL

any guide guys ?

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Rogue - Ruffain - Scout - Ranger - Entrapper

Use human (more patk)

Use only power shot(then upgrade to double shot) to level up till lv75 (Do NOT use any other skills, save sp)

Max all the necessary buffs and passives (don't max light armor expertise if going for eva build)

Once ranger, upgrade bow skills. Active skills should only be double shot, rapid arrow and fire arrow.(Sorry, but no area skills till lv105)

Lv105, get Entrapper path, max extortion and all the stuff. 

And viola, you have bow Entrapper (with only 1 area attack unfortunately)

You will need lv124 to get all the necessary skills maxed out

This way you do not need to reskill, by using only bow from the very beginning

For stats, go full dex for higher crit rate, crit damage and eva

I prefer to go full DEX as getting eva equips is pretty expensive


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Fire Arrow is an useful AoE and you can use it on lvl 75! As an entrapper you also get Hunter Blast, a non-weapon skill you can use with bow. Then you would have two useful aoe for farming.

Another alternative is to follow this path: Ruffian>Scout>Treasure Hunter> Arch Ranger. It's something like the reverse path of Ranger >Entrapper

You'd get almost the same skills you would get as an entrapper with a few less levels, but the difference isn't so great. Except for Extortion. Lvl 4 has 45% drop chance and lvl 2 (Th) has 31%. The advantage here is that you would boost your bow skills, you would have more AoE to choose, or "Magic Arrow" if you want to kill 1x1. 

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