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  1. I'm such a dork ;-;

  2. Ow how things change .-. now i want to play CL again FML

  3. I can't believe i forgot to ask your facebook, or twitter, or instagram, or anything that shows your face lul

    1. Noicchi


      can i have it dehoc? can i can i?

    2. aaelsldehoc


      I think I have never post any picture of myself on the internet, other than a picture of a girl a long time ago when i was fooling around on this forum.. So for that request, I'm sorry nichi.. I would like to do that, but I am not able to..

    3. aaelsldehoc


      And sorry for the reaaaaaaaly late reply..

      Anyway nichi, I must admit that you're the truest friend I have ever have on the Internet.. I'll give you a hug if I could..

  4. i've hide my birthday date on my facebook so there will be no flood. but unfortunately, it seems like you're the only person on the internet who wishes me happy birthday ! omg thanks dehoc, ilysm T_____T

    1. aaelsldehoc


      You're welcome, nichi!

      Because you are one of my friends here and I think I owe you too, this is the only way i can say a happy birthday to you!

      At least in real life all of your friends and families were celebrating your birthday, right! ;)

      Have a nice life there, Nichi!

  5. Hii hoo, Noicchi! Happy your 18th birthday!

  6. awww how can i forget you ><

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    2. Noicchi


      bad? but it's fun XD

      ah... nevermind then .

      how's your life dehoc? i miss you so much X)

      im not childish anymore :D

    3. aaelsldehoc


      lol.. You aren't and you were not..

      My life is, ah a lil bit complicated to say..

      Hows yours?

      Sometimes I miss the old times, friends, my guild hope, and you selling those HQ or HC or whatever that name is.. :O

    4. Noicchi


      yeah i remember those old glory days , and suddenly , so many ppl selling HQs and ruining the prices TT

      that's one reson i stop playing CL. you still open this forum dehoc? im impressed :o

      it's been a long time ~

  7. How happy am I you still remember me here.. I've been here wandering around since my guild, Hope, died.. Everyone is leaving.. Back for some game? Or just wandering around here on the forum just like me? Lol.. Anyaway, thx for wishing me a happy birthday! And Hii hoo to you, NIchi!

  8. Dehoc ! happy birthday and sorry i am so laattteeee -_-

    1. aaelsldehoc


      Oh my.. How do you even know my birthday?? Heyy thx a lot, Nichiko!

  9. Just seeing what i've done in past few years in this forum ._. im such an idiot .

    1. Sparx


      why do you hate luna all the sudden?

    2. Noicchi


      i didn't, lol.. it doesn't mean to "hate", it's just i never play it anymore... :x

  10. Whaa-- my profile still exist LOL

  11. Nice, char ke hack lg -_-

  12. [Game] ★ Sambung Cerita ★

    Pada suatu siang ada seorang Monyet legendaris bernama Kxix, dia sangat jelek dan mukanya penuh Medusa +16 FulEva. Akhirnya dia menggigit pantat seseorang, Seseorang itu ialah Anggar yang galak seperti signaturenya sehingga dia kebingungan dalam kesempitan karena terkena stun ketika Anggar mengeluarkan bom beracun melalui big pantat yang berbau busuk. Kemudian semua berubah ketika lucifer menendang big setelah Lucifer makan petai dan jengkol rasa stroberi beraroma lavender. Kxix akhirnya berubah menjadi jengkol berwarna ungu yang aneh dan memegang sebuah staff legendaris yang bernama Madesu. Kxix melawan Lucifer dengan jurus pamungkasnya yang edan layaknya seperti Kera Sakti. Luciferpun seketika nyungsep ke-got yang berisikan ikan piranha Namun berhasil meloloskan diri sebelum jatuh ke got tsb
  13. Now Playing???

    Big Bang - Blue <3
  14. Nothing to do here -____-

  15. Aahh ~ its been a long time ._.