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Patch Notes [July 22nd 2020]


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  • Sorcerer's Hood/Bachelor's Hat of Glory/MA costume hair: Health = 150, Mana = 150, MP Recovery = 5, Movement Speed = 25.
  • Changed all remaining costumes with skill type set effect to flat stat set effect (HP/MP/Speed).
  • Fixed high level common equipment vendor buy/sell price.
  • Increased 2-handed weapon vendor buy/sell price by 20%.
  • Enabled artifact necklaces to be vended.
  • Change Kingdom Knight's Cloak to tradeable.
  • Updated fishing hat models.




  • Increased various Nera Harbor, Sahel, Oasis of Parasus boss respawn times from 30m to 1h.
  • Increased baby Blackhorn dinosaur's magic attack range and damage.
  • Increased Magical Pegasus Feather drop rate.
  • Increased Tarintus/Kierra living time from Summoner Tomes.



  • Fixed missing textures in Alker Farm.
  • Changed Fishercat name to Mr. Wellington




  • Summer Solstice enabled and updated:


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