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  1. On 4/3/2017 at 1:49 PM, Dhomzclaudio said:

    It will be like 50/50 chance, based on games i've seen with this kind of list thing. People are getting bored when Gm's failed to add something that is on the list thing. The first one will not be a big deal but if it keeps failing and failing surely they will be posting negative comments and somehow they will quit, if it goes out of hand, we actually know players the more the complaints the more they will be pulled to find another games. Ratings says it all.

    i guess, somehow. . 

  2. 15 hours ago, Seraphyre said:

    I understand wanting to get more information and whatnot, but you really didn't need the snide comments for that. Orange is basically our only content creator at this point, she makes a majority of the changes that you see with each update. It's not a lot, but each one takes a lot of her time. She's working on different things slowly, but we've seen MANY changes these past few months alone. New content in the mall, new map, higher level equipment, a higher level Date Dungeon map, a rework for Crusaders, skill changes for fighters in general, fixed bugged skills here and there, the list goes on. 

    She creates patch notes after an update is released so players know what has been implemented. If Orange were to tell players what she planned to release, and something didn't work out the way she wanted and it didn't get put into the update, it could create some problems. She does, however, give players an idea of some things she plans to do for future patches, such as fixing Sniper/Panzer, releasing a new map, etc. She does the best she can with what time she has, and I think she deserves more credit than she is given. With that said, we are sorry if things aren't moving as fast as you'd like, but please be patient - we're all doing our best.


    14 hours ago, Dhomzclaudio said:

     I was just adding info. If the list thing was implemented surely player are going to ask for the dates on when the updates/items on the list are going to be patched, right? 


     I actually agree with this. Surely it will create problems and many people will be making some negative comments due to the inability to create the said update/things on the list(if it were implemented).

    i'm sure players will understand. . and they've stayed no matter what. . ain't that right. . 

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