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Yule Tide Event Feedback


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Hi Celestians! As you know yearly seasonal events have become a big part of the game and we hope something that you look forward to.

To keep it interesting for loyal players we try to add something new every year. It's not always possible due to work load or simply running out of ideas and trying to keep the events at least slightly different from each other. With either scheduled automatic events or prizes and mechanics to earn those prizes.


Yule tide is one of our biggest events in regards to content. There are so many things to collect, craft & hunt.

So now we want to hear from our players about what you would like us to add, remove or change this year.


We await to hear your ideas and feedback! :shyheart:

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  • Orange unpinned and featured this topic

So.. i want added some ideas that hopefully will help.


1. For increase the feeling of event add mechanism map that give abnormal status player -ms, -hp, -attack speed, because cold.. i call this <Map Event Field> this gona happen to all map that have <Snow> on the map, and player can be die of this if in hunt map, but at neutral zone player HP just stuck at 1, this can be cure with support skill but easly comeback because continue effect.


2. Add some consume item that can remove <Map Field> effect, that consume item can be drop from event monster but cant easly to get and for <Gold Burning> of course this aspect must get on, player can buy this consume item easy on npc but price is 100M/pcs.


3. I thought increase field boss <Ice Queen> power, why? Because his just have good defend and health, if tankie player in the front she easly can be taken, i thought as a field boss he must be eggresive more than normal boss, must be not just have good defend and health.. but must be have good skill to take down many player.. the power i mean is more field skill like <Boss Field> that can -player deff, give some -hp, and -attack speed. beacuse too cold even in event map have <Map Field> but <Boss Field> more dangerous that cant be remove use consume item, and besides <Boss Field> she must be have 2-3 AOE skill that can deal dmg to all player give more abnormally status, and that skill is unique not same like player skill, but for this all risk <Ice Queen> stats deffend must be lower 1-10% than now, so player can kill <Ice Queen>.


4. Add some quest to grind event monster and can be get some crafted item special event ( item not that special just like item crafted normally but this special using event material... like new item that can be craft.. but stats is same like normal...).


5.Add some crafted item from material that special which only be obtained from this event.


6. Npc on Nera Harbour just move them to a less monster area because it's a bit troublesome if they get eliminated during the event.


7. Add low chance to get stocking from event monster.


8. Add low maybe (0.0001%) chance to get <Ice Queen> As a Pet.. why? Because <Ice Queen> is a pretty monster and will be cool if some player can tame <Ice Queen> as a pet, and for making <Ice Queen> as a pet need unique material that drop from event,  From <Ice Queen> is core,  other material from other monster and for magic to tame <Ice Queen> use npc power that can be earn from quest too.


9. Add monster shard that can sumon winter monster or that normal shard that can sumon normal monster.


10. Add <Monster Field> that can be cure with support skill.. and abnormal status from <Monster Field> is lower than <Map Field>.


11. This is just suggestion because not related to event. Soo for pet mecanism like: unique pet, uncommon pet, or pet mall. that status and skill can be different because his dropped or i like to call Tamed from some monster of course his can have same ability/skill too. Or maybe just unique/mall pet that have good ability/skill to show their value and for get ability/skill maybe for unique pet that crafted from monster drop player need farm  the monster that drop pet and hunt it many with pet as partner after that pet can copy the skill and for unique pet mall can be add optional quest that relate to pet background. And all of pet quest able to get from npc who selling pet.


thats all my idea.. Thanks


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  • Administrator

Thank you for all your suggestions! 

I liked the suggestion about event summoning tome and monster pets.

We might add event summoning tome from soul shards dropped by event monsters only. For the pets we could have the tome summoned event monsters have the drop chance for "replica pets" of that monster. 

Thinking of pets we might also improve the materials for the toy pet recipes and have them also drop from the original event monsters.

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u can use spawn items ( Example: the one hour bag spawn halloween, etc events spawns notthe monster type ) that not just 1 hit kill to drop event prizes like you can make them strong a bit and need like 2-3 to get the kill at least share some prize drop on group or at least dont make them the most faster player on the event get the lots of prize, i have see like is all about on event latetly it will be fun to like share the killing hunt not just first come first serve ( the feel like let the weaks one have some too ) or is ok if not but some kind of mechanic that allow more dificult not just 1 hit kill/ and also make variable on craft items like 2-5 kinds of armors of the same name ( we can use same image of any unpopular armor just change the stat and level use) but with diferrent stats, also weapons, shields and some face items may come handy and try not to make to much of the itms 7days rate when openning bags since is useless to have like 100 bags open to get like 60 head acces. 7days and no space to save but instead like stuff kind as candy way to boost exp, stats etc, or even just materials to craft items to craft the special kind of armor sets u want from the event , just some little idea that could work or may some similar way to work.


thanks mate!!

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My suggestion is to remodel some of the existing costumes to new winter costume not only it can save slots but also best for player who looking something new every event and i can also provide an idea of new costume if needed.

In addition maybe this is the time for that shield i drawn before and send to you as a suggestion and you said you'll make one of it but seems you forgotten I'm still waiting for it till now...



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Adding the shield idea
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  • Administrator

Items added during events must have the visuals matching that theme, if you want to suggest new costumes, accessories, equipment you can but they must fit the winter and christmas theme!

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Last year I made some designs but I never posted them here. Basically I thought of new colors for the event items and more.

I'm applying to work on textures if you're short on time, if you want c:


Cold Rudolph Costumes


Ice queen wings

King of Winter

This event could include new quests, something about exploring and travel around maps. 

Instead of the typical event "Monsters will appear in X map", the system could be reused and Santa (a mob) could appear every 15-30 minutes on some random map and whoever finds, they would receive a gift

Add unique seeds to alker farm, snowman and x-mas trees. Make a winter version of Alker Farm.

A forum event about screenshots or letters to santa

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