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  2. I am already clear that Quest War Trophies, but still I can't accept that Quest from LouisLua... T.T my Quest Notes are not full too, all of them already clear so my Quest Note is 1/20... xD
  3. Winners Announcement 1st Place - Cabbie @Cabbie 2nd Place - SilverDeer @SilverDeer 3rd Place - Reiwa @Reiwa Rest of the Top 10 in no particular order: @Quinque @nathallie16 @Akane Meourei @Nerus @brans @Zeareign1821 @Lylliana Congratulations to all the winners! To pick your prizes please contact Orange through forums or Discord!
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  5. Have you reached the limit of missions you can accept? If that's not the problem then it's the npc dialog. This quest should appear after completing one called [Special][Quest] War Trophies (from Levert) . PS: I found the quest on the report thread but it was only for bad descriptions
  6. it's this bug or not? I can't accept the Quest, there is no "Next" button or button to "Accept the Quest"? is there a "way" or maybe the quest need some "condition" to Accept it? what should I do?... what I need to do to accept the quest?... please help... xD Quest: "Investigation of Composite Water"
  7. pilih klik yang Indomaret aja
  8. Last week
  9. can someone tell me how to make this? suncoated leather?
  10. Oh! You know Oregairu!!! It's so funny! The wording of Hachiman Hikigaya is good. I love Komachi Hikigaya.
  11. Mau tanya dong temen temen, dulu kan bisa top up gems pake UniPin, nah sekarang kok udah gada UniPin, kalian yang mau top up gems pake apa? Ada yang pake cara bayar ke alfamart atau indomaret gak? soalnya aku belum punya kartu kredit. Terimakasi responnya
  12. That would be great and not just for bachelor hats. I'm sure costume hats without a "fixed" wig would be quite revolutionary. And instead of making new colors and models for each one, it would be just one model. 8) I think the only problem with this is when your character has those hairstyles with "strange details", the hair could "go through" the hat. But there are some costume heads that could work as head accessories.
  13. Im farm at oasis and already make sure my pet wasn't in cc status even tough the serpent there doesnt have cc skill's.. but i sometimes encounter this problem when try to cast heal..my pets just not response.. i will search more about this.. thanks for your explanation game master.. yay! must be great right
  14. id like to suggest of bachelor hat to follow whats on the character not just colors but if economy wise of cl different hair colors xd
  15. Eden of the East really underrated anime series, but Oregairu is good :3


    1.) Make Options that can Turn On/Off the EXP Rate and Drop Rate,

    I don't want to spam the thread, but if you really want to do that effort ... you can make party and use a 120+ character to disable the exp of the low level one. But trust me ... I'm sure there are few quest that could have a problem. 

    1. Antoni77


      ouwh thank you for your advice
      hmm for now, at least I've found 2 quest that is seems bug... xD

  17. We want to add a mission board with repeatable quests where you can earn some tokens that can be exchanged for useful things. They would give useful amounts of experience as well.
  18. Excuse me for using this thread to ask, but are there any plans for the quests in the future? :O
  19. That thread is not a challenge for you to go and do every single quest, it's for whatever quest you decide to do and if you find any bugs you report them, we can't disable all quest level limitations nor make all quest items 100% drop rate, that would defeat the purpose of the quest, we want bug reports on quests as they are. We can lower kobold and lizardman costume drop rates. We specifically removed caves from teleport scrolls to remove easy access everywhere. So all in all, that thread is IF you find bugs, not to try and do every single quest you can.
  20. Hello Orange and all Admin Staff a couple days ago, I've found there is thread that we can report Bug of some Quest, so I want to help too I make new character and trying to take Quests, and I realize it's almost impossible to check all of them. why? because it's seems some Quests has their own Level Limitation, which means if our character level is too higher the Quest that we not taking it yet from NPC will disappear because our level are already too high for example: I am lvl20 and I can see there is Quest on Zakandia but I don't take them yet because my Quests Notes is full 20 / 20, and when my is lvl30 the Quests are disappear (no longer available on that NPC). so I think we need solution, we want to help you to found some bugs of the Quests, but we cannot help our self for being too high levels Solutions: 1.) Make Options that can Turn On/Off the EXP Rate and Drop Rate, so we can take the Quest since the beginning of game without afraid of Level too high or Bag is full that can't accept the gift 2.) Deletes those Kobold Costumes and Lizardman Costumes (from Kobold, Brown Kobold, Lizardman, Striped Lizardman, Cursed Lizardman) make these Costumes only drops from their Bosses instead and only drop 1 part randomly of them instead of get complete 4/4 because yeah, I think is kinda annoying that my inventory is full because of Costumes 4/4 3.) Make the Item Quests more easy to drop like 100% drop from that monsters on the Quests. 4.) Add again Map Zakandia Mining Cave 1f and 2f, also Map Howling Cave 1f and 2f on Map Transfer Scroll so we can easily clear the Quests and see there is bug or not... I think that's all from me, if you all has some thought too to help us for finding bug of the Quests please share your thought too
  21. I like Violet Evergarden, JOJO and Kemono friends. Violet Evergarden is an anime that cried for the first time in a long time. It is recommended.
  22. Every single skill that is for one-handed weapons works with dual wield as long as you are wielding that kind of weapon. For example skills for "1-handed swords" work while dual wielding swords. Skills that don't work with dual wielding are shield, 2-handed and specific weapon (bow, gun, staff) skills.
  23. On some of the old Luna servers I used to play on the one-handed skills were enabled for dual-wielding (excluding a few that were deemed too OP for dual wield use). So my question is the same as the title, can all or some of the single hand use skills be used while dual-wielding? If so what skills? Im trying to figure this out so I can base a character around it.
  24. I don't watch much anymore anymore, but back then Tokyo Majin and Blood+ are some of my favorites, but Eden of the East will always be my very favorite~ What about you? You didn't say yours
  25. Hi, try downloading using a download manager like https://www.freedownloadmanager.org/download.htm
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