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Found 3 results

  1. Tarintus

    when going to distorted crevice when i use beholder 80% of the time there's a players that always in stealth mode ( maybe their guild farm tarintus ) its really annoying because i've been wanting to see tarintus xD. My suggestion is make a weather when tarintus mind stone is alive like crystals in dark portal changes color, or make monsters aggro more agresive or have monsters attack have some debuff in island of death maps. its just annoying that anyone cant access tarintus without doing that T.T
  2. About Tarintus & Kierra Boss

    Hello all I am just a newbie here I have a question to anybody, especially to GM I want to ask about our rare bosses, yap Tarintus and kierra. I know this question is often asked by other players, but I still want to ask in order to eliminate my curiosity and the other player (maybe ). whether Tarintus & kierra only appear when a specific event? or Tarintus & kierra been erased like a wild mantis, Pangpang slime, etc. ? then I found a post : who said "Tarintus and Kierra spawn once a week on a single channel." is it still going on? spawn once a week? if so, then there are only a few players who know the schedule of these monsters appear. and I think that's unfair. because some of these players may prefer not to tell the other players and trying to kill the monster secretly. I hope that GM can provide information about the schedule of the boss appears (if it still spawn once per week) either via a forum or a notice in the game so that all players have the same opportunity. thanks ^^ :NB : iam sorry if my english too bad
  3. where i can found tarintus?

    where i can found tarintus? i have finish my quest, but tarintus not come.. please help me..