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  2. @Orange: For Entraper Skills... there is 2 Fire Trap, 1 of the is supposedly "Ice Trap", correct?
  3. arth

    Game crashing

    Solved with a few steps on these topics
  4. Right after clicking play at the patcher a black screen comes on and the game crashes, a window pop-up says celestia luna has stopped working tried to reinstall again but it didn't work
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  6. I do have stealth but I use it to buff myself but the game crashed with my other char aswell
  7. If you level up in a map that has event fishing spots you will crash, these maps are Nera Harbor, Oasis of Parasus, Moon Blind Swamp & Red Orc Outpost. Your crashing in DD and great garden however I do not know. Is your pet getting stuck? still shouldn't crash you. Are you a stealth or beholder user? that could crash you
  8. Hey there Orange! I've noticed multiple crashes in the game with 2 diff PCs and 2 diff accounts 2 crashes while DD 3 crashes at the great garden and many level up crashes since the last patch as well. Thanks for you help!
  9. Thanks, it's kinda silent over there tried to summon other brazillians but the samba was not enough
  10. we have a PT/BR channel on our discord if you're not there already, maybe you could find somebody there!
  11. Hey are there any brazilians in the server besides me? if so note me at mordeassopra kinda sad to play alone
  12. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lypeAqdxZ6RYvoaV_25Y1fyHQiL6GiNBtQSQXBheNDw/edit?usp=sharing Guys, i made this if you want to see what job has what skills also to compare it with another job.. How to use: • You can change the H1 cell to change between classes • You can change the G2 and I2 cells to change between jobs in H1 cell class How to read: • You will see Green cells with ▲ icon which mean its skill in that job has higher max level than the other one • You will see Red cells with ▼ icon which mean its skill in that job has lower max level than the other one • You will see Blue cells with ▶ or ◀ icon which mean its skill in that job has same max level with the other one • You will see Grey cells without icon which mean the other job doesn't have that skill P.S. You may make a copy for you to use or just use it in that spreadsheet. P.S.S. Don't download it as .xlsx, the formula isn't working in excel.
  13. Hi Orange, just wondering if golem pet egg drop rates and Wand of Glory drops have been fixed in this patch too, was not included in the notes. Thank you!
  14. Welcome! check out our discord and guides section if you ever need help~
  15. hello hello!! i'm unaha, i used to play luna online years ago as a kid, i think one of my characters was called pineapple... silly name haha, i didnt really get super far into the game cause i was young but i really missed it a lot! i was sad about gpotato retiring and luna online/plus closing down, so im happy to find this one that is just as close to the vanilla game!! if you see me ingame and would like to say hi, please feel free to!! hope yall have a good day, and thanks for reading :>
  16. hi hi!!! im still new to CL but id love to join a guild and/or family if anyone is accepting new people!! my ig name is Unaha, same as here. i'm only level 18 (as of this post but i'll be getting on shortly to change that lol) but id like to meet new people!!
  17. 20th day of my ban appeal, still no reponse☠️
  18. Video Celestia Luna Update Agustus 2023 selamat menonton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaaTkwBNxMU
  19. There is New Update about Musket Training has been Fixed and increase our Physical Attack higher than before. Because of this, I make new Sniper from Human to show you the Musket Damages is so Powerful now. Enjoy the video and thanks for watching :)
  20. Eva B>LAS Eva 21+ B>Castor Eva 16+ B>Holy Glove/Boot Eva 21+ B>Chival Eva 17+ Vit B>LAS Vit 33+ B>H.armor Vit 51/52[C] Vit 30+ B>CB.set Vit 61+ B>Holy Glove/Boot Vit 31+ B>Kynee VIt 33+ B>Chival Vit 24+ Other B>Gramm Lv66 B>Hephaistos Lastwork Shield Lv49 Low Respond??? Chat on Discord : cupkicapkicup~#5126
  21. Hi, I think need to change the effect set options of donate lord protector.set. So that players are interested in buying war 115 supplies. For example, lord protector adds % block effect like CB.set/ Crit like HB.set. For now, I'm definitely thinking more about buying an HB/CB.set than a lord protector. Because the effect is better. I rate gladiator.set and greatwizard.set the best and totally worth it for the price. What do you think?
  22. https://discord.com/Yavub4CvkA
  23. como dije, necesio compañeros lainossi es que aun quedan en el juego, acepto cualquier nivel , o dganme como puedo comunivrme con lo game master vel, por favor ayúdame.
  24. Yes the crash is being near a fishing spot when you level up or complete quests in any map
  25. I didn't do any job change quests, because I simply just tried to clear the quests on quest board to open the higher levels of quests. Btw, it looks like the crash also happens on other fishing spots in monster maps. I tried Red Orc Outpost, & I also crashed when leveling up hunting harpies & Queen Harpy. I finally noticed that the area around Queen Harpy was also a fishing spot.
  26. You don't need these quests to level up, quest EXP is not affected by EXP rates, you also don't need these quests to change jobs, job change is instant!
  27. I see. So the fishing spot mentioned on the patch notes was the one in Moon Blind Swamp. I thought it was in Alker Farm, as I never thought that it's possible to fish outside until yesterday I saw lots of people hanging around there when i was leveling up. Btw, recently I noticed that this bug still happens even after changing channels, & can also be triggered during picking a quest on a quest board. I got another crash when I started a new quest. At first I thought that the fishing people might be related to the crash so I changed channel, but I still crashed too, like on this screenshot. I hope that this could be fixed soon. Probably I'll try to level up somewhere else for awhile until the technical team finishes fixing this bug.
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