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  2. https://celestialuna.com/account/recover
  3. I forgot my id and password but i do remember my email
  4. There is no chance of recovery with an email that was deactivated for many security reasons, the main one being that anyone can re-create that email without the owner's permission.
  5. Ahh i see. But my character and item in there . And now i cant playing again ? Thats my email but i dont have any help with it. I hope celestialuna will be better.
  6. Are you using Yahoo? If you are and the address was de-activated at some point in time, you will not be able to recover anything with it. The reason for this: Yahoo allows anyone to re-create the same email address after it was de-activated, so anyone can claim anybody's email if they don't maintain it.
  7. Hi . First time playing 2009 . I have many account .. And love this game. I want playing again . But i forgot any id or pass. And i use menu "recovery account" at celestialuna.com But no one incoming email ... Im try try try every day. But still no incoming email recovery . I used helpdesk. But no replay .... I have many emails . Still same problems no incoming mail to my other email I hope Orange help me. Sorry for bad english
  8. Hei Antoni. Can i ask you?

  9. I got a drop winning powder from Fairy Queen. Then craft it into a ring. Does anyone know how much the ring costs? The shape is similar to Hathor. But the ring is level 72. And the status I chose for the ring is DEX +10 and WIS +5
  10. Earlier
  11. Grappler is not enabled because he doesn't have working drops in Classic, some day we will add unique drops for him and enable him. Fairy Queen spawns in multiple locations around the rainbow on the map.
  12. Hi I'm newbie. I want to ask about Fairy Queen boss at valley fairy. Where is the Fairy Queen's spawn place? I've been looking around to find it but I never came across. And in the Howling Ravline map there is a Grappler boss. Many say the Grappler is close spawn Laitou , but I've never come across Grappler either. Please let me know if you find out. Thank you
  13. Will be posting as of late, more and more.


  14. Hai, can you help me? I lost my password, i remember my ID, nickname, and e-mail. But im forget password e-mail too. Can u help fix my celestia luna account?

    1. Orange


      You cannot recover an account without the email.

  15. Hello guys meron paba nag lalaro dito??
  16. Nerus

    New idea of mine

    Head accessories (deciphered ancient secret) Back accessories (book of the necromancer)
  17. A new gacha containing an all time favorite accessory featured in multiple colors and stats! This is a year-round gacha that will always be available. Colors: Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Purple, Aqua, Lime, White.
  18. We already have 2 sun items, it would be better to have some more unique looking items for that slot.
  19. Butuh teman bimbing pemula banget saya tolong bantuan nya
  20. itu disebut VOTE, skarang sudah tidak ada lagi xD
  21. Kalau sekarang gabisa earn gem ya? dulu terakhir bisa kayaknya tapi harus level 105 apa 120 gitu.. Udah ga bisa ya?
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