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  3. hay teman2 saya baru main lagi, setelah puluhan tahun lulus sekolah, dulu pas main cuman samape lv 40 saya mohon petunjuk ya senior2ku, ajak2lah saya hunt bareng atau DD (sama sekali belum pernah) IGN :Bobotak
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  5. Items: Fixed evasion on head accessories updated last patch. Fixed attack speed on head accessories/belt updated last patch. Updated casting speed on Munchkin Gloves (PD) & Kitty Paws (Gacha) from 5% to 7%. Updated attack speed on Kitty Paws (Gacha) from 5% to 7%. Updated stats on PD Angel & Demon wings. Added new dark version of Sexy Blue Bikini, Sexy Red Bikini. Added new costume improvement tokens that allow you to improve the stats of base costumes. These items are being added in waves, make sure to read the Compatible Costume List before purchasing them from the Gem Store! Added new daily rewards. Skills: Updated tooltips of all skills updated last patch. Events: Flora Festival & Multiverse Explorers is disabled. Summer Solstice is enabled. Captain Redbeard now has multiple spawns with a 2h-5h cooldown.
  6. Thank you! I'm having trouble getting past the waterfalls due to the higher level event mobs, but I'll try running between the other two spots :D
  7. Kentauros spawn on multiple parts of the map so you could run from one spot to another while farming. 1st spot is the hill near the NPCs, 2nd spot is after that where there is a heart shaped mount and last place is past the waterfalls.
  8. Hello, I'm having some trouble farming hoof glue off of Kentauruses, as they only seem to spawn in groups of 2 or 4, and I have to clear the area of other monsters for them to spawn again. Am I just farming them in the wrong area? Is there a better way to go about this? Any advice is welcome. Also, I've only recently started playing and this is my first character so I don't have enough gold to buy it off other players. Thank you in advance! :)
  9. Never had a problem buying gems until 3 weeks ago fasterpay denied all my payments, have written them a ticket took them over 2 weeks to respond and they could not even give a reason they just said try again next week. Then when I tried again it said unavailable in my country (usa) I would really enjoy spending my hard earned money on your game but slowerpay won't allow me to. I am using a debit master card is there any other way I can purchase gems with my card besides slowerpay they have got to the be the worst payment app on the planet. Sorry it's very frustrating I have been patient.
  10. Can anyone tell me what is the best Path for Human Archer with High Critical Damage? Let me now, please.
  11. untuk sekarang, stat DEX memang menambah block rate. untuk estimasi berapa dex agar menambah block rate ±100 atau 200 dex = 1% block rate [cmiiw]. namun di discord Mrs. Orange sudah tau tentang hal ini. kedepan DEX tidak menambah block rate dan fokus pada accuracy, critical rate dan evasion saja.
