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  1. Short ways to say things (WM, GG etc)

    Sorry, I've been away for a few weeks on holiday! I'll add them to the list now. Thanks all. ^_^
  2. GAY

    Sweet Mother of God.
  3. Argh, I swear, every DD partner I've had today.

    :o DD themselves? As in, duel logging or something?
  4. Argh, I swear, every DD partner I've had today.

    :/ Hack items?You can hack for items? :P I don't know how it's possible but haha. One person kept saying that they kept bugging out.
  5. Any tips?

    xD I had the same problem as you (I still do!) I just started playing a week~2 weeks ago again since I haven't played Luna in years! Decent equips? I use shop whites till lv 80 where I got some rares off someone for cheap! :D For me, all I did was just upgrade my whites to +7 and philo it (although you don't have to). Remember to use protection scrolls! As far as I know I don't think there's a way to sell more than one slot of items at a time. :L Dagger? Hmm. Well I'm not so familiar with rogues but it also depends on what your race is. I think humans are more daggers and tend towards STR more, and elves tend to bows and DEX. Go to the guilds section. I'm sure there are a lot of guilds there which speak English. Personally I haven't found myself one yet. :L Gold can be hard to make at the beginning and I barely had 25m on my 105 Cardianal. I really stuffed up. Someone helped me though. There's a guide in the forums somewhere about making money on Celestia Luna. If not just go on google and type "How to make gold on Celestia Luna Online" or something. 1: You can grind monsters for exp and (because we have x50 gold rate) you get lots of gold at the same time too. 2: Sell your drops. Usually sell your greens, blues and reds. :D 3: Craft. This is for people who already have at least 5 million gold already. You can craft HQ gems (e.g. HQ rubies or HQ sapphires). Making 1 slot (100 pieces) cost only around 3~4million and you can sell each slot for 6million or more. Usually people sell for 7 ~ 8 million per slot. ^_^ If you need any more help just note me or whisper me when I'm online. My name is Curasa ingame too! Good luck!
  6. Argh, I swear, every DD partner I've had today.

    =.= make that 5 <_<
  7. Every singe one of them has disconnected half way through. Every one of them. I've had 4 different partners so far. :angry:
  8. Rule of Power-Leveling Another Person?

    Oh so I can't go to lower level ones? D:
  9. Rule of Power-Leveling Another Person?

    xD Haha. Idk some games you can't exactly plvl people at all. Haha. What about Date Dungeon? Say if I was lv 95 and he was level 60 - 70. Would he still get exp in DD?
  10. A lot of games have a level limit to who you can power level. Does CL have one? Is it possible to plvl someone in CL? E.g. In Flyff the limit is 19 levels above or below you. At what level difference will the lower level not get exp?
  11. Short ways to say things (WM, GG etc)

    ;_; Mahal Kita makes my heart ache. Thanks for your input. :D
  12. Post Your Lovely Little Texticons/Emoticons!

  13. Post Your Lovely Little Texticons/Emoticons!

    ◕3◕ See my other post for the table flip. (づ。◕‿‿‿◕。)づ <--- That is just absolutely adorable.