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  3. Mega Fun Gacha Contents Get 1 item from the list below! Costumes Face Accessories Head Costume Hand Costume *Both items were changed to 7% instead of 5%. Pets
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  5. Items: A balance pass was done on event weapons. Unique (red) weapons now have a unique set effect bonus. All weapons now have stat rules that will be followed for all new event weapons. Lv 100 1h weapon = 20 max stats, 2h weapon = 30 max stats Lv105 1h weapon = 25 max stats, 2h weapon = 35 max stats Lv110 1h weapon = 30 max stats, 2h weapon = 40 max stats Lv115 Unique 1h weapon = 35 max stats, 2h weapon = 45 max stats PAtk and Matk is set based on default weapons with bonus based on rarity. Arkadia's Staff was fixed with its intended +10 INT. [New] Pink Bear Costume was added! Events: Lunar New Year is here! Lucky Dumpling spawn and cooldown was adjusted to be more random. [New] 2 more monsters were added to the event roster. [New] New weapons to collect have been added to all event monsters. [New] Emperor's Defender, a unique 2h Axe evolved from a lower level event weapon can be crafted, with a recipe similar to Yule Moon. [New] Royal Phoenix pet can now be obtained from lucky envelopes. [New] A new type of box was added to LNY monster drops with a chance to drop 2 unique items, will you be lucky? [New] Weifeng pet, a wind spirit to help you in your battles~ [New] A Heirlooms Set addition is here, a second option for necklace with physic and magic critical stats! [New] Festive Dragon Dancers can be found in town during the event period~ Monster: The debuff applied by Maggots and Ancestral Spirits was changed to -25% movement speed and -55% physical critical damage instead of physical critical damage and physical critical chance.
  6. Hello guys, I'm just back to play this game a few days ago, and i started with fishing but I don't know how much price there are items like gold carp, terrapin and shining garbage because I rarely see the sellers sell them at nera castle. Can you guys help me how much price I should sell? Thank you for helping ❤️
  7. You can submit a ban appeal at https://celestialuna.com/help
  8. ID : VanHellend please admin check why ? i want to do nostalgia with this game,
  9. Items: "Magic Snake Oil", "Blooming Blossom" and "Magic Crayons" have become costume runes usable on all daily reward costumes! They can be used on the following costumes and cost 1 Gold Ticket each (unchanged). In addition the next daily reward track will have a glove costume rune. White Tights & White Sneakers All dyed color tights from White Tights Magic Weavers in Blue, Yellow & Pink. Lamia Sakura Kimono Heartbreaker Pirate (New) Winter Woes These runes will give the same effects as they did before, but can be used on all daily reward parts. Hat Rune: Physic Attack, Magic Attack, Physic Defense Outfit Rune: Physic Attack, Magic Attack Shoe Rune: Speed (New) Glove Rune: Attack Speed, Magic Cast Speed Event: Hallows' Eve & Day of the Dead decorations and invaders have now departed. Winter Tide is back until January 20th!
  10. so from 2h axe, should we convert to 1h sword + shield so we can use SB skills ?
  11. Hi, you can try using a VPN just to patch and turn it off before you click play. If that doesn't work try disabling your antivirus and adding an exception to your game folder and try after that, or try both solutions at once.
  12. whenever i try download the game on the patcher, it randomly stops and says "error downloading package 69" , my connection speed 448mbps and my download speed is 233mbps . ive been trying a few times but it always stops randomly
  13. Items: Magician's Apprentice was dusted off and retrieved from the wardrobe and together with the new White Magician set will be available during fall in the Gem Store. Buffed Guardian of the Sanctuary and Yule Moon magical attack to be in line with the base staff buff from previous patches. Fixed some bad shield models/textures. Interface: Fixed wrong image for a few human female hairstyles in character status window. Events: Anniversary event is now over. Hallows Eve & Day of the Dead is now live until November 25th!
  14. emang worth it bang pake equip npc ? Kalau nyari item mage inquer lvl 90 dmn ya kalau nge hunt ? Selain beli yaa atau paksa aja pake equip seadanya ampe lvl 105 baru dah shopping gitu ? yang jual gold masih ada ga sih ehehe
  15. kalau misalkan udah berhasil masuk nih abis click connect ko ga masuk masuk ke screen masukin id pw ya ? itu berarti internetnya kurang support ya ? soalnya pake inet kantor sih wkwkw
  16. Yo in case you saw my post ZOHOR or Ian Its me Kira/dhika From 2014 i lost my email account also with my username here in forum . If perhaps any of you guys know him i want to say hi
  17. Items: Fixed Movement Speed effect on Holy Crusader's Robe set. Rare Gacha wings that were missed in wing rebalancing last patch: Royal Fey: Move Speed increased to 33%, Magic Attack increased to 3%. Red Dragon: Move Speed increased to 33%. Villain Heart: Move Speed increased to 33%. Phoenix: Move Speed increased to 33%, Magic Attack increased to 3%. Added enchant glow to Holy Crusader's Wand & Sacred Moon. Skills: Balancing power surge of updated Musket Training: Sniper & Panzer now can learn up to Lv 10 of Musket Training SP cost for lv6-10 has been increased to match other training skills. Gold cost for lv6-10 was reduced to match other training skills. A level limit was added to learning the skills from 105 to 120 at level 10. Buff power at level 10 is equal to the buff power the skill had at level 5 (70 Phys Attack). Musket Training tooltip was fixed. Character: Added a new motion "~Tecktonik", celebrate our 13th anniversary with a new dance! Monsters: Fixed Baby Golem drop rate from Stone Golem. Baby Golem/Lava Golem/Iron Golem Egg can also now drop from the DD version of each Golem. Baby Harpy Egg can now also drop from DD versions of harpies. Fixed Wand of Glory double drop bug for Stone Golem. Blue Beard Captain now has a small chance to drop Rough Diamonds. Events: Summer Solstice & Multiverse Explorers is now over. Bi-hourly event monster invasions are now live for Anniversary celebration. Monsters from past events will invade Dark Forest for 1h 45m every 2 hours on channel 1 with 2 bosses spawning after 1h 30m (only 15 minutes to kill them before they leave!), the event is picked at random.
  18. Sekarang Equip Normal semua lengkap ada di NPC, di Mont Blanc ada NPC Equip baru dan Equipnya sampai Level 85, di Nera Castletown NPC Equpnya juga sudah diganti semua dengan yang level 90 sampai 115, yang terakhir ada NPC Equip di Sahel Zone sebelah utara ini Equipnya Level 120 sampai Level 135 untuk dapatin Wiesel dan Harmel dari monster-monster Level 91 - 94 yang ada di Lair of Kierra biasanya lumayan banyak dapatnya.
  19. abg abg saya masih pemula mau nanya untuk pembuatan senjata lvl 80+ gimana bikin nya abg abg maaf bnyak tanya ya sama sekalian cari gem wiesel di mana ya abg abg
  20. @Orange: For Entraper Skills... there is 2 Fire Trap, 1 of the is supposedly "Ice Trap", correct?
  21. arth

    Game crashing

    Solved with a few steps on these topics
  22. Right after clicking play at the patcher a black screen comes on and the game crashes, a window pop-up says celestia luna has stopped working tried to reinstall again but it didn't work
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