  12. B>+12 venom 15+ eva 1pcs l S/T>muchkin gloves= vip gloves+gold
  13. Does this pumpkin give you Movement speed?
  14. Reported/Known bugs: Evasion not showing up on Trinket of the Sun, Dream of a Sunset.
  15. Items: Added Flower Pots for Daily Reward crafted from Mystery Sprout. Fixed some set effects where movement speed was coming from a passive instead of set stat. Fixed Strawberry Cake Hat craft recipes for the other 2 hats. Updated some leftover unusable skills on low level equipment to useful stats: Steel Reinforced Pickaxe: [Unusable Skill, Physic Defense +5%] Crit Rate +50, Physic Defense +5% Antares' Power: [Unusable Skill, INT +14, Physic Defense -5%] MP Recovery +20, INT +14, Physic Defense -5% Magic Helm of Pluto: [Base Stat +2, Magic Crit +2%] Base Stat +2, Magic Crit +2%, Magic Attack +5% Updated worm head accessory stats and names: Powerful Worm: [STR +10, DEX +10, MP Recovery +5] Physic Attack +1%, STR +12, MP Recovery +5 [Smart] Healthy Worm: [INT +15, WIS +10, Health +5%] VIT +15, HP Recovery +10, Health +5% [Healthy] Smart Worm: [VIT +15, WIS +10, Casting Speed +5%] INT +10, VIT +10, Casting Speed +5% [Fast] Nimble Worm: [DEX +10, Evasion +5, Mana +5%] DEX +15, Evasion +5, Mana +5% Strong Worm: [VIT +15, Magic Defense +5%, HP Recovery +5] WIS +15, VIT +10, Magic Defense +5% Updated flower pot head accessory texture and balanced their stats so that all flower pots are useful: [You're Sweet] Sweet Flower Pot: [Health +5%, Unusable Skill] Health +5%, Physic Defense +5%, MP Recovery +5 [You're Kind] Kind Flower Pot: [Physic Attack +1%, Accuracy +14, Move Speed +65] Physic Attack +1%, Accuracy +10, Move Speed +25 [You're Sleek] Sleek Flower Pot: [VIT -15, Unusable Skill] Crit Rate +190, Evasion +8, Move Speed +25 [You're Gentle] Gentle Flower Pot: [Mana +275, Unusable Skill] Attack(skill + normal) Speed +5%, MP Recovery +15, Crit Damage +3% [You're Fierce] Fierce Flower Pot: [Evasion -10, Magic Attack +1%] Magic Attack +2%, Mana +6%, Move Speed +35 [You're Quiet] Brave Flower Pot: [Phys Defense +29, Mag Defense +35, Mana +900, MP Recovery +25, INT +12] VIT +15, Move Speed +20, Magic Crit Rate +5% Updated some PD Belts: Belt of Power: [STR +22, Accuracy +7, Move Speed +30] STR +22, Accuracy +8, Crit Damage +7% Belt of Speed: [DEX +19, Health +110, MP Recovery +6] DEX +20, Attack Speed +7%, Move Speed +40 Updated some gacha head accessory stats: Melted Strawberry Gelato Head Accessory: [STR +14, INT +18, Evasion +5, Move Speed +40] Crit Rate +200, Evasion +5, Move Speed +50 Trinket of the Sun: [Crit Rate +200, Health +300, Move Speed +30] Crit Rate +170, Evasion +8, Move Speed +45 Dream of a Sunset: [Crit Rate +200, Health +300, Move Speed +30] Crit Rate +190, Evasion +10, Move Speed +30 New Brown Cat on Head accessory: Attack Speed (skill + normal) +7%, DEX +10, Move Speed +45 Pet: Added Hedgehogs for Daily Reward crafted from Spiky Egg. Skills: Sword Storm no longer requires any kind of weapon. (tooltip update coming next patch) Increased damage on Holy Avenger, Holy Strike. (tooltip update coming next patch) Improved Saint Shackle debuff durations. (tooltip update coming next patch) Protection Aura no longer gives an attack speed (normal) buff. Fixed some issues with new & improved racials. Revive no longer requires Purified Aquamarine. Updated Item passive icons for clarity.
  16. hi you can get the bloodstained boot at troll warrior
  17. hello Celes players! My first topic in this forum, I will give a guide on building Destroyer for war level 115 without deleveling. For information, SP at level 115 is 1738. I have confirmed all my calculations here from my experience and through an application called Luna Online Skill Calculator (LOSC). from the application all skill descriptions to SP are very accurate. Therefore, I use LOSC so that the calculation for level 115 can be right on SP 1738. So I'm here as much as possible to recommend skills that must be taken for Destroyer., especially for sword users. There are 2 types of Destroyer in war. 1. Path = Warrior-Mercenary-Knight-Destroyer [WMKD] [focusing on damage and critical damage] physical damage +8% critical damage +5% 2. Path = Warrior-Swordsman-Knight-Destroyer [WSKD] [focusing on damage and accuracy] phisical damage +10% critical damage +2% more information about job passives can be checked at the first for WMKD, focuses on damage and critical damage = Required SP 1737*/1738. *) 1 SP left to take several skills that consume the same amount. so, all depends on the choice of each user. Attack Skills : Sonic Boom - 20/20 [max] Crash Blow - 10/10 [max] Burning Crash [requires Crash Blow max + 70% stun for 3.4 second] - 15/15 [ level 25 max] Uppercut - 10/10 [max] Earthquake [AoE + requires Uppercut max] - 6/15 [ level 16 + 80% stun for 2.4 second] Fearful Blow [Anti-eva skill + 50% stun] -5/5 [max] Wheel Wind [AoE] - 1/20 [optional] Buffs & Effects : Despair [Anti-eva skill + 73% stun for 3.8 second] - 5/5 [max] Fighter's Heart - 8/8 [max] Solid Weapon - 2/2 [max] Fatal Force - 2/2 [max] Self-buffs & Passives : Burning Rage - 3/3 [max] Risk Taker - 8/8 [max] Rage Burst - 6/6 [max] Warrior Form - 8/8 [max] Two Handed Training - 25/25 [max] Sword Training - 20/25 Sword Rapidity - 15/25 Armor Synchro - 1/1 [max] Weapon Synchro - 1/1 [max] and then for WSKD, focuses on damage and accuracy = Required SP 1738/1738. Attack Skills : Sonic Boom - 20/20 [max] Crash Blow - 10/10 [max] Burning Crash [requires Crash Blow max + 70% stun for 3.4 second] - 15/15 [ level 25 max] Uppercut - 10/10 [max] Earthquake [requires Uppercut max] - 4/15 [ level 14 + 76% stun for 2.1 second] Fearful Blow [Anti-eva skill + 50% stun for 5.8 second] -5/5 [max] Spirit Sword [Anti-eva skill + sleep 79% for 20 second]- 10/10 [max] Buffs & Effects : Despair [Anti-eva skill + 73% stun for 3.8 second] - 5/5 [max] Fighter's Heart - 8/8 [max] Solid Weapon - 2/2 [max] Fatal Force - 2/2 [max] Self-buffs & Passives : Burning Rage - 3/3 [max] Risk Taker - 8/8 [max] Rage Burst - 6/6 [max] Warrior Form - 8/8 [max] Two Handed Training - 25/25 [max] Heavy Weapon Accuracy - 10/10 [max] Sword Accuracy - 3/3 [max] Sword Training - 15/25 Sword Rapidity - 12/25 Armor Synchro - 1/1 [max] Weapon Synchro - 1/1 [max] if in the last calculation each player have some issues things such as lack of physical attack, the critical rate is still lacking and the damage produced is not huge and it is difficult to beat the Tanker [such as : Magnus - Paladin], then this all depends on the build equipment of each player. Classic Destroyer usually plays at stat DEX + 114 [on the C button, you can add it every time you level up] and also builds equipment with several reinforcements such as physical attack, STR, DEX, Critical Rate and Movement Speed. look for a weapon that has a large physical attack effect. especially on enchants. Hitters, usually rely on weapons that have an enchantment of +14 / +15. Then, Philo's stats on other equipment can focus on STR, DEX, Accuracy, Critical Damage, Critical Rate and Movement Speed. it all depends on the taste of each player. destroyer is not fixated on STR. they can play on DEX or with the Evasion stat, perhaps the unusual thing is the Destroyer playing VIT. NOTE : some players do choose to delevate their char to use certain equipment [such as: Kisper requires level 119] to be used in war level 115, and also added some stats that had increased due to leveling up to a certain point. but this can indeed be said to be 'unfair' because the equipment they uses is above the level it should be. War 115 game should be used for fun, without 'cheating'. but still there are always players who have such thoughts. If you have any feedback please reply here! Source : - Luna Online Skill Calculator - Job Passives Guilde & Discussion Forum
  18. What does the patcher say?
  19. Hi, Whenever I try to run the patcher, the patch doesn't continue. It will simply stop randomly. I have confirmed that there's no issue with my network connection. I've tried running the patcher with Admin access, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, I've tried redownloading the installer, I've also tried turning off my firewall and anti-virus(also added into exception). What else can I do? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  20. thanks for nice Respond, I love you all...
  21. nah coba kamu ga pake Accuracy Aura lagi (no buff sama sekali) terus kamu kasih Buff Zephyr, tetap nambah/ga itu Block Rate-nya?
  22. Yea I think this bug exists ever since the original server is made. I think another bug that is linked to this is elves changing face/eye color (for female elf, red eye color - male elf, blue eye color) tho I think Orange already fixed that one
  23. [Indonesia] Halo Semuanya, Gue cuman mau sampein keresahan gue tentang Game Celestia Luna Online [celes] , Maaf ya gue bilang gini, jadi tuh celes terlalu sepi playernya dan gamenya udah agak tua. Silahkan kalian nilai sendiri. sekian. [English] Hello All, I want share my anxiety about Games Celestia Luna Online [celes]. Sry guys this game are old now, and the community is very quiet. That's All.
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