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  2. Heii where is the skill guidee, please updatee
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  4. Orange


    Strike is accuracy, it's the stat for physical attacks to be able to hit your enemy. Your chance to hit depends on your accuracy vs your enemy's evasion but it's not 1:1 ratio since there is no 100% evasion, you always have a chance to hit.
  5. Miralcho


    What is the STRIKE for?
  6. Winners Announcement 1st Place - SeccciL & Clarentia 2nd Place - AutumnKen 3rd Place - Falyne Rest of the Top 10 Congratulations to all the winners! We loved every piece and hope to see more from you in the future~ All prizes will be delivered by December 7th, winners who must choose a prize will be contacted through private message.
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    1. Orange


      This would have been a great screenshot contest entry, missed opportunity!

  9. Orange

    Fan Art Contest 2019

    Winners will be announced on December 5th, good luck!
  10. IGN:Syer http://fav.me/ddlea8n
  11. IGN: lBabyAngeLl Title: Fun Hunting Time in Blue Land
  12. IGN: Falyne Title: My best friend and me
  13. IGN : Funtaste Tittle : Fan art๐Ÿ™„
  14. IGN: Clarentia Title: I'm a Rune Master, Let me buff you~
  15. Nerus

    Fan Art Contest 2019

    IGN:G0Dserena My Journey in Blue Land
  17. IGN : KotaroGenius Title : Dancing in the Date Dungeon (sorry it's rather plain and- cartoony x'p)
  18. IGN : AutumnKen Title : Having Fun in Alker My favorite thing is hanging out in alker when it's crowded, with old friend and new friends. There's the place friendship are made ! hd link available:
  19. IGN : NekoriAkane Pict Title : "Messing with my friend in the snow" :
  20. IGN : juragankimak title : Lizardman vs Koboldman
  21. Orange

    Fan Art Contest 2019

    You can add any touch of imagination, by "don't draw features not present in CL" meant things like rides and Luna+ things.
  22. IGN : SeccciL Tittle : Fishing Day Out
  23. Are we limited to drawing the maps with its actual environment?
  24. Excuse me is it okay to draw something that is in the game but not completely similar? for example, I want to draw a head costume, but only the head costume and not the attached wig. Because some head costume have their wig attached too. Is it okay?
  25. Orange

    Fan Art Contest 2019

    you can draw them however you wish, that's what fan art is!
  26. Is it ok if my fanart has different proportions to Luna's? (I mean, if I don't draw the characters as chibis) is it ok?
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