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Found 2 results

  1. StarStruck


    Hello! I've recently heard that most players in luna are from Indonesia. Since I like being friendly with random people and people are at their most comfortable speaking their own language I decided to learn the basics of their language. However, whats the use of learning a language if you don't know anything about it's culture. A great example is when I first learned American English and when to the US. I was great at speaking and writing the language but one day an American boy said "will you go out with me?" not knowing anything about the American culture I thought that boy meant that he wanted to physically go out somewhere after school. Back then I was a really busy kid so I said to him "Not now, I'm really busy. Maybe this weekend, depends on the amount of homework I get." Although I've read about America and it's culture from textbooks, the books I've read said nothing about this kind of stuff. So yes, I did broke a kid's heart without intending to and yes it was a boy that I liked. I found out, 2 years after the incident, what"going out" really meant. Anyways I need the help ofthe natives to Indonesia to tell me the stuff that isn't found in textbooks. Tell me about your folklore, food, music, the hard stuff to understand in your language(example in English it's normal to say "I love my couch". A Spanish speaking person will be wierded out by you ans say "you want to f**k yo couch?") and throwing in some random facts wont hurt either. Decided to update to see if the things I've learned today are legit, if they aren't please do tell. ​Reads about Indonesian politics, reaction: "Wow, your vote ACTUALLY counts! We don't have direct voting here in the States, it's such a shame that you guys had to go through some tough governmental revamping for a LONG time. Your government only spends 4% of it's budget on defense? Pretty cool, the US spends 48% of it's budget in defense." Reads about the economy, reaction: "Not bad, Indonesians really took the bull by it's horns and took care of their economic crisis (it's still not perfect but it's way better now). Heck it's even estimated that within the next decade your economy will be among the top ten countries." Reads about the culture and it's influences, reaction:*head explodes*"2..200 different ethnic groups each one with it's own language/dialect and culture. The good news is that the culture/language has influences with English and Portuguese but the bad news is that it has strong influences with the Dutch(which was the hardest language I've ever encountered). No, no negative thoughts! Nobody ever accomplishes anything brooding over how hard something is, you can do this! I'll just learn the official language and learn mostly the Javanesse culture since half of the population in Indonesia lives in Java. Reads about the food, reaction:"If you replace the chili with sugar and chicken with pork every other common ingredient used in Indonesian cuisine is exactly like Puerto Rico's. They are both essentially rice served with a piece of meat and sides, only that Indonesia's spicy while Puerto Rico's is sweet(sometimes a little too sweet). Looks at pictures of Indonesian people, reaction: small children "AAAWWW! I wanna have Indonesian babies! They are so adorable!", women "They're pretty, haven't seen one that looks average yet.", men " There are some guys that look amazing but there's also guys that look ok.", and old people "For some strange reason they look like they'd be fun to hang out with." Overall impression, Indonesia is a country full of people who can get things done, have awesome food, experienced a horrible past but can get over it with good results and even though it still has some issues they're diminishing them every year. So in the words of Yoda if he knew about Indonesia "Worth it is, to learn from them."
  2. Am I the only one who would dare try to beat up chuck Norris if he had some nutella in his hand? I mean come on. Nutella is like heaven in a container. Once you start you can't stop. Oh my goddesses its just so heavenly!!!! Lawd Jesus. Help me with this addiction. :U
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