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  1. johnpuarossi's post in Why can't I use my Buff potions was marked as the answer   
    just that scroll 10% :( also tried it w/ other character in the same account, result is same
    update just now - it worked lol so never mind and thank you!
  2. johnpuarossi's post in Rusty at this version of Luna so questions! was marked as the answer   
    1. i have a vague knowledge about PK, all i know is PK is a state where you can kill people w/o having to request for a duel, and vice versa, the more u kill, the more PK points u get, and the higher the Pk points, the higher the experience lost when u die, i personally just used it to get PK points so that its quicker to level down my character when farming at a certain level, and not for the fun of killing spree
    2. you cant, i guess its the same from when u left, yeah u can tap escape or click the settings button at the bottom right of your UI
    3. yes they do
    4. yeah, everyone is always looking for support, youll always be needed, whether pvp or pve
  3. johnpuarossi's post in Can Anybody Give Venom cloud Tabel? was marked as the answer   
    is this it?
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