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Found 7 results

  1. hai kak, saya mw lapor ada bug skill leather armor expertise di job inquire. 1. BUG SKILL saat saya naikkan lvl max skill ini dan mencoba memakai leather armor, saya dapati seluruh equip saya berwarna merah+ tidak ada perubahan stat character saya. solusi nya kak? 2. SHORTCUT HOTKEY seingat saya, dulu tombol enter bisa dipakai sebagai perintah Yes/ok. skg sudah tidak bisa lagi kak?? misal : dulu jual barang- klik kanan- enter (auto YES/OK) : DONE skg jual barang - klik kanan- geser kursor - pilih YES/OK. jujur kak ini sangat merepotkan saat saya harus jual banyak item untuk mengosongkan Tas. TERIMA KASIH kak. semoga bisa memberi solusi kepada saya dan yang lain
  2. carbonzoid

    blank screen

    please help. I have blank screen at login my character on map. the other caracter is fine to login. but want to solve problem i can't find teleport character in celestialuna web login. any sugestion?
  3. Hi all. Sorry if I ask in wrong room. I just bought and Earring of Flickering Magic from a Vending Booth in NC. I wonder, how to enchant it? Because I tried to enchant using enchant scroll I bought in Alker Harbour, it said it can't be enchanted ( I forgot the message actually but it said it can't be enchanted ). So how I can enchant it ? I saw some people sell it with +7 enchancement. Please any kinds of answers will be so appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Luffy


    how to display photo on forum?
  5. Luffy


    When character has been banned, what the character get permanently banned?
  6. gm i get exp 20% from santa event ( u can chek it on santa event there is my name ) and at first time exp 20% 1 month +exp 20% 5hour(legular)+ exp 100% + exp 10% can work ... and at next day .. my legular exp 20% 5hours is dissappear ,,and i fill it again ..result -> exp 20%1 month + exp 20% 5 hour +exp 10% is work ..But when i use exp 100% my exp 20% 5 hour is disappear T.T can u fix this Gm i hope its work again u.u thnx ...
  7. Dear:GM! Hello!, my char was banned for sold a account the last year (in these time i didn't really knew than sell a char was wrong) now i wanna know if can desbann my char please My Id: Shoeel I'm waiting his reply. Tnx
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