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I guess you're going for Dagger. So the best path currently is: Ruffian - Scout - Th - TM . Basically +28 total evasion you gain from job passives

(You can check the table here)

As for the skills... I think it depends on whether you want to be dual, focus on pvp or pve, etc

The next guide is from 2017 but its info about passive skills, buff is fine:

So what about the attack skills in this guide? They're fine too, but my recommendation would depend on whether you decide to go PvP or PvE.

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10 hours ago, Venom_ said:

I want to pve only and I don’t mind if it’s duel wield or 1h + shield 

In this case, you should prioritize these skills: Hunter Blast(Aoe), Hunter Smoke(Aoe), Wind Breaking(Aoe). You could learn Deadly Strike if you need a single target skill.

Optional: Illusion Attack. This is a single target stun. If you think you need one stun..


I don’t mind if it’s duel wield or 1h + shield 

You can be either of them. With the difference that, being dual you should get enough evasion to resist the monsters but this will allow you to deal more damage to them.

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