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Remove Damp Cavern from Date Dungeon

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I can't be the only one who finds this map annoying lol. My eyes automatically roll when I see it loading because I know I'm it's gonna be a lousy dd run. Why?

  • There are two maps with the same circular terrain with monsters spawning by 3's or 4's: Damp Cavern and Candy Garden. Candy Garden is less annoying because monsters spawn close to each other and your run of the mill AOE can hit them all, if you 1hit them, the next wave spawns immediately and you can kill them again fast with another aoe right after they spawn especially if you're in tier 6 job already. In Damp Cavern, you can't do that because one monster will always be too far for your AOE to reach and that annoys the hell out me lol

Anyways, this is from the viewpoint of a solo DD runner but same will be true for a duo since the mob spacing is the problem, two fighters may have easier time with this because both can have attract circle depending on their path.

Thank you for reading :D


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