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14 hours ago, LuciFurr said:

WUUU you replied abit late lol i already did warrior-infantry XD but not too late to restart though btw is the old builds back in 2016 still work?

If you mean job paths, most of them still work. It only depends on what you want to be. Since they added job passives, there are some job choices that give some advantages. 

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14 hours ago, alxx32 said:

diferences about elf  = warrior > swordman >RK > SM // warrior > infantry > RK > SM ?????

for elf infantryman path

you will have more def from job passives, and from passive infantryman skill, but lower attack

the infantryman deff skill like troopership, more enhanced hp, more blessing guard etc will help you for better def, plus you have attract circle for farm

the benefit from job passives you will get 3%p.Def and 5%p.Attack

but the active skill to reach lv 75(RK) is suck (if you use 2H from begining) because infantryman specialize in 1h weapon so you can leveling to 75 only using Warrior skills (no burning crash, earthquake, Sonic Boom)


and for elf swordman path

you will have MORE attack from job passives, and better skills for leveling to 75 (RK)

the benefit from job passives you will get 2%p.Def and 10%p.Attack

and you have Sonic Boom, Burning Crash, Earthquake to reach lv 75(RK) 


from my preferences i suggest you to build from swordman, (better P.Attack) because at the end (SM), you wont need your deff tho because SM is Specialized for Offensive 

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