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  3. by using Axe he will also can't use Sonic Boom and Double Sonic Blast too... xD
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  5. Magnus has Sword Training lvl 20 vs Axe Training lvl 15(From Knight) Axe Training lvl 15: 12% P.A Sword Training lvl 20: 15% P.A But Axe Mortality lvl 20 adds +10% Critical Damage. The final damage is boosted. Maybe if your purpose is PvE, an Axe Magnus would be worth it. You only lose Spirit Sword but it's often used on PvP and some single target skills.
  6. Hello, new player here. As the title says, I'm in need of advice. So I'm currently a level 103 Knight planning to become a Magnus. 1h+shield This was my first character to get to the 105 and the main reason I made it was to be a stepping stone aka farming, de-level+boosting my alts (PVE). I was planning to build entrapper at first but it seems like it will be hell leveling it considering I was planning to use Ruff>Scout>RW>Entrap path and eva equip is expensive as hell. So I'm ditching it, till I can boost it myself with my Magnus. So the main question is should I use 1h-sword+shield or 1h-axe+shield? Currently I'm using 1h-sword+shield and full str stat because Magnus's main weapon seems to be a sword considering its sword passives are higher lvled. the problem is my non-crit dmg sucks, and I don't crit that much as my crit rate sucks. Should I reskill and restat to 1h-axe+shield and full dex? I can get a decent lvl in Axe passives from Knight but would it be enough to increase my dmg? or maybe I should stick to sword and increase crit rate somehow?? I know PVP and Guild War are a big part of the game in Luna but I'm focusing on PVE and not planning to go PVP in the near future. So what would be better? sword or axe?
  7. Have you tried disabling that backup/sync feature and seeing if anything changes? Just to see if that's an issue.
  8. I haven't tried win7 compatibility but I will try it and see. And yes just yesterday! I originally had it installed in the default C drive. One Drive attempts to back up/sync stuff on my computer and it was having trouble doing so with CL. I thought this might be the problem so I uninstalled it and installed it to my other drive. One Drive is still giving that sync error that I do not have access to permissions for it but I'm ignoring it. When in the new drive, it did still freeze up but didn't crash as often. No error message pops up saying why though
  9. You've tried compatibility to win8 but have you tried win7 or lower? Have you also tried installing in a different location? you say it freezes when loading things on screen, perhaps it's having trouble accessing the files.
  10. Oh I already tried lol. They all blame the game being unstable with Windows 10, because after rolling back the graphics update fixed the sleeping issue. The blacking out doesn't happen with other games surprisingly! I tested some steam games for an hour and nothing like what occurs with Luna happened with them. I'm honestly so very confused, but I think I'll have to wait it out and hope any future windows updates will fix it. Could be for the fact I haven't downloaded the Windows 10 version 21H1? I read it brought a lot of issues and BSoD, so I haven't felt the need to install.
  11. You should contact the service center for your laptop and explain to them the issue, it's obviously malfunctioning if you have that issue with waking it up from sleeping (maybe it's just the screen itself?) when you update the graphics drivers, which should always be up to date. Having such issues after you just bought the machine is not normal. Have you tried other games?
  12. Yup, in windows mode and the anti is at 0 by default. It's very weird. All the drives are currently okay and recent as well. I guess I'll have to deal with the freezing :(. Thank you for all the advice from earlier!
  13. Welcome to the server! Make sure to stop by Discord to ask any questions you have. Some things to know for newcomers: You get 10 date dungeons a day, not gender locked. You can buy potions and other consumables and low level crafting items from Alice in Alker Harbor next to Tasartia. Job change is instant and doesn't require any items or steps, you can check your job tree on character info window. EXP rate is high and quest EXP is not affected by it, therefore simply farming monsters is way faster than doing quests. Gem Store cosmetics are all permanent. https://celestialuna.com/itemshop/ You can only open a vending booth in Nera Castle (one channel map) Make sure to read our terms of service! https://celestialuna.com/tos/ Events and promotions are announced mainly on our website, launcher, discord and sometimes in game. Guides: Job change locations Reinforcement Lucky boxes
  14. Are you playing in windowed mode and setting anti-aliasing to 0? You said the graphics driver update solved some issues so it seems like a problem with drivers, I would try to update every single driver and any windows updates you have pending.
  15. Hello! So after some time of trying, none of the suggested steps solved the problem :( . So I figured maybe something is wrong with the GPU itself. I found a update and downloaded it and it did work in stopping the entire laptop from freezing and going black but it caused another problem in its steed: My laptop won't wake up from sleep mode unless I do a hard reset. So frustrated, I rolled back to the version before the updated GPU and now I am back at square one with the freezing and crashing :(. It seems any excess graphics/chars/monsters causes the issue. I'm worried by GPU is bad or can't handle the game which is insane as I just bought this laptop. It says it comes with Intel Irisx Graphics. This really sucks.
  16. Hi All, Was a player back from the Gpotato Luna days, looking to play something a bit nostalgic. Nice meeting all of you!
  17. dang.. okay thanks for the info
  18. you dont get sidestep from the human path, only scout/runewalker/tm gives you that skill so taking archer forfeits it
  19. 1 skill missing on AR side step ? i folowed the build, but there's no side step.
  20. Hi, we've been running windows 10 for years now and never had that problem. If it's brand new install of windows perhaps your settings are different on both laptops, things like the overlay when you run/install new apps, etc. There is a problem with the graphics if you have "User Account Control Settings" set to level 3,4 where it dims your screen when it pops up, level 2 still notifies but does not dim your screen, try that one see if it helps. You can also try adding the game client and folder to your antivirus exceptions (windows defender included). Another thing is in your graphics settings (not windows settings, the app that comes with your graphics card, like nvidia settings, etc, if you have a dedicated graphics card that is) there are settings that overwrite the game, like anti-aliasing and etc, all of those should be set to "application controlled". Try those and let me know if it changes anything.
  21. Hi! So I recently switched to a Windows 10 laptop from a Windows 8.1 with 16GB RAM. Both laptops are Acers. When I played CL on the Windows 8 laptop I never encountered this issue but with the Windows 10, these issues seem to arise: 1. Game suddenly freezes followed by all input to the laptop (keyboard, mouse, sound and screen all freezes and glitches out). 2. Screen goes black for about 5 seconds 3. When the screen regains itself, the game continues on. Sometimes in worst case, it crashes the entire client out. These sort of blackouts happen multiple times each play session if it recovers itself. I've already tried: 1. Changing compatibility to Windows 8 2. Changing the color to 16-bit 3. Adjusted the game's resolution due to perhaps it being too small for my laptops display resolution 4. Ran the client in Administrator mode. 5. Uninstalling and re-installing 6. Attempted to updated my graphics driver. System says they are updated to latest driver. None of my methods have worked and I am at a loss. I cannot even run two clients at once because the problem happens again with it too. The game has never done this on the Windows 8 so I assumed it may be a Windows 10 issue? But I'd love some help in fixing this! Any and all would help. Thank you so much.
  22. Welcome to the server! Be sure to check the guides section if you ever feel lost and join discord for any questions you have!
  23. Hello everyone! I'm Crie and I joined this game with my best friend Oriskany. I'd love to make some friends on here and... basically get some know-how on the best way to play this game. :3 I LOVE the character models in this game and the costumes. So far, this has been a blast and I hope to continue to have some fun on here. Nice to meet you guys! I hope you'll welcome me.
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