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Patch Notes [October 3rd 2020]


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  • Fixed missing face image n12 for human female.



  • Renamed Yellow Cat costume to Orange Cat.
  • Updated Worm head accessory textures.
  • Optimized hood models for Paladin's/Assassin's/Sorcerer's Hood.
  • Fixed model for Warmonger's/Seer's/Marauder's bindings.
  • Fixed old head items display layer.
  • Fixed several item tooltips.
  • Added set boxes for cat costumes.
  • Improved Greater Angel Wing recipe with new materials.
  • Changed scarf and holo headphone set effects:
    • Pink Holo Headphones/Blue Scarf: Move Speed +60 +45, Intelligence +10 +15.
    • Black Pink Holo Headphones/Black Blue Holo Headphones/Orange Scarf: Move Speed +60 +45.
    • Blue Holo Headphones/White Scarf: Critical Rate +70 Critical Damage +5%, Move Speed +30 +45, Physical Defense +15, Magical Defense +25, Strength +15.
    • Pink Scarf: Critical Rate +130, Vitality +20, Mana +500, Life +8%, Move Speed +45, Physic Defense +2%, Magic Defense +3%.



  • Changed Blackhorn Hatchling behavior, they will no longer pursue enemies, they will stand in place and attack enemies with a chance to root them in place.
  • Added new Greater Angel Wing materials to Kentauros, Plantis, Fierce Plantis.
  • Increased drop rate of Magical Pegasus Feather.
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