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Found 3 results

  1. Balik Loob Tanong lng po..

    so balik loob ako sa pag luluna ngayon kase nagulat ako nag update na pla... den ngayon hinahanap ko ung voting sa site e d ko makita.. wala na ba talaga? at san tambayan ng mga pinoy ngayon? tagal ko na tumigil umay ren mag laro mag isa pasali nren guild mga characters ko.. salamat =)
  2. Voting

    Why did they change the voting from lvl 80 to all the way to lvl 120 ._.?? I have a character thats lvl 115 but i dont wanna be on her trying to get to lvl 120 so that I can lvl on this other character I started working on..... I tried earning PP but some of the surveys don't even work O.e it'll say "Sorry not this survey is not available where you live" or "This survey has failed ._.", and I REALLY don't trust downloading anything on my computer. I would get a prepaid card but I dont know which prepaid card to get or where to find one near my location.... u.u... I know I'm complaining but I just don't know.
  3. Voting question

    Hi guys, well the thing is my dad and i both have two different accounts in Celestia, one for him and one for me. He started days ago and i got one character to lvl 80 so he can vote, and the thing is, if i voted on the website with MY account, i can't vote with HIS, i'm guessing it's an IP issue that limits the votes to 3. Is there any way that he can also vote? He wants a cloak and i am NOT going to buy it for him xD -------- Edit: PS:Is there any way that a GM could transfer an item from one account to other? Because when my main one got ganned for caps i made a new one (the one i'm using now) and i left the old one just for shop, but i had GP in there and i bought a jasmine... because i'm a fool, and i forgot it's untradeable =/ If i give a GM both my account ID, IGN and PASS could that be done?