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  1. ikr ..
  2. i prefer rpg music than anime song
  3. but before i can play 3-4 character in 1 pc with my internet speed my internet speed is 135KBps(cheapest in my country == slowest in my country) nah, i think internet on my country is not that slow, i think its just me who cant buy the normal or expensive internet speed
  4. sorry for the wait (internet on my country so slow, so i must wait when i redownload and install it) thanks for suggesting to me, i already redownload from the main website, and already install it, but still not work, i think ill wait for an admin to assist me. :)
  5. >Yesterday i still can play celestia luna, but now it can't >I already disable my anti-virus >what to do ?
  6. thanks admin, maybe ill wait for a farm to free up, because im afraid i cant afford buying farm from a player ..
  7. admin what should I do, I want to buy a house, but all the land has been sold out, what should I do? I've been wandering around alker farms, but i see no land left to buy family name: TheForgoten account name: FeinAlok