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Selling Sahel Farmer Gear

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  • Villain PA4.9 150b
  • Strawberry Gelato 18b
  • Earmuff PA 30b
  • Panda Boots 8b
  • Native Glove 2.5b
  • Native Helm 2b
  • Crit Slime 8b
  • Sunflower Trinket 6.5b
  • FDS PA18.3 30b
  • HBSet neck PA19.6 glove EVA15.4 40b
  • Sekhmet EVA14.9 STR5.9 DEX8.6 13b
  • EG+8 EVA14.2 PA2.4 4b
  • Earring DEX19.9 EVA6.4 INT6.6 500m
  • Elephant Mask of Evil+12 4b
  • mcap eva 15.3 ms8.5 7b
  • Venom+12 Eva 15  + Eva 14.4 30b
  • Lboots [c]STR 49 [r]MS 97 [p]Eva 14.6 pa2.9 10b
  • Larmor [c]dex50 [r]str25 [p] eva 14.5 str7.8 crit9.6  15b
  • hellen ma4%



NOTE ME IN-GAME PhysicalAttack (mostly AFK, ignoring all WM)

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