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BT Equip


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It depends on what the purpose of your bt is. If you want to farm, you will need eva on your equip and reach around 400.Ā For pvp you can also use eva or choose to do full damage(str) and accuracy.

I'm not going to go into much detail about ultra-expensive items. I can just tell you can do wonders using 2 venoms needle daggers, a 135 armor set (good craft), Mousey Cap,Ā Hathor & Sekmeth rings, Wind Stalker wings and a frostbite neckĀ . Of Course, you'll also have to be lucky with the philosopher's stones.

Then later you can get more expensive items like a Fierce Dragon Slayer belt and maybe even a Chivalry necklace.

There are other items in the premium store which are quite usefulĀ but I prefer not to suggest 100% based on them.

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