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Promotional Video Event

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Promotion Video

Well this is my first event and I wanted to do something to benefit the server. So a friend of mine suggested this!


The purpose of the event is to create a video for promoting Celestia to get more players to join the video will be featured on youtube. IT MUST PROMOTE CELESTIA IN A POSITIVE WAY. The whole idea is to get more players to join.


The video must be between 3 minutes - 6 minutes in length anything over 6 will not be accepted.

any cheating of any kind is an auto disqualification and a 5 day ban

It MUST be uploaded to www.youtube.com so the judges may view it.( i will NOT be judging the event i have other staff doing that)

MUST be in english if there is language may contain translations under english if wanted

Things to include:

Screen shots

Video clips


Cl only content (example pvp map)




Anything else you feel could help the video


1st 140 weapon +50 2 stats of your choice( NOT +15 will be given clean)

2nd 1 black widow scout costume 10% Physical Deffence

3rd Xp Scrolls

The closing Date is November 30th SERVER TIME

Post all your video Links and character names here: http://forum.celesti...eo-submissions/

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