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Found 3 results

  1. I just wanna tell you about New Scammer for this week, they are Blaade, PacarArtis, AdventureClub Are Scammer. Please Banned they are GM :angry: :angry: :angry: . Thank you for attention :)
  2. Hati" scammer / penipu FB : https://www.facebook.com/made.f.free?fref=ts email : [email protected] pin BB : 74ED27DC No.Telpon : 089616909344 Kasus : Jual beli gold game online Gold sudah di kasih pulsa tak kunjung datang padahal ngaku nya punya counter pulsa tapi kaga punya pulsa simpati :l
  3. Account Safety! Due to all the recent problems people have been having losing their accounts one way or another I'd like to address the issue. Keeping your account safe: In order to keep your account secure you should follow these simple tips at all times!!! NEVER share your password with anyone, not with freinds, family or anyone claiming to be staff for any reason. Don't have another pilot/use your account for anything even if its helpful to you. NEVER login with your account on any other website then www.celestialuna.com NO other website is safe to use. Any website claiming to have anything to do with Celestia Luna is unsafe and unofficial and is NOT part of Celestia luna. NEVER trust anyone asking for your information or telling you to login somewhere to claim your free prize. Anyone claiming to be Celestia Luna staff is an Imposter and will steal your account. All staff members can be found at http://forum.celesti...tats&do=leaders never trust anyone other then the people listed there. Staff members will NEVER ask you for your password for any reason. Always write your password down somewhere you will not lose it. Make sure to remember where in case you ever forget your password and always remember to write your new password down if you ever change it. If you follow this guide you will never have to worry about losing your account to anyone or for any other reason. ~Good luck and enjoy Celestia Luna~
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