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  2. Gedein Sonic Boom, Burning Crash, Fearful Blow, Swords Storm, Divine Justice, Buff: Fighter Heart, Warrior Form, Bless Guard, Weapon Synchro, Armor Synchro, Solid Weapon Passive: Heavy Armor Expertise Max, Two-Handed Training Max, Swords Training Level 20, Swords Rapidity Level 20, Two-Handed Accuracy Max, Sword Accuracy Max, Risk Taker Max, Rage Burst Max
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  5. destroyer untuk PVP skill active dan passivenya apa aja ya kak
  6. Iya nih kk, sy jg udah off lebih dr 5 tahun, tadi malam baru online lg, harga2 udah milyaran semua, berasa miskin, pdhl dulu sisa duit masih agak lumayan....
  7. halo, game celestia luna masih ramai kok, hehehehe tapi skarang harga-harganya udah pada naik parah kalo mau rame ke discord aja ya...
  8. @guntherin : you are new to celestia luna? there is 3 passive skills on this server that's always give you the effect even you are not on that condition for example here: Risk Taker is always give you additional Physical Attack even you are not on Low HP that's why Admin Orange say "the skill is always active, that's the bug"...
  9. just sharing, i dont know he trickster or not, name NeraDS, sometimes i need booster i want pay 1b later each lv, but he want pay first, for use service repeatly why pay first he can ask for pay each one level up, and lol he call me back trickster, scammer until he duplicate my name to bullying me, manny char he have to bullying me, and then i give free 1b to him without boosting me rather than tricky me or maybe other player, maybe he really need this money for those char, sad, JUST 1B MAN, ITS EASY TO FIND RATHER THAN TRICKY OTHER
  10. The skill is always active, that's the bug.
  11. So this have been a question on my mind since other passive if the requirement for activation is available it would change the number in the Character Information window but not for Risk Taker which shouldve increased my physical damage if my hp was under 30%%. I realized that even the damage i dealt to the same monster is the same when my hp is full and when my hp was under 30% https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_-7NRzrr0-Oq1xAxwyi_ikiyTRQsFSbV/view?usp=sharing, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rzN78hQs0ja9avrBNrUScL94yQIPmx_N/view?usp=sharing sry i dont know how to add the image so i uploaded it to my G-Drive instead
  12. Halo, ini celes masih rame tidak yaa? aku pemain lamaa kalo ada yg kenal nick aku LunaGalau atau xMade hehehehee
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  14. B>Baby Rune Golem or any golem IGN : FewLines, whips or note :D
  15. Buybuy


    Izin join orange
  16. yes I am agree about that idea too <3
  17. why not make them with different hair colors? :O
  18. You are playing a different server and game. This is the forum for Celestia Luna Online.
  19. Sorry if I'm overlooking something, but I don't see it anywhere. Am I looking in the wrong place?
  20. Happy 10th Anniversary Celestia Luna New Video from my Youtube Channel... enjoy... 'w' / if you found this Video get Blocked and cannot be played, please let me know by message me, or contact me on my facebook Antonius Michael Agus
  21. Dagger Training is your main passive skill.
  22. Hiya newb question: I don't show the skill for Dagger Training--Is that simply referring to the skills Dusk Slashing and Heart Blast? Full Primary stat: DEX As it says "Full Primary stat" I want to assume that means ALL skill points go into DEX, but wanted to make sure.
  23. Don't read this

  24. thank you so much for responding, I'm now feel really relieve for our Admins reading my post and fast respond <3 hahahaha yeah, I just want to sharing what is on my mind only
  25. "They supposedly have" means they have, you mean to say "they are supposed to have" which means they should have. The reason some jobs have some skills and others don't is because in Luna it's about being able to have mixed paths to get some skills that you could not get with other jobs, then we introduced job passives to have bonuses for pure paths as well. I like the names but renaming a job after 10 years is not very suitable, players are used to these names and changing them will create confusion since we can't scrub and change these job names all over our forums. As for buffs, there are too many buffs as it is, we want to try to lower the amount of buffs rather than add more, with mechanics like Crusader's "can only use one of these types of buffs at a time" system for other jobs as well.
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