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  4. Yesterday
  5. I would like to know if elf panzer infantryman>rune knight>panzer is good in pvp I think so, I think it gives a lot of damage plus rune impact no miss skill and being a fast skill
  6. Got it, thank's for you'r respone
  7. Last week
  8. Hi, please don't share your username on public forums/channels, it's as important as your password. This is what you see when you are banned, submit a ticket with a ban appeal here: https://celestialuna.com/help
  9. Good afternoon, I haven't played this game in a long time. but when I want to log into the game, a notification appears like that. Please help. Thank You.
  10. Earlier
  11. bukannya yang di NH itu maximal lv 90 ya?
  12. Adelardo

    Nanya bang

    Bang nanya, pot hp/mp 105 sekarang dimana ya beli nya? Dulu kan di nera harbour
  13. im in path destro wmkd can some one give path skill for that warior mercenary knight destro for lvl 135/140 build
  14. You know, there may be a problem with the components, I recently disassembled for cleaning my laptop, I had this processor from AMD https://rankquality.com/en/amd-ryzen-7-5800u/ , so there was something wrong, then helped me my friend, had to do something in the settings, so I advise you to show it to someone in the live
  15. Orange

    Good Morning

    You can buy gems through the payment methods on our website, if those aren't available to you we accept crypto and credit/debit card through Stripe on discord, just message me there for it!
  16. xXxGonzo506

    Good Morning

    Good afternoon, I would like how can I do to donate or recharge gems in the game since I am new i am of Costa Rica
  17. pardon me, but my friend attack just up to 1k, we can see aggro back to me after several hit.
  18. You should level your skills! Level 1 of those skills only covers 5900 "damage" as threat, so if your friend does anything above that amount of damage of course the boss will agro him instead!
  19. i think attract skill to field boss isn't working to field boss i don't know it is sure happen from long time or after immune boss update. So i try using 2 type attract: attract and attract circle. To field boss: Black Gargoyle, well its not work as usual to other mob or boss so i curious. But boss target can back to me if i start to do dmg more than my party.
  20. dont play with Pet on DD, Pet has some Bug on DD...
  21. Well its no problem at zoom out screen, well i just have that costume. if i have other i'll test later :) Anyway there Shoot without costume and Zoom In.
  22. If you are zoomed in too much models out of camera sight, even though the animation would put them in sight, will not be displayed, it has to do with object culling and happens with all animations. If you zoom out like the second screenshot it's fine, right?
  23. We're talking about the names not being above the player, right? What resolution are you using? We've run CLO in 1920x1080 and even 2k and ultra-widescreen and have not had issues so your best bet is to reinstall.
  24. It is bug? CLO when open on 1080p resolution.
  25. Same as me. Its candy garden map bug.
  26. Rune Khnight Job have lower Attack but still wort because have good Attack Speed Buff and Stun.
  27. I have trying to figure my character skill animation and im found this: 1. The bug 2. When i am using other ava : Detail: AVA: Wedding Dreed (Red) Job: Rune Khight Race: Elf Weapon: 2H Skill: Burning Crash.
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