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  1. Iridescent shell

    its a quest item from last event that u can exchange from NPC for a costume and some other stuff..but its no use for now cause the event is over.
  2. Terrapin and Poseidon crown?

    depends on ur luck if ur lucky enough u can get poseidon crown with a single terrapin but the chance of getting one is kinda low...i think its better if u buy from other player..price is i think 1.5-2.5b
  3. Buy and Sell

    Selling BOS+13 32 dex mix 8crit 145hp (p) 29p.a (r) = 35b or Trade Farouk 19.5m.a Buying Bache M.a Farouk 19.5 m.a G Suit/Boots 25+Int (p)..INT 20+(c) Gloves 25+ Int (p) note IGN : IceH / SilentBeat
  4. Tarintus MAP Black Screen?

    Just W8 to reset the Server..
  5. weapon of momonga.. guild great thomb of nazarick looks fun can i join ^^ maybe i can meet some anime fanatics here hehehe
  6. Human or elf entrapper for graveyard.

    So it means Dex still gives Crit damage?
  7. Cant Register In Game Account

    As Title Say..After Filling all the requirements and Captcha when i click Register Nothing happens..Is in game registration not working? Tnx..
  8. Building Toys

    ow i see tnx for the info sir
  9. Building Toys

    Newbie Here How Can n make toy Soldier?? where can i get the manual??
  10. Came back after years of not playing

    Voting System has been removed due to abuse of voting..well i think u can go fishing to earn some gold and Farming at NeraHarbor..