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  1. 1600x900 19.5" monitor :P And thanks, just hope updates soon.
  2. Was wondering if I could get the screen resolution to fit my monitor so I could full screen, and found this thread: http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/23572-how-to-fullscreen-mode-at-1366x768/?hl=resolution#entry253428. Figured since it's been a few months since that post I'd bring the topic back up. I tried to edit myself, but it seems to be coded somewhere else where editing the config file doesn't do anything.
  3. StaTiC's Destroyer Guide

    Str, I followed his swordman>knight path, at 89, and have 7k hp, and pure str, if you really need vit, just Reinforce your gear as such. And I Currently have 300+ unused sp, should I invest in a New AOE? I din't take sword storm, I don't like it's cast time/animation time(w/e it is). Currently only using what was specified in the guide, Earthquake, Burning Crash, Attract Circle, Fighter Heart, Warrior Form, Solid Weapon, and specified passives(went axe path). I didn't get Axe Mortality, should I get it?
  4. Eror Vote??

    Pukes also use to only cost 20GP, now they're 40... And I don't get why 120...that hard as heck to get, should of done 100 or 105, since 80 is too easy, but once you hit 90 you really have to work at it. I played all day yesterday, went from 1 to 89, gonna take me at least 2-3 more days to hit 100/105 if I full out grind.