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I feel like every little moment should be captured:cool:

Here you can show off your characters and tell your story of your Luna online experiences and have people read them0_0:wink:


I'll go first!:49:


Hi, I'm excei but most people know and call me ceiXD


It took me forever to reach max level in this game.

When I created my character I slowly got better by collecting equipment, leveling up, learning new skills and founded a base where I built up from. As I got new equipment it gave me a great sense of progression and enjoyed watching my stats go up:D:P


I like to buy the new items that get added to the shop such as costumes and gachas. I don't get bored easily cause I have fun mix and matching all the costumes I own. I especially love to wear costumes that change my hair style, i feel like it gives it an extra dash of uniqueness. I also like using my orange ponytail hair that I got from a beauty salon. #funfact:$ I never changed the hair style of my first character excei. I'm astonished with the fact of just how wearing costumes will make your character appear more stylish!:39:


Another thing during my time on Luna I've made many friends and they're so nice to meT_T:shyheart: and I also enjoy running my own guild and family, it's the one with the rose logo if you haven't noticed. We sometime have non edit wars for levels 115 and 150:cool:


This game makes me feel nostalgic of the games I've played. I hope everyone is enjoying the game as much as I am. Please kindly share your experiences in the comments below, I'd really love to see and read all of your experiences in the game:41:


Sincerely Yours, cei:shyheart:





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