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  4. first of all i want to apologize for my bad manners which is joking about the RMT and not taking the RMT rules seriously i really wonder can orange unban my account for such things? im really sorry that i was purely not relizing how crucial it is to take the rules of RMT seriously i promise i will make my manners :) my nick is : bruce007, bruce008, bruce009
  5. Items: [Tiny Crystal Stone] can now be reinforced and enchanted. Changed name of [Alice/Mad Hatter] costume to [Magic Weavers]. Now only available through reward tickets. [White/Pink Kitty Paw] now have 5 INT / 3 DEX effect as well. [Lovely Guardian] now also gives +35 Move Speed. Skills: Fixed Crusader missing racial buffs. Changed racial buffs: Burning Rage: Gives [3/5/10/14/18%] physical and magical attacking power at the cost of [3/6/12/24/40] HP per second. Lash: Gives [11/16//32/65/130] HP recovery rate per second at the cost of [4/8/16/32/60] MP per second. Nature's Shield: Gives [3/5/10/14/18%] physical and magical defense at the cost of [4/8/16/32/60] MP per second. Nature's Mind: Gives [8/16/32/68/140] MP recovery rate per second at the cost of [3/6/12/24/40] HP per second. Please note that magic defense % is not currently visible in the character window but does work. Next patch it will be visible in the character window. In a future patch racial buffs will be given [Lv1] @ job Lv20, [Lv2] @ job Lv40, [Lv3] @ job Lv75, [Lv4] @ job Lv105 and [Lv5] @ job Lv135. NPCs: Caroline, Alice's sister now sells magical goods in Nera Castle. Alvin and Carlo are permanent residents of Blue Land located in Alker Harbor and Nera Castle. They exchange reward tickets for goods. Boucheron was moved closer Zank. Events: Summer Solstice is now over. Anniversary Event starts on 9/26.
  6. Im indonesia player, but can we be a friend?
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  8. Orange

    Banned account

    Submit a ticket at https://celestialuna.com/help
  9. Angrygirl

    Banned account

    I wanna ask about my account with id: angrygirl Can anyone here help me to check my account, got banned because of what? Thanks before
  10. Mau tanya, ada harapan kah untuk akun yg udah di ban permanent dibuka lagi sam GM?
  11. Hi! I'm new here. I was an old player in original Philippine Server a very longtime ago. I'm seeking a person that can be my friend and is free & willing to walk me through this game. Additional Question: Do we have a Specific Map or Channel for Filipinos pps?
  12. I suppose so. I want to think that but pieces for the butcher set comes out super easy like once every 5-10 kills, and the Lion's Crack Divider is also dropped from the ogre warrior at a higher rate, is harder to get from the Orge Butcher.
  13. it's just depends on Luck, each time I am restart playing from level 1 character, and hunting ogre butcher sometimes I get Bloodstained easily, sometime is hard to get... xD
  14. As far as I know, the drop lists for classic luna is still pretty valid, although for some reason I can't get the Bloodstained Leather Armor out of the entire set. Been grinding on Ogre butchers for at least 2 hours with Lucky50% at level 75, now 79, and it won't drop. The other pieces (save the Grim Reaper Scythe) gloves, shoes and mask i can get within 3-4 kills. I've noticed the other equipment is also harder to drop so i'm wondering if there's a bug with this or is the poor drop rate is intentional?
  15. This is a rule change regarding edited items! It is now allowed to trade, exchange, sell and buy (with game currencies only, RMT is still forbidden) edited items! Happy gaming!
  16. yes... it's seems if we accept quests from the NPC Harpy (on the north side map) it will make the game Crash each time we accept the quest from her or each time we finishing the quests or also when report the quest to her... hmm
  17. I encountered some problem that the game always got closed by itself everytime i finish a quest. Like everytime i finish a quest it got close by itself. Before it didnt happened, and then i got to level 50 and everytime i finish quest the game always got close bt itself
  18. Try using a VPN, your ISP is having connection issues to our patch server. Tunnelbear has free VPNs.
  19. Same me to, every time when i want to open the game, the patch Connection ALWAYS FAILED.. and i directly close it, and i always try again and again until its open, but sometime it wont open.. how to fix it..?
  20. If you want to change into Treasure Hunter, you must talk to Ellenshar, not Tierre.
  21. Higuys^^, I returned after many years to play and became interested in the blade taker class, after reading several options for the pattern, I decided on RUFFIAN>ARCHER>TH>... the problem is that at the time of wanting to follow the pattern the only option available is assassin, I don't know if there was any change?
  22. video baru di channel ku, selamat menonton... 'w' /
  23. Here is some gameplay Crusader from Celestia Luna Online Holy Knight but can use Holy Magic too... enjoy the video :)
  24. I am Boring, and when I am boring... I want to do some chats and doing free booster... xD
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